The San Luis Obispo Digital Photography Group serves the general San Luis Obispo County areas of the California Central Coast. We are a Special Interest Group of the SLO Bytes PC Users Group; SLO Bytes
The members are digital photographers and computer enthusiasts. Our meetings are normally held on the second Sunday of each month at 2:00 pm.

Notes from the Meeting of 11/08/2020
TOPIC: Images Dominated by a Single Color; photos with a single prominent color (Second Installment).

The meeting took place via Zoom

Ralph Sutter opened the meeting, calling attention to the Links Page of the Photography web site.
Sutter then showed close-up images of common items with a single prominent color; a palm tree trunk, rain clouds, expresso accessories and details of watercolors.

Alan Raul followed, offering shots of his annual persimmon harvest. Orange dominated his selections.

Kaye Raul chose the local piers at Pismo Beach and Port San Luis as well as some dramatic sky photos.

John Waller started out close to home, focusing on flowers and emerging grasses before venturing farther afield to water features.

Doug Depue continued to spotlight nuances of color. He sparked a lengthy discussion when he asked if it would be appropriate for him to share some of his voluminous photo library built over many years.

The consensus of the other group members was that while it would be ok to offer a limited number of items from the past, we would prefer to see current images, perhaps contrasting his photographer's eye as it evolved over time.

Ralph made the point shared by several others that while we often use software to alter what comes out of our cameras, Sutter's goal is to capture a memorable moment in time. That may require nothing more than pressing the shutter at the right time and place with no post-production necessary.

Bob Ward shared a series of photos taken many years ago of the last sawmill in California. Bob captured images of a mill near Shaver Lake, its machinery and the support building in the community that it created.

Our last meeting of 2020 will take place on Sunday, December 13th, 2020@ 2:00 pm
The topic will be Shadows; one step behind. The meeting will take place via Zoom

A Zoom invitation will be e-mailed to Photo Group members shortly before the meeting.

See the Links page for tutorials and other resources

Ralph Sutter