Meeting of 01/12/2020 TOPIC: Photo Editing Software

Ralph Sutter opened the meeting, calling the group's attention to several recent posts on the Links Page of the group's web site. See
   Screen Capture Tutorial; Luminar 4 Sky Replacement
   on YouTube at
   Skylum Luminar as an Adobe Photoshop Elements Plug-in
   Luminar 4 Update Available; Open Luminar 4, Click on Help/Check for Updates

Ralph then showed images that he had manipulated using the Sky Replacement feature of Luminar 4.

Alan Raul distributed a list of the software that he uses to alter images. See his list here Alan demonstrated several of the possibilities that the programs make possible.

Kaye Raul improved some already crisp images using color adjustments available in Luminar.

Linda Styerwalt likewise explored how she could improve photos with that software.

John Waller moved beyond Skylum Luminar, using advanced techniques in Adobe Photoshop.

NEXT MEETING TOPIC: Photo Editing Software Again; Please share images that you modified using your favorite image manipulation software.
Due to the interest shown for this topic at the January meeting, it has been held over by popular demand.
Please note that this meeting and the three that follow have been moved back one week due to intervening schedules/holidays

Here are the revised tentative dates for the meetings of this group in 2020
   February 16th
   March 15th
   April 19th
   May 17th
   June 14th
   July 12th
   August 9th
   September 13th
   October 11th
   November 8th
   December 13th

See the Links page for tutorials and other resources

Meeting of 12/08/2019 TOPIC: One Spot; many images

Ralph Sutter opened the meeting with landscapes seen throughout the day and night from his patio and bedroom window.
He followed with a series of still image that he tried to animate using Adobe Premiere Elements 2019 and Proshow Producer 2019. The latter was more realistic.
Next, Connie Sutter displayed images of a grove of trees at different moments, creating everything with her iPhone.
Kaye Raul followed with different landscapes that she modified using Skylum Luminar software. The rest of the group, intrigued by the possibilities, decided to dedicate the January 2020 session to software manipulation programs.
Bob Styerwalt captured the passage of time as observed at various locations of his home

NEXT MEETING Sunday, January 12th @ 2:00 pm
TOPIC: Photo Editing Software; Please share images that you modified using your favorite image manipulation software.

Meeting of 11/10/2019 TOPIC: Trees; images of arboreal specimens

Ralph Sutter opened the meeting by playing three tutorials that he created. They are
   Add Text to an Image with Irfanview
   Configuring Irfanview to Play .mp4 Files
   Using FormatFactory to Join Two or More .pdf Files
Sutter then showed a slideshow of trees seen in and around Redding California's Sundial Bridge.
Ralph then shared a series of tree images sent by Connie Sutter during her visit to Westlake, Hangzhou China.
Kaye Raul followed with photos of trees large and small.
Bob Styerwalt aimed his camera at local fruit trees and bushes.
John Waller, in addition to showing the thriving redwoods of Yosemite and elsewhere, offered numerous images of dead and fallen trees forming natural sculptures.
Several members commented that most the deciduous trees of the Central Coast have not yet begun to change color or lose leaves.

NEXT MEETING Sunday, December 8th @ 2:00 pm.
TOPIC: One Spot; many images; Please share sequences of images shot at different times in the same locations

This will the last meeting of the SLO Bytes Photo Group this year

See the Links page for tutorials and other resources

Meeting of 10/13/2019 TOPIC: Rocks; all manner of objects igneous, metamorphic or sedimentary in nature

Ralph Sutter opened the meeting with a slide show of rocks seen in Arroyo Grande, Shell Beach and Port San Luis.

Kaye Raul offered shots big rocks and small gemstones.

Connie Sutter followed displaying close-ups of landscaping rock features.

Bob Styerwalt added photos of rocks found in his back yard and around the world from Canada to the British Isles.

John Waller showed some local rocks before focusing on the granite outcroppings of The Indians near Fort Hunter Liggett and the Mission of San Antonio of Padua.

NEXT MEETING Sunday, November 10th @ 2:00 pm.
TOPIC: Trees; Please share images of arboreal specimens

The last meeting of the SLO Bytes Photo Group will this year will take place on Sunday, December 8th

Meeting of 09/08/2019 TOPIC: Walls and Fences; Please share images of borders and barriers

Ralph Sutter opened the meeting with a slide show of fences seen on his rural Arroyo Grande property.

Connie Sutter followed displaying images of walls and fences seen on road to Bend, Oregon. Despite the fact that she shot the photos with an iPhone through the closed window of a moving vehicle, the images were surprisingly sharp.

Bob Styerwalt added photos of ornamental architecture along with garden variety fences and walls.

Kaye Raul offered shots of gates, walls and fences.

John Waller expanded the category with fog, clouds and other natural barriers.

Monica Tarzier brought shots of her backyard landscaping project, complete with walls and fire pit.

NEXT MEETING Sunday, October 13th @ 2:00 pm.
TOPIC: Rocks and Stones; Please share images sedimentary, metamorphic or igneous of nature

Meeting of 08/11/2019 TOPIC: Water; images of that classical element

Ralph Sutter opened the meeting using Google Earth Pro to show the route of his recent kayaking trip from Skyline Marina, Anacortes to Cypress Island. Ralph then showed a video of rivers and coastline in Northern California, Oregon and Washington State.

Bob Styerwalt followed with water shots including waterfalls, beaches and animals seen near water.

John Waller added photos of the California Central Coast and beyond covered with hail or fog and bathed in sunlight.

Connie Sutter focused on bottled water, cataloging twenty plus varieties of water for sale at a local drugstore.

NEXT MEETING Sunday, 11th @ 2:00 pm.
TOPIC: Walls and Fences; Please share images of borders and barriers

Meeting of 07/13/2019 TOPIC: Signs; images that send messages with words and symbols

Ralph Sutter opened the meeting showing a music video clip of the Five Man Electrical Band playing Signs, Signs, Everywhere a Sign

Sutter then played a slide show by Alan Raul featuring signs seen in Avila Beach.

Ralph followed with images shot locally and abroad.

Connie Sutter offered a series of images of area churches with Elvis Presley's Amazing Grace playing in the background.

Kaye Raul ventured to the Bahamas for her signs.

John Waller shared a video that created the illusion that we were watching a slide projector presentation. All his images displayed inside a Kodak Ektachrome border. John added the sound track with the characteristic click of each slide advancing and the hum of the fan.

Bob Styerwalt travelled the world to find his signs, visiting England, Scotland and other European locales before returning to his own street.

NEXT MEETING Sunday, August 11th @ 2:00 pm.
TOPIC: Water; images featuring that classical element

Meeting of 06/09/2019 TOPIC: Bridges; structures through the air

Ralph Sutter opened the meeting showing a link to listing some bridges in San Luis Obispo County. Thanks to Alan Raul for the resource.

Ralph then shared a slide show of bridges found in and around Arroyo Grande.

Connie Sutter followed with bridges found in Thailand.

Kaye Raul showed bridges and railroad trestles including shots from Huasna Valley.

Alan Raul presented bridges from Arroyo Grande, San Luis Obispo and Shell Beach. Most of his pictures were taken with his new Sony full-frame digital camera. Working from the raw images, Raul brought out rich detail without retouching.

