Author Topic: Photo Group Notes for Meeting of 9/13/2020  (Read 104 times)

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Photo Group Notes for Meeting of 9/13/2020
« on: September 18, 2020, 08:41:00 AM »
Here are my Notes for the SLO Bytes Photo Group meeting of 09/13/2020   

TOPIC: Artistic Growth Three; Learn a new skill for use inside or outside the camera and present it to the group. The meeting took place via Zoom

Ralph Sutter opened the meeting, calling attention to the Links Page of the Photography web site.
Two articles were added for the September meeting. They are
  Open HEIC Files in Windows 10; and
  Wi-Fi Photo Transfer; 
  Download images from an iPhone to a PC wirelessly
Program suggested by Alan Raul, tutorial by Ralph Sutter
   Also on YouTube at

Next Sutter shared a series of images featuring blossoms of fruits and vegetables. Ralph explained that he used Irfanview to insert titles. He controlled the order in which Irfanview displayed the images by opening an image in that program and then clicking on File/Thumbnails/Options/Sort Thumbnails/By name (natural/logic order).

Alan Raul showed his results of long exposures of running water at Waller Park in Santa Maria. A typical exposure for these shots were ISO 64, 10 seconds at f/22. He used a Variable ND (Neutral Density) filter with his 35mm f/2.8 Sony lens to get the desired effect. He use the following web site as a guide on how to set up his Sony mirrorless camera.

Stanford Brown followed introducing CopyTrans HEIC for Windows

John Waller demonstrated a new tool in Adobe Photoshop, the Object Selection Tool, useful for quickly selecting part of an image for further manipulation. John then showed the results of his low light tests with varying speed and aperture settings and different lenses.

Kaye Raul used Aurora HD with .raw files to improve shadow detail in images taken at Waller Park.

NEXT MEETING: Sunday, October 11th, 2020@ 2:00 pm
The topic is Images Dominated by a Single Color. The meeting will take place via Zoom
A Zoom invitation will be e-mailed to Photo Group members shortly before the meeting.
The meeting schedule for the remainder of 2020 is as follows
   November 8th
   December 13th

Ralph Sutter