List of SLO Bytes Volunteers

Bob Ward: "Primary driver" 1987 to 1998, SLO Bytes former Secretary/NL Editor, assisted by Lachlan McDonald, Nate Wallenstein and Teri Sorgatz

Ray Miklas: Treasurer 1987-1993, President 1998 to 2011, HardCopy Editor 1999 to 2011, Facilities Coordinator 1998 to present

George Campbell became President in 1987 and stayed 'till ~1999. George created the Pick a Winner program which we are still using for our raffle drawing

Bob Hunt: Basic Windows/MS Office SIG ~1990-2001

Marilly Jenkins: Treasurer 1993-1994

Sam Powers: Vice President 1995

Nancy Vrooman: Refreshments committee Chair, 1995 to present

Bill McNamara: Treasurer 1995-1997

Marvin Baxendale: Treasurer 1998-2004

Bill Avery Contributing HardCopy columnist 1998-2006

Ken Stilts: Set-up/Cleanup

Bob Styerwalt: Treasurer 2014 to present

John Enos: Set-up/Cleanup

Bill Palmerston: Set-up/Clean-up 1998 to present; Cliff Buttschardt: Set-up/Clean-up 1998-2006

Guy Kuncir: Program's Chair/Publicity 1998-2003, assisted by Bill Avery

Nancy Watts: HardCopy Editor and more, 1998

Alan Raul: General SIG, Linux SIG and much more, 1999 to present

Ralph Sutter: Secretary/Webmaster/HTML-Internet SIG, HardCopy Publisher December 2002 to present, Photo SIG Leader 2014 to present

Don Jones: Program's Chair/Publicity October, 2004-2005, Photo SIG April 2005-September 2009

Peter Stonehewer: December, 2005-2006 Program's Chair/Publicity, Refreshments committee, 2003 to present

Robert Mires: Treasurer/Membership Chair 2004 to present

Kaye Raul: Programs Chair/Publicity, 2007 to 2010

Jim Kiraly: Beginners SIG 2000-2005

Bill Avery: Beginners SIG through 2010

Ben Hansen: Beginners SIG through 2010

Eugene Rheingans: Beginners SIG through 2010

Fred Cook: Beginners SIG 2006 to 2010

John Waller: Contributing HardCopy columnist 2007 to present, Vice President and Programs Chair 2010 to present

Bob Grover: Photo SIG Chair October 2009 to 2014

Earl Kaplan: President 2012 to present

NOTE: Please help us recognize all of our many volunteers.
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