John Waller offered bridges seen locally as well as in Yosemite, Disneyland and Nipomo. He demonstrated how he used the new Content Aware brush from Photoshop to remove a barbed wire fence from the image of the Lopez Lake Bridge.

Bob Styerwalt showed bridges from around the world, visiting the US, Canada, and Europe.

The meeting ended at which time Ralph invited everyone to build their own pizza and bake it in his recently completed pizza oven.

Bob Styerwalt memorialized the event with photos. His images can be seen on Dropbox at and at

Alan Raul did the same. You will find his pizza party shots at

Monica Tarzier contributed to the festivities with a delicious potato salad.

NEXT MEETING Sunday, July 14th @ 2:00 pm.
TOPIC: Signs; messages sent by words and symbols

Meeting of 05/19/2019 TOPIC: Boats; images of floating watercraft

Ralph Sutter opened the meeting showing a video of sand paintings that gave the illusion of being three dimensional. View it at 3D Illusion Alan Raul suggested another sand painting artist found at Sand Art by Ilana Yahav - SandFantasy

Ralph then shared a slide show of sundry boats that he shot while kayaking at Port San Luis and Morro Bay.

John Waller followed with boats seen in Santa Barbara Harbor.

Alan presented images of boats, large and small from paddleboards to ships.

Bob Styerwalt opened with the painting of a sailing ship that hangs in his living room. He then showed travel pictures of boats seen in Great Britain, Alaska as well as local waters.

Connie Sutter went small, capturing plastic toy boats floating on her pond.

NEXT MEETING Sunday, June 9th @ 2:00 pm.
TOPIC: Bridges
Please share images of spans through the air

Meeting of 04/14/2019 TOPIC: Green; images of a verdant hue
Ralph Sutter began the meeting with photos taken along the shore and from a helicopter over-flying San Luis Obispo, local lakes and beaches.

Alan Raul presented images taken as he followed to course of San Luis Obispo Creek above Avila.

Kaye Raul revisited the village of Halcyon to photograph some brightly colored glass whimsically placed in the front yard of a local house.

Bob Styerwalt walked the shoreline near Shell Beach in search for green and found a dramatically lit window at home.

Connie Sutter brought her iPhone to the Getty Museum in Malibu and captured green vases, green foliage, mixed with local landscapes.

NEXT MEETING Sunday, May 19th 2019 @ 2:00 pm; moved back one week in deference to Mothers' Day
TOPIC: Boats on the Water
Please share images of floating watercraft

Meeting of 03/10/2019 TOPIC: Shadows
Ralph Sutter began the meeting by pointing out the recently added inclusion on the links page to the iPhone app, ProCamera; It is an iPhone photo app - $3.99; additional add ons available;
Ralph Sutter began the meeting with photos taken along the shore and from a helicopter over-flying San Luis Obispo, local lakes and beaches.

Alan Raul presented images taken as he followed to course of San Luis Obispo Creek above Avila.

Kaye Raul revisited the village of Halcyon to photograph some brightly colored glass whimsically placed in the front yard of a local house.

Bob Styerwalt walked the shoreline near Shell Beach in search for green and found a dramatically lit window at home.

Connie Sutter brought her iPhone to the Getty Museum in Malibu and captured green vases, green foliage, mixed with local landscapes.

The topic for our next meeting will be All Things Green; objects of a verdant hue.

See the Links page for tutorials and other resources

Meeting of 02/10/2019 TOPIC: Motion
Ralph Sutter began the meeting by pointing out the latest additions to the links page.

The first one pointed to Shotcut; a freeware open source, cross platform video editor. Sutter confessed that he was unlikely to use this very capable editor because he already has equally powerful tools. Though paid programs, Ralph has already purchased them and is hesitant to invest the time required to learn a new program with redundant features.

The second link was to the movie, High Flying Bird. This excellent film about professional basketball agents was shot completely on an iPhone 8.

Sutter then offered his slide show of running dogs, running water and bouncing balls.

Connie Sutter followed with her take on motion; She created a presentation with images of kinetic grandkids shot on her iPhone and edited in Adobe Premiere Elements.

Alan Raul, using both his iPhone and a Hero camera attached to his chest, explored the shoreline near Shell Beach, showing the same rocky cove over time with changing sea conditions.

Bob Styerwalt achieved interesting effects by photographing spinning objects at different shutter speeds thus freezing or adding blur to the images.

John Waller presented long-exposure night shots and curious seascapes created with multiple color channels in Photoshop.

The topic for our next meeting will be Shadows; images that aren't quite there.

Meeting of 01/20/2019 TOPIC: Doors and Other Portals
The meeting opened with Ralph Sutter calling attention to some recent links on the SLO Bytes Photography web site.
The links were
   Suggested by John Waller
   Windows 10 Photos Application Tutorial by Ralph Sutter

Connie Sutter, unable to attend, nevertheless provided a series of door images taken at home as well as a poem about door.
Ralph followed with doors seen at his sister's Redding Alpaca farm, the town of San Luis Obispo and his own home.
Kaye Raul focused on doors and houses seen in Halcyon.
Alan Raul offered images of portals; the sea caves and shore lines of Shell Beach.
John Waller showed doors from Disneyland as well as entrances to native American structures and other historical buildings.
Bob Styerwalt chose doors from his neighborhood as well as many from England and Scotland.
Monica Tarzier shared images of doors and private spaces inside her San Luis Obispo home.
Due to a technical glitch, Bob Grover couldn't display his presentation of doors and entrances from around the world. The group looks forward to seeing his work at the February meeting.

Meeting of 12/09/2018 TOPIC: Images Suggesting the Approach of Christmas
The meeting opened with Ralph Sutter showing how he uses Irfanview's Thumbnail Viewer to show thumbnails for RAW images in Windows. Windows native program, File Explorer doesn't do this.
See the tutorial at Showing Thumbnails in Windows for RAW files with Irfanview and at
Ralph then shared a series of holiday images with Christmas decorations, figurines and street scenes.

Connie Sutter followed with similar choices, adding fancy food plates and festive outdoor scenes.

Alan Raul continued in a similar vein, using Aurora HDR to enhance photos of Pismo Pier.

Kaye Raul showed holiday ornaments and pictures of the family celebrating the season.

Bob and Linda Styerwalt chose light displays in their neighborhood and Christmas decorations

John Waller demonstrated how he used long exposure times to illuminate night scenes.
Like Alan, John used Aurora HDR and multiple exposures to bring out detail not seen in a single image.

Bob Grover offered daylight and evening shots of a neighbor's house, illustrating an impressive lighting project.

Meeting of 11/11/2018 TOPIC: Night Photography
The meeting opened with Ralph Sutter demonstrating how he enlarged an image, printing it over 36 pages using the Windows program, Paint. Sutter's goal was to create a life size profile of an Alpaca for tracing on a sheet of Masonite. View his tutorial at
Ralph then shared night time shots of Cusco and other Peruvian locations.

Connie Sutter followed with images of the evening in Hangzhou, China and her own back yard.

Bob Styerwalt displayed night shots of his neighborhood pointing out subtle changes in focus and subject matter.

Bob Grover brought twilight images from the mountains of Tibet and the wilds of his own back yard.

Alan Raul presented numerous sunsets, both as observed and after manipulation with Aurora HD

Monica Tarzier contributed night shots as viewed near her home in San Luis Obispo.

John Waller demonstrated how he used long exposure times to illuminate night scenes, employing this technique both locally and at Disneyland.

