Author Topic: FREE 2017 APCUG SUMMER VIRTUAL TECHNOLOGY CONFERENCE Aug 19 at 10:00 AM  (Read 1285 times)

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Hello All,

Our parent organization, APCUG, will hold another webinar on August 19th beginning at 10:00 Pacific Time
Register for this free event at
The two track event features the following topics

10:00 AM PT - Pi-hole by Don Arrowsmith
Pi-hole is a LAN-wide ad blocker that runs on a Raspberry-pi. If you're sick of ads all over the web pages you look at, tired of auto-starting audio and video ads, and disgusted at pop-up and pop-under ads every time you click a link, then you need a Pi-hole. It will eliminate all of those annoyances from every device on your LAN without having to make any configuration changes to those devices. The software is free and runs on a Raspberry Pi, a small, inexpensive system about the size of a deck of cards. If you have been wanting to learn more about hardware like this, it'll also be an educational tool. Don will run through the entire process of getting the software and hardware, installing everything, integrating it into your network, and maintaining it.

11:00 AM PT - Home Automation Security by Bill James
Are your worried about home automation devices listening in on your conversations? Wonder if your devices can be hacked and don’t know how to keep them from being hacked? Many smarthome devices are designed to be easy to use but don’t come with a ton of security features – what should you do? Bill will answer these questions and more in this presentation, maybe making it a little bit easier to take the first step to automate your home and get a better price for it when you sell.

Noon PT - Finding Tech Information on by Kathy Jacobs
Medium is a large site for writers and readers. The platform is built to make it easy to share stories about almost anything. This presentation will introduce you to the basics of Medium's interfaces (app and website) via the introduction to some of the best tech publications on the site. You will also learn:
How to search for publications, articles, and writers on topics of interest to your club
Navigating the 3 basic kinds of articles in the Medium universe: Stories, responses, and series
Tagging on Medium
Writing responses that will get read
Connecting with authors and publication editors

10:00 AM PT - GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) - Why You Shouldn’t Get Lost! By Bill Hobbs
This presentation includes information about GPS and other systems. He goes over GLONASS, Galileo, etc., history, signals, accuracy, and errors involved in the global navigation systems. In addition, he will demonstrate how to calculate location and time using a very simplified system.

11:00 AM PT - Chromebooks are for Seniors by Ron Brown
Are you looking for a computer that isn’t complicated to use? How about one you can’t ruin by making a mistake from the keyboard? No maintenance, malware, trojans, and viruses, no subscription cost and it’s always up-to-date with web technology? The Chromebook is for you!

Noon PT - Ideas for Revitalizing Your Computer Club by Judy Taylour
Is your group suffering from?
Officer / leader burnout
One, two, or three officers are in charge of everything
They have done everything for years
Lack of volunteers
Reduced membership
Same person / people always give presentations
Presentations don’t meet members’ needs
Newsletter editor retired – no one wants to learn a desktop publishing program
Webmaster moved away – no one knows how the website works
This presentation offers ideas you might want to try to revitalize your group.

Ralph Sutter