Author Topic: Kreg Accu Cut Track Saw Modification for Skil 77 Worm Drive Circular Saw  (Read 47 times)

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Hello All,
This off topic post shows how I adapted a Kreg Accu Cut Circular Saw Track Guide so that I could use it with a Skil 77 worm drive circular saw.
The track guide comes with a base plate that attaches to the circular saw allowing the saw to run along an aluminum track for accurate cutting across 4x8 sheets of plywood.
The design is an improvement over simply clamping a straight edge to a sheet of plywood and using the straight edge to guide the cut.
The aluminum track with its moveable indexing line allows for accurate, repeatable cuts without guesswork.
However, when I tried to mount my Skill 77 circular saw on the Kreg Accu Cut Sled, I discovered that I couldn't.  There was no position in which the adjustable hold-down
ears on the sled could clamp on the sole plate of the saw.  The saw depth mechanism got in the way so that I couldn't secure the left hand ear to the sole plate.

I solved the problem by fashioning an extension to that ear.  It was made from 1/4" thick aluminum.  I drilled a 9/32" hole on one end of the adapter allowing it to attach to the original
ear with a 1/4" x20 bolt.  The hole was deliberately oversized and not threaded so that it could pivot freely.  On the other end of the adapter, I drilled a 3/16" hole and tapped it to 1/4"x20.
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