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Table of SLO Bytes Second Session presentations

Presenters' Notes

Webmaster's NOTE: This page contains links provided by our presenters to handouts and resources that they mentioned during their presentation to SLO Bytes.

The listings on this page do not necessarily indicate a SLO Bytes endorsement.

Gene Barlow: Acronis Products for hard drive organization, backup and security
User Group Store

Doug Depue
Free Panorama Stitching Software

Bob Gostischa: Avast Security Software
Links to Bob's October 6, 2012 presentation
Links to Bob's October 6, 2018 presentation
Security by Bob Gosthscha 10-06-19

Jim and Chris Guid; Geeks on Tour
     Picasa and Picasa Web Handout
     Picasa Basics Webinar
     Technology for Travelers Handout; Presentation April 6, 2014

Jere Minich Cloud Computing; Presentation notes for Jere's May 5, 2013 presentation
     Cloud Computing - PDF Version (788kb download)
     Cloud Computing - PowerPoint Version (1.3Mb download)
     Cloud Computing - RTF Version (98Kb download)

Alan Raul: Presenter at the First Session of each SLO Bytes General Meeting
You will find his notes for these sessions in the corresponding editions of SLO Bytes' monthly newsletter; HardCopy
Link Archive
Hardware, Software and Browser Extensions; Second Session presentation 05/01/16
First and Second Session Presentations; 05/07/17
First Session Presentation 06/04/17
Privacy and Security Second Session Presentation; 10/01/2017
Linux Ubuntu 18.04, Linux Mate 19 and More First and Second Session Presentation; 09/02/2018
Network Attached Storage Devices; Second Session Presentation; 02/02/2020
Good-Computing-Practices; 10/04/2020

Joseph Stute HoloLens

Ralph Sutter; SLO Bytes Webmaster
     Secure Password Management Applications
     Viewing Media on TV
     Sutter First Session Notes; 06/07/15
     Sutter Quadcopter Presentation
     Sutter Techboomers Presentation
     Sutter; Roku as a Digital Picture Frame
     Sutter; PortableApps
     Sutter; How to extract audio from video files using VLC
     Sutter; First Session Notes; 01/01/17
     Sutter; Second Session Notes; 01/01/17
     Sutter; First Session Notes; 03/05/17
     Sutter; Google Earth Pro
     Sutter; Second Session Notes 06/03/18
     Sutter; Second Session Notes 011/04/18
     Sutter; First and Second Session Notes 01/06/19
     Sutter; Second Session Notes 02/03/2019
     Sutter; Second Session Notes 04/06/2019
     Sutter; Second Session Notes 06/02/2019
     Sutter; Second Session Notes 09/01/2019
     Sutter; Second Session Notes 01/05/2020
     Sutter; Second Session Notes 04/05/2020 and
     Sutter; Second Session Notes 05/03/2020
     Sutter; Second Session Notes 07/05/2020 - Irfanview
     Sutter; Second Session Notes 01/03/2021 - Keyboard Shortcuts
     Sutter; First and Second Session Notes 11/06/2022
     Sutter First and Second Session Notes 01/01/2023

Judy Taylour Free Software Handout and Free Software Table

Janet Thatcher Libby App - Digital Library Service; free diagramming software

Urgent Computer Guys; presenters at the September 1, 2013 General Session.
Learn more at

John Waller Chromecast

David B. Whittle: Muvee video editing software, PhotoVista image editing software
Webworking Services Web Site

Kyle Wiens: Tools for computer and electronics repair, Apple parts, extensive library of repair manuals for computers, phones and beyond

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