Roku Demonstration

I wanted to create a digital picture frame using a computer monitor and a small computer behind it
I tried Raspberry Pi 2 B; Raspberry Pi notes at and a small Asus Vivo PC computer Asus VivoPC

Then, it dawned on me that I should consider using a Roku box. Roku 4

I reasoned that though Roku is usually connected to the HDMI port of a TV, I could hook it up to a stand alone computer monitor

Viewsonic 2265Smh

Even though that monitor wasn't connected to a computer I reasoned that the Roku box was capable of telling the monitor what to do.

Since the monitor has internal speakers built in, I wouldn't need a separate audio connection. I could bring sound in over the HDMI cable.

The Roku device is available in several different models. I already have one in my den and another one in my bedroom. I decided to get the Roku 4 because is is 4k compatible. While I don't have a 4k TV yet, I might as well plan for one.

Current Roku models

Evolution of the Roku players

Roku 4 Promotion

Roku 4 Features

Roku 4 Tech Specs

Complete Listing of Roku Channels all channels

My Digital Picture Frame
I found hopeful candidates for showing personal slide shows at this link;

However, none of the apps displayed portrait-oriented images properly. PLEX was the only exception. I might have tried Flickr or Shutterfly but I already knew the capabilities of PLEX since I was currently viewing it on my Home Media Center. For today's demonstration, I'll use Roku Media Player. You will notice the rotation problem with the still images.

My in-wall Roku installation with optional Ethernet cable
hollow    VESA Mount   Roku in place   cabling   compete

Show the different channels via Screen Capture, commenting on each
Screen Capture Video

I can connect the Roku device to WiFi but not to my home network where all of my media resides. Today, I'm getting the media from a flash drive plugged in to the Roku device and accessed through Roku Media Player.

Show PLEX via remote desktop using Chrome Remote Desktop;

Micrososft's Remote Desktop didn't work because my ISP blocks Port 3389 unless I pay an additional $15/mo for a static IP Address.