Meeting of 10/16/2018 TOPIC: Scenes of the Fall
Thanks to Kaye Raul for the following notes.

Bob Grover started off with his photos taken at the Avila Valley Barn depicting colorful pumpkins and scarecrows.

Bob and Linda Styerwalt followed with fall decorations and scarecrows from their neighborhood.

John Waller showed fall scenes that he photographed in the Arroyo Grande Village.

Kaye Raul shared pictures of fall foliage taken along the Bob Jones Trail. Connie Sutter showed images of dramatic fall skies along with several of the recent rocket launches.

Alan Raul ended the presentation with photos that he shot with his new iPhone XS Max and shared how he processed them using Aurora HDR (

We ended with Monica Tarzier's great coffee and treats!

Meeting of 09/16/2018

TOPIC: Animals

The session opened with a series of images of animals from a National Geographic slide show. View the show at Stanford Brown provided the link.
Next came the announcement of the APCUG Photo Contest. Entry deadline is September 30, 2018. Details here

Ralph Sutter then shared his own tutorial explaining how he used Adobe Photoshop Elements to remove a dark background from the screen shot of a terminal window.
View the tutorial at

Finally Sutter pointed out three excellent articles on the workings of the digital camera
   Anatomy of a Camera
   Digital Camera Control and Image Capture
   Digital Camera Processing

After these introductory activities, members of the group offered images that fondly recalled pets, zoos and critters of all stripes.

We saw a menagerie of feathered and finned creatures, both in the wild and domesticated, interspersed with animal sculptures, wall hangings and paintings

The meeting ended with the distribution of photographic wisdom and oatmeal cookies.

Meeting of 08/12/2018

TOPIC: Symbols

The session opened with Ralph Sutter showing a series of images of trees growing in difficult places. View them here He then updated the group on member Bob Grover's biography. An edition with full-color photos is available in the Kindle format here.

Purchasing the Kindle version, those with Amazon's Alexa can have the book read aloud by saying to Alexa, "Alexa, tell Kindle to read Always a Quest".

Next, Ralph presented a slide show featuring company logos past and present well as personal symbols.

Connie Sutter followed with shots of familiar icons taken from local signs and structures. They included traffic control, religious symbols and flags.

Bob Styerwalt offered a collage of automobile nameplates and public works signs.

John Waller broke his images down into those with and those without text. Like other members, John showed nameplates and public signs.

At the close of the meeting, Ralph demonstrated how he downloaded an on-line article, saved it off-line and used Photoshop Elements to remove selected content.

The group couldn't decide on a topic for the September meeting, deciding to e-mail suggestions to Ralph at Ralph Sutter. He will have members vote on the most popular option

Meeting of 07/8/2018

TOPIC: Edit Free for All

The session opened with Ralph Sutter calling attention to the Links Page. He then opened the page, 27 Photos You Won't Believe - Or At Least You Shouldn't

There, we saw both final images and the tricks employed to achieve them. This served as an appropriate introduction to today's topic.

Prior to the meeting, members downloaded sample images from and made whatever changes they deemed appropriate.

At the meeting, we compared the results. Some of us applied color correction or cropped the images. Others added objects to them not seen in the originals.

The session prompted a discussion of different editing programs and techniques. Encouraged, we agreed to repeat the format in the near future.

Meeting of 06/10/2018

TOPIC: Animals or Black and White Images

The session opened with Ralph Sutter calling attention to the Links Page where the group reviewed the specs for the Sony RX100 VI camera.
Sutter then played a slide show highlighting local tide pools and a recent kayaking trip on the Sacramento River. He interspersed images of animals with scenes shown in color and in grey scale.

Alan Raul screened seascapes rendered in natural light and viewed after adjusting the color profile to emphasize different color channels.

Kaye Raul gave Ansel Adams a run for his money with stunning black and white images of Yosemite.

Bob Styerwalt displayed a collection of pets and other critters

Bob Grover reminded us that horses are not the only animals that we ride. Grover expanded the category with elephants, camels and others.

Monica Tarzier, unable to attend the previous session on flowers, shared many shots of local plants.

John Waller offered images of dogs, both his own and those of others. They included carefully edit stop-motion shots of dogs at play.

Connie Sutter closed the meeting with color images of black and white clothing.

Meeting of 05/20/2018

TOPIC: Flowers

The session opened with Ralph Sutter inviting Bob Grover to speak about the recently published biography of his life, Always a Quest, written over the period of 5 years by Bob's wife, Elise Wäälen. The book is available at

Sutter then called attention to two new links on the Digital Photography web site. They are
Gimp 2.10.0; an open-source image manipulation program and
Meetup Group - How Photographers Think

Sutter then played a video slide show of flowers found both in his back yard and on Santa Cruz Island.

Alan Raul showed flowers shot in camera raw and then optimized for true color.

John Waller shared more flowers. Waller used ProShow Producer, a professional grade slide show creation program, taking advantage of its numerous capabilities.

Bob Styerwalt offered a profusion of flowers as well. Rather than overwhelm the group with his many excellent shots of individual flowers, he added collages featuring digital floral bouquets.

Kaye Raul, frustrated that she couldn't export her images from her computer to a portable media, brought her MacBook Pro laptop to the meeting and displayed her sharp images via Ralph's Apple TV. Her images and her perseverance were well-received.

Bob Grover added a historical perspective to the meeting with a presentation of former members of the SLO Bytes Digital Photography Group and their field trip to the San Luis Obispo Botanical Gardens. Thanks Bob.

Meeting of 04/08/2018

TOPIC: Circles

The session opened with Ralph Sutter screening beautiful images forwarded by Stanford Brown. View them at

Sutter then played a video slide show with circular objects featuring ceiling lights, spinning discs, coins and wind chimes.

Alan Raul followed, taking the group to local hardware stores with assorted pipes, dowels and fasteners. Raul occasionally applied color saturation and haze reduction with dramatic results.

John Waller took the opportunity to share pictures of wheels on farm implements and locomotives with a mix of round and spherical objects found in the heavens and around the house.

Bob Styerwalt looked to his home for images of paint cans and door knobs before venturing out to the seashore with circular patterns among the waves and the wildlife.

Meeting of 03/11/2018


The session opened with Ralph Sutter calling attention to recent postings in the Links page of the club web site. There, you will find a listing of 13 free photo editors.

Sutter then played a video showing fire ranging from the false fire of a realistic battery-operated candle to a birthday celebration, burn pile and wood stove.

Alan Raul followed with fire images of propane heaters in sidewalk cafes and flickering flames in a church sanctuary. He then demonstrated how applying warming filters can heighten the impact of the scene.

Kaye Raul mixed fire and smoke in her photos, explaining the challenges of capturing the latter in a way that added to the composition.

John Waller took the opportunity to share pictures of fire fighting aircraft and to experiment with the Fire effect in Photoshop, setting ablaze ocean horizons and telephone wires.

Monica Tarzier showed rustic scenes illuminated by the campfire or the outdoor fire pit.

The presentations were followed by a wide-ranging discussion of image editing, image presentation and photography in general. The consensus view is that auto-advancing slide shows are more apt to be viewed in their entirety than presentations in which the viewer has to click on each image to advance the program.

Several members praised the capabilities of the slide show presentation program, Proshow Gold.

