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SLO Bytes Photo Group Notes for 01/12/20
« on: January 13, 2020, 01:55:33 PM »
Hello All,
Here are my Notes for the SLO Bytes Photo Group session of 01/12/20

TOPIC: Photo Editing Software; Please share images that you modified using your favorite image manipulation software.

Ralph Sutter opened the meeting, calling the group's attention to several recent posts on the Links Page of the group's web site. See
   Screen Capture Tutorial; Luminar 4 Sky Replacement;
   on YouTube at
   Skylum Luminar as an Adobe Photoshop Elements Plug-in;
   Luminar 4 Update Available; Open Luminar 4, Click on Help/Check for Updates;

Ralph then showed images that he had manipulated using the Sky Replacement feature of Luminar 4.

Alan Raul distributed a list of the software that he uses to alter images;
See his list here Alan demonstrated several of the possibilities that the programs make possible.

Kaye Raul improved some already crisp images using color adjustments available in Luminar.

Linda Styerwalt likewise explored how she could improve photos with that software.

John Waller moved beyond Skylum Luminar, using advanced techniques in Adobe Photoshop.

Here are the revised tentative dates for the meetings of this group in 2020 The next three meetings have been moved back one week due to intervening schedules/holidays
   February 16th
   March 15th
   April 19th
   May 17th
   June 14th
   July 12th
   August 9th
   September 13th
   October 11th
   November 8th
   December 13th

Ralph Sutter
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