The San Luis Obispo Photography Group serves the general San Luis Obispo County areas of the California Central Coast. We are a Special Interest Group of the SLO Bytes PC Users Group; SLO Bytes
The members are digital photographers and computer enthusiasts. Our meetings are normally held on the second Sunday of each month at 1:00 pm.

Beginning with our February 14th SLO Bytes Photography Group meeting, we will begin at
1 PM and end around 4 PM.

The change is to accommodate all members of the group at their perspective photography level and capabilities.
We are making this change since we no longer have the time to discuss new software and applications that we are using.

1 PM - Members may show past pictures which they shot or pictures from the Internet which exemplify the current months topic.
1:50 PM - Stand up, coffee/water, snack break, pet the dog, etc.
2 PM - Members will show current pictures taken within the last 30 days on the assigned topic of the month.
3:30 to 4 PM - Member (s) can demonstrate a software application or technique used to modify the image. This may also include a particular shooting technique.

Members may attend any part(s) of the 3-hour Zoom session.

Notes from the Meeting of 02/14/2021

TOPIC: Close-up Photography  The meeting took place via Zoom
With this meeting, the Photography Group implemented the new meeting schedule shown above. It was successful with broad participation across all segments.

In the First Segment, Doug Depue provided numerous images of flowers and other objects from his portfolio.

John Waller led off the Second Segment with details of Big Falls, Little Falls, Nojoqui Falls, Salmon Creek and his pet dog.

Ralph Sutter showed thumbnail images found in his tutorial on creating a router jig for fluting screwdriver handles turned on a wood lathe.

Stanford Brown followed with closeups of pier planks, rusty nails and Toyon berries.

Bob Styerwalt continued sharing images of flowers, door hardware and several very sharp images of assorted items attached to a wall plaque.

Connie Sutter offered closeups of flowers and dog paws

Doug Depue chose coins, bolts, padlocks, lichens and ground squirrels

The Final Segment brought a discussion of the software editing program, Luminar AI.
Ralph showed his tutorial on Masking with Luminar AI; and shared his Notes to Self on using the program;

Sutter observed that Luminar AI does not offer Layers, unlike Luminar 4. Various participants expressed their disappointment with this change.

John Waller demonstrated photo enhancement by color separation. He also showed images of frolicking dogs in overlapping freeze frame.

Finally, we investigated how to successfully share screens inside Zoom. Several members were unable to do so.
After the fact, Ralph Sutter wrote a tutorial on screen sharing and posted it at

Our next meeting will take place on March 14th.
The topic is Perspective; as defined by each member
A Zoom invitation will be e-mailed to Photo Group members shortly before the meeting
The meeting schedule for the remainder of 2021 is as follows
   April 11
   May 16 (Mothers' Day falls on May 9th)
   June 13
   July 11
   August 8
   September 12
   October 10
   November 14
   December 12