Meeting of 02/11/2018

TOPIC: Water
The topic for the February 11th meeting was Water

The session opened with Ralph Sutter calling attention to recent postings in the Links Page of the club web site.

Two of the links offer suggestions relating to using Photoshop Elements.

Other links reference the photo editing programs Aurora and Bokeh.
Ralph then played a video collection featuring water; water making patterns as it dropped in a bowl and seascapes of the coast near Cambria, CA.

Alan Raul followed with water scenes shot locally and then enhanced with Aurora and Bokeh. Alan used this software to color-correct images and modify the depth of field in stills taken at the Mission of San Luis Obispo and other local areas.

Kaye Raul presented seascapes of the harbors of Avila Beach, Morro Bay and Piedras Blancas. She showed rowboats, sailboats, elephant seals, swarming seagulls and feeding whales.

John Waller delivered a photo essay on the stages of water; solid, liquid and gas, inserting photos of both the California Central Coast and the High Sierras.

Monica Tarzier began with water images from her backyard and then expanding to the Carrizo Plains.

Bob Grover took John's concept one step further. His opening image showed the earth as viewed from the moon. He then proceeded to share images of clouds, rivers and lakes, glaciers and ice taken from around the globe.

Don Jones showed scenes of some of the waterfowl hunting or perching that he often sees in his frequent walks along the boardwalk near the Monarch Butterfly Grove in Pismo Beach.

Our next meeting will take place on Sunday, March 11th. The topic is Fire.

Ralph Sutter

Meeting of 01/14/2018

TOPIC: Before and After
The topic for the January 14th meeting was Before and After

Ralph Sutter opened the meeting by showing a series of images that illustrated the progression from an alpaca to a pair of alpaca socks, a chicken to scrambled eggs and water from the storage tank to the faucet.

Alan Raul followed with numerous shots of the Avila Beach Polar Bear Plunge. He also experimented with the slide show program, Proshow Gold, exploring some motion effects that he had not tried before.

John Waller shared some of his image manipulation projects with the rest of us. He demonstrated color replacement, restoration of degraded photos and recreation of an image after the photo had been shredded by the family dog. He also added the illusion of flowing water to still images of waterfalls.

The next meeting of the Photo Group will take place on Sunday, February 11th. The theme is Water, whether in the form of rain falling from the sky, soap suds floating in a mop bucket or anything else that the word Water suggests to you.

Meeting of 12/10/2017

TOPIC: Enclosed Spaces
The topic for the December 10th meeting was Enclosed Spaces

Ralph Sutter began the image show and tell with a slide show consisting of gopher traps, 10 in 1 screwdrivers and vignetted subjects.

Alan Raul followed displaying largely unretouched photos of the inside of local retailers and public areas.

John Waller also showed interiors of public buildings, amusement parks and private residences

Connie Sutter captured sundry nooks and crannies of her van

Those present commented on the various techniques that we used to view our images, culling the lackluster items and deciding whether to edit the selections that we wanted to share.
The topic for the January 14th 2018 session will be Image Manipulation; Before and After. Share images that have been modified either to enhance or to transform the original.

Meeting of 11/19/2017

TOPIC: Architecture
The topic for the November 19th meeting was Architecture

Ralph Sutter opened the meeting sharing several camera accessories that he purchased recently.
The first was a Vivitar 58 mm Vivitar Professional UV CPL FLD Lens Filter and Close-Up Macro Accessory Kit.
Learn more at

The second item was a Canon EF Lens to Micro Four Thirds M4/3 Built-in Aperture Control Ring Adapter that allows one to mount a Canon EF lens on a Panasonic Lumix G7 camera body See

Adobe CC Cheat Sheet 2016

NIK Collection Free for Now; software suite of plugins for Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom
This link was suggested by John Waller

Ralph Sutter began the image show and tell with a slide show of structures seen on his recent visit to China. They included images from Beijing, Shanghai, Pudong, Hangzhou, Westlake and Yellow Mountain.

Bob Grover followed sharing shots of impressive buildings seen locally and in Mexico City, Yucatan, Machu Picchu and several European cities. These were part of a more ambitious project that Bob is working on. That project will chronicle the many sites that he visited throughout his life.

Alan Raul stayed local. He offered a video tour of the new hotel in Pismo Beach, The Inn at the Pier, showing how he enhanced images via Aurora HDR; a software image editing program. Alan added perspective with a quadcopter fly over of the area.

Monica Tarzier offered images of garden structures seen at her San Luis Obispo back yard.

John Waller brought varied architectural images as seen in Arroyo Grande, San Luis Obispo, Yosemite, Bodie and other California locales

Don Jones visited historical buildings found at the Price Street Park near Pismo Beach.

Connie Sutter also offered images from China, specifically Shanghai, Pudong, Westlake and Hangzhou.

Meeting of 10/08/2017

TOPIC: Geometric Shapes
The topic for the October 8 th meeting was Geometric Shapes

The Photography Group welcomed back Bob Grover

Ralph Sutter opened the meeting with a slide show of familiar objects having hard lines.

Kaye Raul showed a video featuring a variety of straight and curved shapes found in furniture.

Alan Raul shared some shots of boats and bridges as well as columns that he digitally enhanced using ACDSee Ultimate filters.

Bob Styerwalt displayed shots taken highlighting the geometric shapes found in and around the house.

Don Jones pointed out the geometry inherent in the sewing cabinet that he built for his wife

Bob Grover highlighted the lines found in public buildings and open spaces

John Waller added outdoor shots from La Purisima Mission, Yosemite and local landscapes

Connie Sutter captured the lines and curves of Leffingwell Landing

Meeting of 09/10/2017

TOPIC: Obsolescence
The topic for the August 13th meeting was Obsolescence

Ralph Sutter opened the meeting with a slide show ranging from erasable paper to his comb.

Bob Styerwalt shared images of old hand tools, early computer manuals, computer hardware and an impressive collection of film cameras.

John Waller showed oxcarts, vintage airplanes, analog cell phones and music players.

Connie Sutter brought images of cave paintings, primitive fire pits and one room school houses

Meeting of 08/13/2017

TOPIC: Books
The topic for the August 13th meeting was Books

Alan Raul opened the meeting with a collage of images shot at the Phoenix Bookstore. Alan captured images of books from many different genres and then built a slide show from them using the software program, Proshow Gold

John Waller followed with shots of texts offered at the Santa Maria Public Library.

Ralph Sutter showed messages conveyed either by text or by visual images from his recent travels.

Kaye Raul shared scenes featuring the library of her mother

Bob Styerwalt displayed some of the books found in his personal library. The categories included volumes on travel, history, religion, classics, reference materials and technical volumes. Like Alan and Ralph, Bob used Proshow Gold to present his images.

Following the display of images, Kaye shared an article that predicted how new technologies would reshape our lives, rendering obsolete many current devices and behaviors. This resulted in lengthy conversations, so much so that we chose Obsolescence as the focus topic for the September meeting

Meeting of 07/09/2017

TOPIC: Deliberate Distortion
The topic for the July 9th meeting was Deliberate Distortion
Ralph Sutter opened the meeting by calling attention to the two new listings on the Links page.
The first is for the Polaroid Snap Touch digital camera with a self-contained printer
The second, Affinity, is photo editing software that claims to rival Adobe Photoshop in capabilities at a vastly lower one-time purchase price

Sutter demonstrated the Focus Merge feature of Affinity. The photographer takes multiple shots of the same image, changing only the point of focus. Focus merge then takes the sharpest part of each photo and creates a composite image that is in focus everywhere.

