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Hello All,

I wrote the following tutorial explaining how one can change the order in which the outstanding freeware image editor, Irfanview, displays images

Irfanview is a powerful free image viewer and much more.

I use it as my default program to open image files.

With Irfanview as my default image viewer, when I click on an image, for example a .jpg file, Irfanview opens the file.

If I want to see the file full screen, I press the Enter key.  The image now covers the entire screen

To display the next image in a file, I press the Right Arrow key.  To go back, I press the Left Arrow key.

To exit full screen display, I press the ESC key

To configure the order in which Irfanview displays images, go to the File Tab of Irfanview and click on Thumbnails

This will open the Irfanview Thumbnails window

In the Irfanview Thumbnails window, click on Options then Sort Thumbnails

This will present the following options
Sort by
   EXIF Date (date taken)
   File Size
   File Extension
   Image Width
   Image Height
   Image DPI
   Image Megapixels
   No Sort
Choose the desired option and then hide or close Irfanview Thumbnails

When you return to Irfanview (not Irfanview Thumbnails) and press the Right or Left arrow key, the next image will appear according to the sorting choice you made in Irfanview Thumbnails

Ralph Sutter

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