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Windows 10 2004 and Photo Viewing.
« on: July 26, 2020, 03:13:16 PM »
Just yesterday, my HP Omen Windows 10 2004 received its latest update. It went along OK and wasn't all that long to install. Upon completion of the installation, the screen offered a look at a few of the now current features. Photo viewing and the Magnifier were highlighted, so, I went along for the ride and checked it out. I am not certain as to what the magnifier and viewing offered before yesterday, but I am very much impressed with the newly installed capabilities.

I have been posting a lot of scanned color slides on Facebook that were taken as far back as the late thirties, when Kodak's color film had an ASA setting of 10, and which produced very sharp images. Later, Kodachrome 25 was the basic standard, which also produced very sharp color images. This was especially useful for scenery shots and panoramic stitches. 

Once the photos and dialog are posted on Facebook, they can be both viewed and downloaded, if desired. Downloads can be viewed on one's own viewer(s) and scrutinized for close-in details. However, with today's Windows 10 2004 capabilities, it isn't necessary to download the photographs to extensively view them in large screen and very close-in detail.

In Facebook,  Left mouse-click the image and you will get a partial enlargement. Then, right mouse-click, and select "view image". If desired, left mouse-click for the enlargement of the entire photo. This size of the photo file will determine how large this display will be. Now, the screen reveals only part of the image, but the bars along the side and bottom of the window can move right and left, up and down, to display the various sections of the large photo.  Both a "+" and "-" sign will change the display from full screen to enlarged. You can change back and forth, as needed. 

Then, to scrutinize the details at an even higher resolution, depress the Windows 10 Logo Key and the "+" key, and one of the three magnifier options will appear on your screen. In the case of the Lens option, a window will appear that can be moved around the image by mouse to view its image enlarged by 2 to 5 times. You can preset the dimensions of the lens window in Magnifier Settings. You can choose between lens, docked and full screen in Settings.  To exit the magnifier, depress the Windows 10 Logo key and the Escape key, and it disappears. Nifty. 

These capabilities make it possible to fully view large, high resolution photographs without having to download them.

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