Alan Raul showed how altering the colors of an image can dramatically alter its visual impact. He then used the editing program, ACDSee, to both purposely and playfully manipulate subjects

Don Jones shared photos of illusive marauding rabbits that routinely play havoc with his landscaping

John Waller mixed the whimsical with the artistic, using masking layers to stylize his dog and transforming a local country road into what looked like a meandering stream. He also took a step back in photographic history showing a landscape taken with a pinhole lens

Monica Tarzier enhanced images of flowers and pine cones in ways not seen in nature.

At the close of the meeting, Alan, Bob and John gave Ralph photos that they took at the SLO Bytes BBQ on 07/02/17. Raul will create a video slide show combining those images

Meeting of 06/11/2017

TOPIC: Photographing Food

The topic for the June 11th meeting was Photographing Food

Ralph Sutter opened the meeting by displaying a series of very high resolution images from around the world; Mount Blanc, London, Bergen, Seville, and Astana

Sutter then showed images of common foods, condiments and cooking oils as well as their storage locations.

Connie Sutter followed, sharing photos of apples, strawberries, bananas and how they were incorporated in beverages and edibles.

Monica Tarzier offered pictures of flowering bushes, local landscapes, shots of the sky and sunlight radiating from a bowl of tomatoes

Alan Raul rounded out the presentations with a slide show of memorable dishes that he ate in various restaurants along California's Central Coast

Meeting of 05/21/2017

TOPIC: Photographing Technology

The topic for the May 21st meeting was Photographing Technology

Ralph Sutter opened the meeting with a slide show consisting of numerous images of hammers. They ranged from a medium sized rock to carpentry hammers, roofing hammers, specialty hammers, mallets and sledge hammers.

Kaye Raul followed documenting how insecticides are sprayed on commercial agriculture. Kaye's photos showed the workers involved, the equipment they used and the crops being sprayed.

Alan Raul created an extended homage to ios devices. Alan included the iPhone, iPad, ApplePay and other Apple software. Raul used this technology to order coffee, find his truck, document his travels and record his day.

Finally, Don Jones shared images of some marauding rabbits living in his back yard and feasting on his landscaping. He captured their activity using both still photography and video.

Meeting of 04/23/2017

TOPIC: Depicting Time

The topic for the April 23rd 2017 19th meeting wasTime
"The challenge can be interpreted by any number of ways - from shooting a photo of a clock to an image showing the passage of time. Slowing your shutter speed down when you have a moving subject would give us the impression of time passing. Experiment with this! Or get out the close-up lens and shoot the inner workings of a watch."

NOTE: This assignment was suggested by Lightbox a 52 card deck with a photo challenge for every week of the year. Learn more at

Ralph Sutter opened the meeting by demonstrating some recent changes that he made to the Digital Photography web site. They include adding a search engine at the top of each page and prominently displaying links for royalty-free images and music. He pointed out two new links;
   Blending Modes Explained - Complete Guide to Photoshop Blend Modes offered by himself and
   No Copyright Music; suggested by Alan Raul

The group depicted the passage of time in a variety of ways. One popular approach was to show clock faces often accompanied by interesting narratives from Don Jones and John Waller on the history of the timepieces.

Some members displayed time-lapse photography of flowers. Others showed structures and geological features weathered by the passage of time. John Waller used morphing software transform his image as a child to his current state many years later.

We also saw Monica Tarzier's spectacular images of the Carrizo Plains and Soda Lake in the Spring.

Meeting of 03/19/2017

TOPIC: Textures

The topic for the March 19th, 2017 meeting wasTextures The challenge here was to infuse your images with texture. Taking a two dimensional print and giving it the feel of a 3D experience by introducing texture is a sure fire way of distinguishing your work from those around you.

It's all about the angle of your lighting and working with the shadows to take full advantage of the existing textures.
   Suggested setting: 70-300mm f/5.6 at 1/3 seconds ISO 100

NOTE: This assignment was suggested by Lightbox a 52 card deck with a photo challenge for every week of the year. Learn more at

Meeting of 02/12/2017

TOPIC: Using Layers in Photo Editing.

The meeting opened with Ralph Sutter playing a video review of the Moment SmartPhone add-on lenses for the iPhone.

Next, Sutter showed how he used layers for simple manipulation of images. His video screen captures document the steps. See
Cavern Point and Michela

This generated an extended discussion of Photoshop Element's Quick Selection Brush and the proper positioning of layers.

Alan Raul then played a lengthy How to Gurus video tutorial that carefully demonstrated using layer masks and other tools to merge two photos into a single image. View it at

The group often paused the video to ask each other "what if" questions about the process. Raul finally showed his own work in which he pasted a picture of himself onto another water image and invited the rest of the group to clean it up.

We took this as a homework assignment as viewing the several videos and battling lost Internet connectivity didn't leave enough time to tackle Alan's challenge.

SIDE NOTE: For the record, the new tv used for today's session is a Samsung 55" 4K SUHD Curved LED LCD TV.
See specs at

Meeting of 01/08/2017

TOPIC: Using Layers in Photo Editing.

The topic for the January 8th 2017 meeting was Using Layers in Photo Editing. The meeting opened by calling attention to tutorials on Layers that have been added recently to the Links page.

Afterwards those present took turns showing images enhanced using layers. Demos ranged from the simple to the complex. We saw modest color corrections, and blending as well as intricate compilations of different images to create stunning results.

There were frustrations when the display monitor didn't play nicely with the laptop computer, making it difficult to control the mouse cursor. The Polygonal Lasso tool in Photoshop Elements also failed, spontaneously closing selections before all intended points were set.

NOTE: After the meeting, Ralph Sutter discovered a work-around; use the Lasso tool instead of the Polygonal Lasso tool and hold down the Alt key. This will turn the tool from freehand to straight-line mode

Given the lively discussion of Layers, the group decided that our next session should be Layers Revisited, continuing where we left off this month.

Meeting of 12/11/2016

The topic for the December 11, 2016 meeting was Anticipating the Holidays. We shared images of the Morro Bay Lighted Boat Parade, Disneyland's Jingle Cruise, several towns along the Central Coast, shots of the audience at a concert and members readying their homes for Christmas.

Finally, member Don Jones showed a slide show of the San Diego Wild Animal Park and another that moved up the coast from Avila Beach to San Simeon.

Meeting of 11/13/2016

The meeting opened with the group viewing Pano | LA; a 6 minutes time lapse video of Los Angeles by night

Humbled by that impressive work, our members proceeded to show their panoramic images of locations international and local. Many members used Microsoft's freeware program, Image Composite Editor.

Some of us worked with digital cameras, both point and shoot as well as DSLR. Others opted for using the panoramic function of their smart phone. A few of us stitched images together using Photoshop/Photoshop Elements.

We compared the effectiveness of different programs to auto-complete those empty, jagged areas on the original panos that we chose not to crop. Several individuals shooting with digital cameras observed that they got better panos if they set the camera on manual exposure.

The topic for the December 11, 2016 meeting will be Anticipating the Holidays. Everyone is encouraged to bring photos and videos that reflect activities undertaken in preparation for that time of the year.

