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One Minute Tip - Photoshop Wednesdays
Photoshop Elements User
Tim Grey; Digital Photography Educator
Photoshop Training Channel
Photoshop Training Aids; compilation of Photoshop Elements Training tips from various sources
Fullbean Tutorials

Copyright Free Music for Slide Shows

Free Music Archive
No Copyright Music

Royalty Free Stock Photos via email once a month. (under Creative Commons CC0 License) (various Licenses, need to be careful to use correct ones) (has a search by license option)

Sites Mentioned by Month

B&H Photography Podcasts
Thanks to Alan Raul for this link
Honeyview; freeware
Thanks to Stanford Brown for this link.
The software license states in part "Automatic communication functions are used for the Software version check and update notice. We may work with analytics companies such as Google Analytics to help us understand how the Software is being used. You can stop the above actions easily by uninstalling the Software." You can read the complete agreement during the software installation.

Signs, Signs, Everywhere a Sign

Bridges of San Luis Obispo County
Google Earth Pro

Illusions of 3D
Sand Art by Ilana Yahav - Sand Fantasy

ProCamera;; an iPhone photo app - $3.99
additional add ons available;

Shotcut;; open source, cross platform video editor
   Fullbean tutorial at
   View the Developers tutorial at

The Steven Soderbergh film, High Flying Bird; was shot in its entirety on an iPhone 8.

Freemake Video Converter; a freeware video file conversion program used by John Waller

Suggested by John Waller
Windows 10 Photos Application Tutorial Tutorial by Ralph Sutter

12/09/18 Showing Thumbnails in Windows for RAW files with Irfanview
Also on YouTube at; Tutorial by Ralph Sutter
iCloud for Windows
Download from
Apple Manuals
Download from; Thanks to Alan Raul for the last two links.

11/11/18; Printing an image so that it spans multiple pages.
Tutorial by Ralph Sutter

10/14/18 Series of images shared by Stanford Brown
Definition for bokeh offered by Tim Grey. Read it at;; Thanks to Kaye Raul

National Geographic Animals

Next, Ralph announced the APCUG Photo Contest. Entry deadline is September 30, 2018. Details here
Replacing a dark background with infrared filter; Sutter Tutorial
Anatomy of a Camera by Dick Mabach
Digital Camera Control and Image Capture by Dick Maybach
Digital Camera Processing by Dick Maybach

The San Luis Obispo Tribune

Different Sized Pixels in the Same Sized Sensor
27 Photos You Won't Believe - Or At Least You Shouldn't't

YouTube Video

Gimp 2.10.0; New release of an open-source image manipulation program
Meetup Group - How Photographers Think; meets the second Wednesday of every month

13 Free Photo Editors; last updated March 05, 2018

Beautiful Pictures; Thanks to Stanford Brown

13 Free Photo Editors; last updated March 05, 2018

How to insert a note in Photoshop Elements
How to fix the listing of Recently Opened Files in Adobe Photoshop

The following links wersuggesteded by Alan Raul
Aurora HDR - is a joint project between Skylum (Macphun) and Trey Ratcliff to produce the most powerful, simple and fast HDR photo editing software in the world for Mac and PC.
Aurora FAQ
Trey Ratcliff - does fine art photography and travel photography, free HDR Tutorial, photography tips, camera reviews and photo editing software reviews.

Bokeh - is the aesthetic quality of the blur produced in the out-of-focus parts of an image produced by a lens.

Vivitar 58mm Vivitar Professional UV CPL FLD Lens Filter and Close-Up Macro Accessory Kit
Canon-EF-Lens-to-Micro-Four-Thirds-M4-3-Built-in-Aperture-Control-Ring-Adapter that allows one to mount a Canon EF lens on a Panasonic Lumix G7 camera body
Adobe CC Cheat Sheet 2016
NIK Collection Free for Now; software suite of plugins for Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom
Aurora HDR; a software image editing program

Snowflake Photography
suggested by Ron Jeffries; Prisma is a photo-editing application that utilizes a neural network and artificial intelligence to transform the image into an artistic effect.
Suggested by Alan Raul

Polaroid Snap Quick Camera
Affinity Photo Editing Software

Mega Pixel Images
Mount Blanc

Slide show Creation Tools
Wow Slider; suggested by Doug DePue Raul

Microsoft Photos for Windows 10

Blending Modes Explained - Complete Guide to Photoshop Blend Modes
No Copyright Music; suggested by Alan Raul

Microsoft Photos for Windows 10

Ice Festival; Habin China
Avoid Dull Snapshots; Tips for Taking Stunning Pictures
Review of Moment SmartPhone add-on lenses by David A Cox
LightBox Photography Cards; a deck of 52 cards, each suggesting another photo assignment
How to use a Layer Mask to Change the Background in Adobe Photoshop Elements 15 14 13 12 11 Tutorial
   The original images for this tutorial can be downloaded from and
   The .psd file showing the various layers is downloadable from (26.5 MB)
(The 5 links above are courtesy of Alan Raul)

New Visions; Call for entries - The Central Coast Photographic Society and San Luis Obispo Museum of Art
Submission deadline 02/01/17
(The link above courtesy of Connie Sutter)
Photoshop Elements - Create layers

