Author Topic: Notes for the Photo Group Session of 03/14/2021  (Read 53 times)

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Notes for the Photo Group Session of 03/14/2021
« on: March 14, 2021, 07:13:52 PM »
Hello All,
Here are my Notes for the SLO Bytes Photo Group session of 03/14/2021
TOPIC: Perspective  The meeting took place via Zoom

In the First Segment, Alan Raul shared historical photos of San Diego Bay

Doug Depue documented erosion along Highway 1 above Cambria with numerous before and after images showing the changes wrought by water.

Bob Ward offered nostalgic photos of a sawmill near Shaver Lake, Laguna Lake emptied by drought and a young girl riding a turtle at Knotts Berry Farm

The Second Session opened with Ralph Sutter displaying common objects from uncommon angles.

Stanford Brown brought images of falling fences, curving paths and reflections on a wine glass

Alan Raul shared images of railroad tracks, walkways, bridges, staircases and a unknown tunnel in Pismo Beach. He also showed images of the Pismo Beach Pier in both color and black and white. His images were modified using Aurora HDR and Luminar Ai and are available to view at

Kaye Raul took us to Avila Beach for seascapes before moving inland to towers and skies below the Nipomo Mesa

John Waller strolled the Boardwalk from Grand Avenue toward Pismo Beach demonstrating the technique of foreshortening through his choice of lenses

In the final segment, Alan showed modifying an image in Aurora HDR and also converting the image to his preset black and white template.

Ralph closed out the meeting with a demonstration of the Historical Imagery feature of Google Earth Pro

Our next meeting will take place on April 11th.
The topic is Black and White Photography
For that meeting, Ralph uploaded a pair of color images, a .jpg and a raw image, inviting each member to convert them to black and white and share the results with the group at the April meeting.
Download them at and
The remainder of that meeting will be devoted to black and white images of architecture

The meeting will take place via Zoom.

A Zoom invitation will be e-mailed to Photo Group members shortly before the meeting
The meeting schedule for the remainder of 2021 is as follows
   May 16 (Mothers' Day falls on May 9th)
   June 13
   July 11
   August 8
   September 12
   October 10
   November 14
   December 12

Ralph Sutter