Meeting of 10/09/2016

The October meeting was a follow up to the September event. Members displayed images that they had taken at the Shell Beach Photo Shoot. As expected, though we all took pictures at the same time and place, we focused on a wide variety of subjects.

Many of us chose seascapes but we also shared images of wave patterns, closeups of flowers, soaring birds, back lit silhouettes and beach goers strolling the shore and swimming in the surf.

Alan Raul described how he took panoramas with his iPhone. See to view his work.

This led to a discussion on how to techniques for shooting panoramas. Raul then took an indoor panorama of our group with his phone to illustrate the power of smart phone imaging software.

The group decided that Panoramas would be the focus of our November meeting. One free software program for creating panoramas is Microsoft's Image Composite Editor. Download it from

Meeting of 09/11/2016 There was no traditional meeting on September 11th. Instead, members assembled at the end of Pier Avenue in Shell Beach and took photos of whatever interested them. We will share and discuss these images at the October meeting.

Meeting of 08/21/2016 The focus of the September 21st meeting was Using the Tools of Photoshop Elements For this session, we tried something different. Members brought a laptop and used Photoshop Elements to improve the sample images provided.
(See for these sample images)

Ralph Sutter began the meeting following up on Don Jones' recommendation of using the Blend mode. Sutter provided several related links
Photoshop Blending Modes;
and Ralph's chart on blending modes Blending Modes Chart; 2016 Photo SIG/Photoshop Blending Modes.docx

Ralph then demonstrated how to display metadata when viewing images in Irfanview. Simply open the image in that program and hit the e key on the keyboard.

Sutter then mentioned the Photoshop Elements add-on, Elements+ and gave a quick demo of how to use it to display metadata as a graphic on an image.
Learn more about Elements+ at

Members then found a comfortable work surface and each edited selected images. After about 45 minutes, we viewed our handiwork with each member commenting on what steps he or she took to modify the originals.

The next meeting of the Photo Group will take place on September 11th at 4:00 pm, two hours later than usual. It will also meet at a different location, the ocean end of Pier Avenue in Shell Beach.
The assembled members will then go on a live photo shoot, photographing scenes of their own choosing. We will compare our images when our meeting returns to the home of Ralph and Connie Sutter on October 9th at 2:00 pm.

Meeting of 07/10/2016

TOPIC: Photoshop Tools
The focus of the July 10 th meeting of the Digital Photography Group was Photoshop Tools The meeting opened with Ralph Sutter displaying a slide show of the July 3rd 2016 BBQ. Sutter assembled the show from images provided by photographers Alan Raul and Bob Styerwalt.

Sutter then distributed a handout that gave an overview of the Adobe Photoshop Elements 14 Toolbox. He also provided links to
Adobe Photoshop Elements Visual Dictionary and
Adobe Photoshop Elements Help

Next Ralph showed how he manipulated images in Photoshop Elements 14 using primarily the Crop, Adjust Color, Adjust Lighting and Masking tools

Don Jones demonstrated how complex improvements could be accomplished with the Blend mode

Alan Raul explained how he moved images from his iPhone to his Home Theater PC to his server. Raul then shared a stunning image of a nighttime Fourth of July display with crisp fireworks and ribbons of automobile headlights against a backdrop of the Pacific Ocean.
He then offered a link detailing How to crop/straighten images in Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop.

John Waller showed how he used layers to create collages, grant his dogs the ability to fly and generally improve photographic images.

Meeting of 06/12/2016

TOPIC: Tools
The focus of the June 12 th meeting of the Digital Photography Group was Tools The meeting opened with Ralph Sutter displaying a series of flowers that resembled miniature dancers, animals and mythical figures. View them at at Work.msg

Next, members took turns showing images of common tools. Some of us chose kitchen utensils. Others opted for specialized hand tools or hand cranked grinders and slicers from an earlier era.

One member interpreted the topic, Tools, as an invitation to demonstrate some of the retouching tools found in Photoshop and shared how she used them to modify her images. Her choice prompted the decision to dedicate the July session to The Tools of Photoshop


Meeting of 05/15/2016

TOPIC: Flowers
The focus of the May 15th meeting of the Digital Photography SIG was Flowers The meeting opened playing a YouTube video entitled some impressions of our planet; a montage of stunning videos from around the world.

This was followed by a video suggested by Bob Grover that showed a magician performing amazing illusions.
View it at

Bob also submitted a link to a YouTube video of the Tesla automobile assembly process; Due to time constraint,, the group didn't view it. Several members who had seen the video recommended that others do the same.

On the recommendation of Earl Kaplan, we viewed the video clip, Blue Moon Rise

During the show and tell portion of the meeting, members shared images of flowers. Some of us chose to focus on flowers growing nearby. Others offered shots from farther afield. Some photographers focused on individual blossoms, some featured whole plants. Still others stepped back, widening the field of vision to include surrounding space as well.

We commented on the effects of changing the aperture and editing outside the camera. Some presenters opted for a series of individual images. Others chose to display their photos in video clips with simp[le to complex transitions between slides.

The meeting closed with Nancy Vrooman demonstrating how she uses Irfanview to edit the flower images that she posts on-line at Gardenweb. See Nancy's Flower Photography Tips here

You will find Notes to previous sessions by clicking on the Notes tab at the top of this page or by navigating directly to


Meeting of 04/10/2016

TOPIC: Recent Images
The focus of the April 10th meeting of the Digital Photography SIG was Recent Images. The meeting opened with a display of photos taken by Bob Grover for the March meeting,  Bob missed that meeting but dutifully e-mailed a series of diverse images from around the world featuring the March topic, Reflections

Following that screening, members displayed digital images and videos that they had taken since the March meeting.  Popular topics were Morro Bay, Yosemite, as well as scenes of rural San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara Counties.

 We viewed many landscapes and spectacular panoramas along with a discussion of how they were accomplished.  Often, the audience asked for before and after versions of manipulated images.

At the close of the meeting, the group chose its topic for the May meeting.  We opted for Flowers and agreed to hold the meeting on May 15th, one week later than usual to avoid conflicting with Mothers' Day on May 8th.

Check the Links page for the links discussed at this meeting


Meeting of 03/13/2016 TOPIC: Reflections
The focus of the March 13th meeting of the Digital Photography SIG was Reflections.

Bob Grover opened the program showing recent weather events and then gave the group a glimpse of some of the stunning weather extremes that he experienced many years ago while conducting research at a Mount Everest Base Camp. He added images taken when he climbed the Popocatepetl Volcano near Mexico City.

Other members stayed closer to home in their choice of images. We saw many stills and videos of enormous waves pounding the local shoreline. Several members shared scenes of trees blanketed in white and numerous snow covered landscapes.

While the group enjoyed left-over Christmas cookies, deviled eggs and coffee, Ralph Sutter called up a web site that discussed "the fastest memory cards that money can buy". See the Notes page for details.


Meeting of 02/14/2016

The focus of the February 14th meeting of the Digital Photography SIG was Food.
Ralph Sutter opened the program showing a series of award-winning photographs from National Geographic . They are linked at img/natgeo/unique pictures from around the world.htm
Sutter then showed some videos from the B&H Channel on Roku featuring equipment reviews, product comparisons and technical specs. See B&H Videos Channel

Alan Raul, played a file from the B&H site introducing the Sony a6300 mirrorless camera;

Sutter then presented two tutorials that he created,
Batch resizing with Irfanview and
Display Time in File Explorer
Next, the members of the Photo Group took turns sharing their images of food.

