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Hello All,
The Notes on Keyboard Shortcuts , my Second Session Presentation at the SLO Bytes General Session Meeting of 01/03/2021 appear below

Keyboard Shortcuts

Ctrl + a   Select All
Ctrl + c   Copy
Ctrl + b   Bold
Ctrl + f   Find
Ctrl + i   Italic
Ctrl + p   Print to default printer
Ctrl + s   Save
Ctrl + v   Paste
Ctrl + x   Cut
Ctrl + y   Redo
Ctrl + z   Undo
Ctrl + Alt + Del      Open Task Manager
Windows Key + m   Show Desktop
Alt + Tab                   Display open programs and toggle through them
End                           Go to the end of the sentence
Ctrl + End                   Go to the end of the document
Home                   Go to the beginning of the sentence
Ctrl + Home           Go to the beginning of the document

Expanded list of keyboard shortcuts:
My Notes are on line at
Ralph Sutter

Ralph Sutter
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