Photoshop Elements Help - Edit Layers

Assorted YouTube Videos
(The link above courtesy of Alan Raul)

Panoramic Proof Sheet:

All original (not modified) iPhone 6s photos:
Microsoft's Image Composite Editor.
(The above 3 links are courtesy of Alan Raul)

11/13/16; PANO | LA; a 6 minutes time lapse video of Los Angeles by night
(This link courtesy of Sue Thole)

Panoramic Proof Sheet:

All original (not modified) iPhone 6s photos:
Microsoft's Image Composite Editor.
(The above 3 links are courtesy of Alan Raul)

08/21/16 Download Photoshop Editing Practice Files Blending Modes Explained - Photoshop Tutorial on YouTube
Photoshop Blending Modes Chart
Elements+ "Elements+ is a handy add-on that reveals hidden functions in Photoshop Elements that allow its feature set to approach the full Photoshop feature set"
APCUG Digital Photography Contest
Displaying MetaData on an Image with the Photoshop Eelments Add-on, Elements+

Slide show July 3, 2016 BBQ Photos by Alan Raul and Bob Styerwalt
Adobe Photoshop Elements Visual Dictionary
Adobe Photoshop Elements Help
    (See Page 43 for the Toolbox Overview graphic; It is listed as Page 37 following Pages I-V)
Adobe Photoshop Elements 14 Toolbar Graphics - Sutter
Beezix Photoshop Elements 14 Quick Reference Guide
How to crop/straighten images (Thanks to Alan Raul for this link)

SD Card Speed Classification
Nancy Vrooman's Flower Photography Tips

Here is a fascinating video which shows how the brain can be forced to see color in a B&W photo
(Thanks to John Waller for the above link)

Below are links to royalty-free stock photo sites via email once a month. (under Creative Commons CC0 License) (various Licenses, need to be careful to use correct ones) (has a search by license option)

Free photography software for Linux
Camera+ by Tap Tap Tap - (iOS photo app); SD Card information from the Industry Trade Group
(Thanks to Alan Raul for the above links)

Batch resizing with Irfanview
B&Videos Channel; also available as a Roku Channel
Unique Pictures from Around the World

Display Time in File Explorer

(Thanks to Alan Raul for the three links that follow.)
Food Photography: Lighting and Compositional Basics
Sony A6300 Mirrorless Camera

Fastest Memory Cards

Photoshop Tips: Improving Skin and Eyes with Actions; David C Cox

11/08/15; link suggested by Ed Lynn

How do I manage my pictures and videos? by Jim Guld - Geeks on Tour
Beautiful Pictures

Photo Elements Techniques Learning Center suggested by Don Jones
When Stairs Become Art
Topaz Review - Part 1 by Mark Mattson

APCUG Photo Contest; Entry Deadline August 26, 2015

How to Get Microsoft Movie Maker for Windows 10 suggested by Alan Raul - useful explanation but provided by a commercial site that also offers its paid alternative
Download Windows Essentials (free programs including Movie Maker) - download from Microsoft
Digikam; Free cross platform image editing and organizing software
ACDSee Image Viewer, Organizer and Editor; Free cross platform image editing and organizing software
Apple Photo Booth
Microsoft Research AutoCollage 2008

Tips on RAW Editing.pdf by Pim Borman, Orange County PC Users Group

Stock Photo Resources suggested by Ron Jeffries

Write-up of slideshow creation programs; focus on ProShow Gold
Ralph Sutter's demo of Snagit batch conversion
The following three links take you to photo printing services used by Alan Raul to print his images
   West Coast Imaging
   Aspen Creek Photo

Will anyone be buying mechanical-mirror DSLR cameras in 5 years?; This link and the following one were suggested by Sue Moran Thole.
SoloShot is a robotic tracking device for video or still photography. You or your subject wear a tag and the base unit (mounted on a tripod) will tilt and pan to keep the camera aimed at the tag. The base can support up to a 5 pound camera. Some DSLRs will require an additional cable to hook up.
Free Music; As the name suggests, this site archives free music, arranging it by genre. Useful for slideshows

Microsoft Office Sway;
Sample Mary Jo Foley Vietnam Vacation Sway;
PhotoFiltre Portable;
Microsoft Research AutoCollage 2008 - $19.95
as well as YouTube segment,

Bulk Rename Utility; a freeware program used to automatically modify multiple file names
Irfanview; a freeware image editor and viewer
Karen's Print Directory; a freeware program for printing a list of files in a directory
Jing; a freeware screen-capture program from the makers of Snagit
Movie Maker; Microsoft's freeware video editor
Photoshop Elements; a commercial photo editing tool by Adobe
Photoshop; a commercial photo editing tool by Adobe - the professional version of Photoshop Elements and priced accordingly
Proshow Gold; a commercial slide show creator
Snagit; a commercial screen-capture and image editing tool
Tree Size; a freeware tool for displaying file size

Other Items

Acuarelas; Illustrated PowerPoint presentation on Aging (Click first slide to begin program)

YouTube videos about Nepal Thanks to Bob Grover


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