Some members focused on tempting prepared dishes while others traced the path of what we eat from the field to the harvest to the distribution center and finally to the table.

The vagueness of the topic lent itself well to many different perspectives. We saw farm animals, fishing boats, blueberry bogs, blueplate specials and all manner of mouth-watering dishes.

At the close of the meeting, Alan offered footage taken by his dashcam that traced Raul's drive through the village of Arroyo Grande to where we meet.

Sutter speeded up the film and linked it to the bottom of the Photo SIG Location Map.
You will find them at and

Thanks, Alan


Meeting of 01/10/2016 TOPIC: Weather Phenomena
The focus of the January 10th meeting of the Digital Photography SIG was Weather Phenomena..

Bob Grover opened the program showing recent weather events and then gave the group a glimpse of some of the stunning weather extremes that he experienced many years ago while conducting research at a Mount Everest Base Camp. He added images taken when he climbed the Popocatepetl Volcano near Mexico City.

Other members stayed closer to home in their choice of images. We saw many stills and videos of enormous waves pounding the local shoreline. Several members shared scenes of trees blanketed in white and numerous snow covered landscapes.

While the group enjoyed left-over Christmas cookies, deviled eggs and coffee, Ralph Sutter called up a web site that discussed "the fastest memory cards that money can buy". See the Notes page for details.

The topic for February 14th Photo group will be Images of Food .

You will find notes from previous meetings of the Photo SIG at or by clicking on Notes tab at the top of all pages of the Photo SIG web site.

Meeting of 12/13/2015 TOPIC: Rewind
The focus of the December 13th meeting of the Digital Photography SIG was Rewind - Images from the Past .

Ralph opened the meeting showing David A. Cox’ review of Digital Photographer's Action Pack, a plug-in for Photoshop.  View Cox’ review at  

Then members took turns sharing their interpretation of the Rewind theme.  Some of us showed photos of memorable personal events from the past.  Others chose images of public places from long ago

We saw photos of great grandparents, early scans of traditional images and the first digital images some of us had ever taken.  We toured yesteryear San Francisco and visited numerous national monuments at an earlier time.

Sutter asked other users of the slide show creation program, Proshow Gold, if they had found a way to edit slide show sound tracks downloaded from the Proshow Music Library.  No one had the answer.  Apparently, the .psa extension is unique to Photodex and designed not to be editable.

Ralph detailed how he removes audio from video recordings of his quadcopter flights. The audio track contained only the whirring of propeller blades, adding little to the viewer experience.

Sutter loads the video files into Microsoft Moviemaker, mutes the audio and then saves the project as a new .mp4 file.  He then adds new audio tracks back before publishing the project.

Don Jones shared the details of an issue that he had mentioned a week earlier at the SLO Bytes General Meeting.  It relates to a Dell security issue about which Jones had read recently in which certain Dell computers come with a flawed Certificate of Trust pre-installed.  Sutter found a further description at

As always, the meeting ended with coffee, snacks and conversation.

In anticipation of upcoming events, the topic for January’s Photo group will be Weather Phenomena.

You will find notes from previous meetings of the Photo SIG at or by clicking on Notes tab at the top of all pages of the Photo SIG web site.

Meeting of 11/08/2015 TOPIC: Images of Halloween
The focus of the November 8th meeting of the Digital Photography SIG was Images of Halloween in Stills and Video.

Ralph Sutter opened the meeting by mentioning an on-line Photography class that was recommended to him by SLO Bytes member Ed Lynn. The site,, offers weekly personalized lessons. New member, Gigi Kandler gave the rest of us a first hand testimonial to the value of the course. Subscribers to the classes can upload their photos for critique by the instructor.

Next, members of the Photo SIG shared their photos and videos of Halloween. Pumpkins, scarecrows, tombstones and goblins figured prominently. Some members shared both videos and stills. Others stuck with still images.

The topic for the next meeting, taking place on December 13th was suggested by Alan Raul. It is Rewind. The idea is to share images from the past, whether recent or distant.

As always, the meeting ended with coffee, snacks and conversation.

You will find notes from previous meetings of the Photo SIG at or by clicking on Notes tab at the top of all pages of the Photo SIG web site.

Meeting of 10/13/2015 TOPIC: Objects in Motion - Video
The focus of the October 11th meeting of the Digital Photography SIG was Objects in Motion – VideosRalph Sutter opened the meeting by screening part of a video from Geeks on Tour – How to Manage My Pictures -

Sutter then showed a series of unattributed still images that he received in an e-mail featuring unusual landscapes and dramatic portraits.  Sutter selected some of the e-mailed images and posted them on the club web site at

Members then shared their videos of things in motion.  Typical subjects were waves, flooding, spinning objects, kinetic grandchildren and other animals. 

Member Bob Grover asked the group how to rotate a video from portrait mode to landscape mode.  John Waller indicated that he used Photoshop for that purpose. 

Bob also asked if anyone could recommend a local computer repair shop.  With no recommendations coming forth, Sutter suggested that Bob post his question on the SLO Bytes Bulletin Board at

Alan Raul
suggested that the topic for the November meeting be Images of Halloween.  The other members agreed to Raul’s proposal, commenting on likely scenarios for capturing these images.

The meeting ended with coffee and kibitzing.

You will find notes from previous meetings of the Photo SIG at or by clicking on Notes tab at the top of all pages of the Photo SIG web site.

Meeting of 09/13/2015 TOPIC: Objects in Motion - Still Photographs

The meeting opened with Ralph Sutter showing a series of photographs featuring flights of stairs from around the world. View the images at

Sutter then shared an article taken from the PUSH series in which Mark Mattson reviewed the Topaz Photography Collection, Part 1. These various tools, some stand-alone and some that work as plug-ins for photo editors allow the user enhanced capabilities for image correction and manipulation.

Next, Photo SIG members showed their images suggesting motion. We saw photos that froze birds in flight and other images in which the subject was blurred but the background was in sharp focus. Popular subjects included children, cars, trains, airplanes, ocean waves and, moving water

Finally, the group discussed whether we should change our name from the Photography Special Interest Group, renaming it the Digital Photography Club, Digital Photography Class or something else that might be more appealing to prospective members. No consensus was reached.

Meeting of 08/09/2015 TOPIC: Human Emotions

The meeting opened with Ralph Sutter reminding members of the APCUG Photo Contest; Entries are due Aug 26th Details at

Sutter then mentioned the link, How to Get Microsoft Movie Maker for Windows 10
and the Microsoft site for downloading Windows Essentials which includes Movie Maker,

Ralph then repeated the advice of Alan Raul, recommending DigiKam, a free cross-platform photo editor and organizer.
The download link is at
For Windows specifically, see /

Next, Sutter shared Dick James' tip to have Windows remember your preferred size for opening a window.

Hold down the Windows key after opening window to preferred size and then close the window. Windows will remember the size the next time that you open the window.

Then members took turns showing their images of small objects while other members asked questions about how and why the photos were taken.

Alan Raul created a collage using Microsoft Research AutoCollage 2008;

He then showed humorously distorted self-images done with Apple Photo Booth; and formatted with ACDSee Image Viewer, Organizer and Editor;

At the close of the meeting, the focus shifted to talk of quadcopters. Raul showed some angst-ridden images of Ralph Sutter flying a Yuneec Q500+ over Shell Beach.

