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SLO Bytes Newsletter - November 2009 - PUSH Article Descriptions

1965 Has Finally Arrived written by Bruce Preston, president, West Mountain Systems, Inc., long-term board member of DACS who also conducted the RAM sessions at the general meeting as well as chaired the MS Access SIG (approx. 798 words) Windows Live Messenger v Skype - Bruce lets us know how to start using Skype. Something that someone in each group needs to know in order to have a Gene Barlow Webinar.

A Little Computer Quiz by Stuart Rabinowitz, Editor-in-Chief, Hartford User Group Exchange, Connecticut (Approx. 690 words). A couple of interesting quiz' you can give your members for a change-up at your meetings. You can get others from their newsletter at - quiz one month - answers the next.

Dufferdom, Tales from the Kingdom of the Ordinary User, of Kicks and Kudos by David D. Uffer, a member of the Chicago Computer Society (approx. 1,256 words). OmniScan and more….

Genealogy Online - Using the Internet's Tools to "Dig Up" Your Family Tree by Terrri Neary, a member of the ICON PCUG, New York (Approx. 1,543 words). Everyone has their own ideas about how computers and the Internet can help them the most. For Terri, it is her genealogy project. She lets us know about some of her favorite sites for looking up family information.

Hard Drives, Connectors, Performance and You / Performance Drives May Be Worth the Price by Ira Brickman, President, ICON PCUG, New York (Approx. 1,155 words). You buy a new computer and you're pleased that it is faster than your old one. But did you know that with the right new hard drive, your computer can be noticeably faster?

Jim's Computer Tips compiled by Jim Paton, a member of the Perth PCUG, Australia (Approx, 1,595 words). Interesting tips for your members. Use them as filler, as needed.

Power to the Pixels! by Dave Christenson, the Digital photo guru and member of the Fox Valley PC Association, Illinois (Approx. 654 words). Dave suspects that everyone who reads this article has at least one digital camera. What criteria did you use when buying it? Size, features, cuteness, need, impulse? Some or all of these? Price and pixels were probably at the top of the list. Read on for information about pixels, light, noise, and more.

Privacy and Google Voice by Michael Gemignani, a member of HAL-PC, Texas (approx. 976 words). Basically, if you choose to use all of the capabilities of Google Voice, Google can obtain a complete record of all of your phone calls, not merely who called you or whom you called, but a recording of each and every one of those calls. Is Google seriously infringing on your "privacy?"

Stealth Spyware: The New Spyware Threat by Kristofer Simon, a member of the Fox Valley PC Association, Illinois (approx. 962 words). For most of us, the word spyware is not an unfamiliar term anymore. Stealth spyware installs on your machine without you even knowing about it. Kristofer describes his experience with a piece of this spyware and what he had to do to get rid of it so that, hopefully, none of the readers have the same experience.

The Egg & You: These "eggs" are subversive and fun! by Charles W. Evans, Reviews Editor, HAL-PC, Texas (approx. 329 words). Did you ever marvel at the engineering of an egg? What else makes an egg so fascinating, you ask? Enjoy these web sites, from real eggs to man-made eggs, including the "care and feeding" of eggs!

The Technology Revolution(s) Go On - a Look Back and Ahead at Trends by John White, a member of the ICON PCUG, New York (approx. 901 words). On=premise storage, off-premise storage and more.

Windows 7 is Here!, Parts 1, 2 and 3 by Robert Nisbet, a member of the Asbury Computer Club, MD (approx. 318, 510 and 1,291 words). Part 1 answers several basic questions about Windows 7. Part 2 is about getting it, upgrading, etc.   Part 3 covers some of the new features.

These articles have been provided to APCUG by the author solely for publication by APCUG member groups. All other uses require the permission of the author (see e-mail address above).

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