The San Luis Obispo Photography Group serves the general San Luis Obispo County areas of the California Central Coast. We are a Special Interest Group of the SLO Bytes PC Users Group; SLO Bytes
The members are digital photographers and computer enthusiasts. Our meetings are normally held via Zoom on the second Sunday of each month at 1:00 pm.
The expanded format has the meeting beginning at 1:00 pm and ending at 4:00 pm
1 pm - Members may show past pictures which they shot or pictures from the Internet which exemplify the current months topic.
1:50 pm - Stand up, coffee/water, snack break, pet the dog, etc.
2 pm - Members will show current pictures taken within the last 30 days on the assigned topic of the month.
3:30 to 4 pm - Member (s) can demonstrate a software application or technique used to modify the image. This may also include a particular shooting technique.

Members may attend any part(s) of the 3-hour Zoom session.

Notes from the Meeting of 09/12/2021
TOPIC: Each One Teach One; Demonstrate a skill that you have learned regarding image editing, whether on a computer or on a smart phone.

In the First Segment, Ralph Sutter described two features of Techsmith Snagit. The Simplify tool is used to blur out certain portions of a text document while displaying others. The Magnify tool allows the user to create an enlarged section of a page that pops out from the rest of that page.

His presentation was followed by a lively discussion of how to perform screen captures and using a camera to video the start up sequence of a computer so as to be able to read an error message that disappears before the user can read it.

The Second Session opened with Ralph speaking once again spoke about filming with a drone. Sutter showed the Circle mode in which the drone shot a 360° video of a house from 200 feet above. He then used the Time Remapping feature of Adobe Premiere Elements 2021 to display the footage in slow motion. He also shared a video of the Rohr Marble Run machine. Ralph assembled the laser-cut device over several days to the delight of his grandson.

Alan Raul followed with the striking image of a young man practicing rock climbing on a Shell Beach sea wall. Alan then demonstrated how he manipulated the image of a scrub oak tree, mirroring and inverting it to give the impression that it was beside a pool of water.

Kaye Raul explored some of the capabilities of her iPhone 11. She showed how to quickly snap an image from the home screen without opening the Camera App. Kaye then demonstrated how Portrait mode blurs the background and sharpens the foreground, whether the subject is a person, a flower or a small object. The group learned that Night Mode automatically lowers the shutter speed to capture more light. Auto Blur selectively focuses the image.

John Waller explained how he created a preset in Adobe Photoshop and then applied it to automatically to multiple images. Waller shared images that he shot with his new full sensor Canon R5 camera. He was particularly impressed by its capabilities to autofocus on the eye of birds in flight, resulting in a sharpness that couldn't' be achieved traditionally.

Stanford Brown re-introduced us to Win 10 Video Editor, a program included in Microsoft 10. Stanford commented on the program's simplicity in trimming video footage.

The Second Session moved seamlessly to the Third Session when we discussed the different ways to clean a digital camera sensor, both manually and via the auto-cleaning function of some cameras.

Our next meeting will take place on October 10th
The topic is once again Each One Teach One; Demonstrate a skill that you have learned regarding image editing, whether on a computer or on a smart phone.
The meeting will take place via Zoom

The meeting schedule for the remainder of 2021 is as follows
November 14
December 12

A Zoom invitation will be e-mailed to Photo Group members shortly before the meeting

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Ralph Sutter