Sutter then showed footage of that flight, viewable at and brought out his new toy to the amazement of some and the amusement of others.

Meeting of 07/12/2015 TOPIC: Small Objects

The meeting opened with Ralph Sutter showing Alan Raul's photos of SLO Bytes' BBQ of 07/05/15. View them at

Sutter then showed the three links below

   Paper is not Dead;

   Tips on RAW Editing.pdf by Pim Borman, Orange County PC Users Group

   Stock Photo Resources suggested by Ron Jeffries

Then members took turns showing their images of small objects while other members asked questions about how and why the photos were taken.

Meeting of 06/21/2015 TOPIC: Seascapes

The meeting opened with Ralph Sutter showing the two links below
Write-up of slide show creation programs; focus on ProShow Gold

Ralph Sutter's demo of Snagit batch conversion

Then members took turns showing their images of seascapes while other members asked questions about how and why the photos were taken.

Alan Raul talked about the professional services that he has used to print and mount some of his images
They include


   West Coast Imaging

   Aspen Creek Photo

Bob Styerwalt then showed some of his images that he printed on his eight cartridge color printer

Don Jones passed around his latest camera, a Panasonic DMC ZS40. This point and shoot camera has a view finder in addition to an LCD screen.

Meeting of 05/10/2015 TOPIC: Live Photo Shoot

With fewer members attending due to Mothers' Day, we opened the session when Ralph Sutter pointed out three links recently added to the Notes Page. They were

Will anyone be buying mechanical-mirror DSLR cameras in 5 years?

SoloShot; a robotic tracking device for video or still photography and

Free Music; a site offering free music for slide shows, arranging it by genre.

For the next 45 minutes, the group went outside and photographed whatever caught the members' interest. We then returned inside, uploaded the photos to a computer and view the images, commenting briefly on each of them. Some of these images may be seen in an embedded slide show at the bottom of the Photo SIG Opening Page

Ralph announced that he will not be able to attend the next scheduled meeting of the Photo SIG on June 14th. He, Connie Sutter and Alan Raul will be out of town attending the SWCC convention in Pomona.

Sutter asked the other members if they would prefer to hold the June Photo SIG meeting on the scheduled date but at the home of someone else or move the meeting date back one week for one month only to Sunday, June 21st. The members chose the second option. Coincidentally, June 21st is Fathers' Day

Beginning in July 2015, meetings will revert to their traditional meeting time, the second Sunday of each month.

The topic for the June meeting will be Seascapes. Everyone is encouraged to bring images of the ocean and share them with the group.

Meeting of 04/12/2015 TOPIC: Architectural Photography; Buildings and Structures

Members of the Photo SIG each showed images of buildings and other structures. Some members shared multiple versions of a single image, explaining how they enhanced the image.

Alan Raul demonstrated Sway; a freeware Microsoft product for displaying images on line.

He also screened images modified with the freeware application,
Photofiltre;; download at

Explore other links discussed at or by clicking on the Links tab at the top of this page.

Likewise, you will find notes from previous meetings of the Photo SIG at or by clicking on Notes tab at the top of this page.

Meeting of 03/08/2015 TOPIC: Video Editing

The Photo Group looked at colorized black and white photographs modified by the software program, Coloriage 9 from SoftCity; $59. Thanks to Bob Grover for calling our attention to this product.

Ralph Sutter played a video showing how to use Movie Maker.
View the tutorial at

Alan Raul played several videos that he had created in the past using earlier versions of Movie Maker.

Ralph gave a brief demo of Movie Maker, editing video of a recent kayaking trip to Port San Luis. He later used Movie Maker's anti-shake and anti-wobble correction features to improve the images.

Alan Raul, Bob Styerwalt, Don Jones, John Waller and Bob Grover all shared videos that they had created using Movie Maker, making use of the basic editing functions as well as the features for creating credits. They also screened short videos created with Photoshop, ProShow Producer and iMovie.

Grover explained how to use Movie Maker to edit a presentation originally created with ProShow Producer.

Sutter demonstrated how to do a video screen capture with Techsmith Snagit 12 ($49.95) and then used the built-in Snagit editor to modify the output.

The theme for the next meeting, held on April 12th is Architectural Photography. Everyone is encouraged to bring photos of structures and discuss these images with the group.

Meeting of 02/08/2015 TOPIC: Transformations - Color to Black and White

Ralph Sutter opened the meeting showing a PowerPoint file in which the images slowly changed from color to black and white. Members commented on the effectiveness of the transformation.

Sutter then showed some color photos that he had taken recently and then changed them to grey scale sca;e using the Convert to Greyscale tool in Irfanview. He repeated the process, this time using the Decrease Color Depth/Two Color (black/white) tool. Members commented on which photos were enhanced when transformed.

Ralph then created a slide show of his images using Irfanview's Slideshow tool. He showed how to order the images, insert title pages that he had created in Word and add music.

Next, other club members showed their Color/BW image pairs, explaining how they did the conversion and which image worked best.

Meeting of 01/18/15 TOPIC: Wildlife

Members shared images of animals large and small.
The meeting started with a discussion of the lessening need for full frame image sensors in digital SLR cameras. Read the article at

Later, Ralph Sutter demonstrated the Panorama feature of Irfanview. The group concluded that numerous other options did a better job of creating panoramic images.

Looking ahead, the March 8th meeting will demonstrate freeware video editors. Members are encouraged to record short videos and edit them at this meeting. One freeware video editor, Windows Movie Maker, can be downloaded at

At today's meeting, several members suggested helpful resources for image editing. They include the following
   One Minute Tip - Photoshop Wednesdays
   Photoshop Elements User
   Tim Grey; Digital Photography Educator

These links will always be clicking on the Links tab at the top of each web page

Meeting of 12/14/14 Ralph demonstrated two freeware programs. They are
    File Tree: and

File Tree "shows you the size of (a) folder, including its subfolders in an Explorer-like fashion."

Jing is a screen capture program that allows you to take a screen shot of a single image or record a video as you navigate from one screen to another.

Ralph then demonstrated Focus Twist: an app that allows you to create refocusable images from a iPhone. By clicking on different areas of the image, the selected area comes into focus, giving the illusion of depth of field. You will find a example at

Afterwards many members of the group shared images in which red was the dominant color.

The theme for the next session is Images Featuring Wildlife. Members are invited to bring photos in which wildlife is the primary focus.

Meeting of 11/17/14 Ralph introduced two freeware programs. The first, Karen's Printer Directory,, allows the user to either save or print the names of files that appear in a directory, choosing the level of detail included in the printout.

The second program is Bulk Renamer,,
It can be used to automatically modify multiple file names.

Ralph then showed a slide show of the art museum at Crystal Bridges in Rogers Arkansas using Irfanview.

Members who attended the meeting discussed the future focus of the Photo SIG. The consensus was that we should concentrate on interesting images, photo editing and photo display. Given the challenge of coming up with new topics for each meeting, we will give ourselves an assignment at the close of each meeting to discuss at the next meeting.

Images in Red; The assignment for the meeting on Sunday, December 14th is to bring one or more images in which the dominant color is red. I look forward to a wide variety of images and a lively discussion of techniques and artistic intent.


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