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PUSH Articles - October 2021

3 for a Quarter Tips & Tricks, Debra Carlson (Approx. 652 words). Refurb, Google Privacy, and Zooming with a Mouse.

Ashampoo® PDF Pro 2, Jasmine Blue D'Katz (Approx. 401 words). Adobe Acrobat, OCR programs like ReadIRIS and ABBY FineReader PDF have been replaced with PDF Pro 2. You can easily create fillable forms with a few clicks, and it also has an OCR engine that converts scanned characters into the computer-editable text.

Audio, Music, & Bluetooth, Phil Sorrentino (Approx. 1129 words). Bluetooth is a wireless network supported by many common devices - smartphones, tablets, laptop computers, certain speakers and headphones, newer cars….. Learn about how it works, is used in newer cars, and more.

Backup Using Windows 10 - Protect your Data (and System), Phil Sorrentino (Approx. 1086 words). As many of us have learned from hearing some sad stories, data backup needs to be an integral part of using our computers. As such, you would think the OS developer would have included Backup as part of the OS; well, fortunately, Microsoft did.

Did you bring it with you? - The cloud is always with you, Phil Sorrentino (1012 words). There is just so much room on your phone for pictures, videos, music, and such. So, what if someone asks about that video of your grandchild or pet or that list of current movies that you keep up to date? Enter the cloud if they aren't with you at home.

Evolution of Computer Programming, Dick Maybach (Approx. 1895 words). The first computers were mechanical or a combination of mechanical and electrical components and typically performed only one task. This article covers have computers have evolved.

Helpful Memory Bytes, Jim Cerny (Approx. 735 words). Let's review and explore what we need to know about basic computer storage (bits and bytes) and how it helps us get an idea of the data space needed to save and backup our stuff.

Home Automation Today - Not quite like X-10, Phil Sorrentino (Approx. 1008 words). HA refers to automating the control of certain house activities, like lighting, temperature, entertainment, and even appliances. It typically connects the controlled devices to a central hub equaling a smart home. (Right now, mine is on strike/JT).

Hoopla - Fran Ollie, Phil Sorrentino (Approx. 1032 words). No, that was Kookla, Fran & Ollie. Hoopla is a new free movie streaming service offered by many county library systems. Learn all about it in this article.

Interesting Internet Finds, Steve Costello -July (Approx. 464 words)

Interesting Internet Finds, Steve Costello -May (Approx. 436 words

Interesting Internet Finds, Steve Costello -April (Approx. 499 words)

Interesting Internet Finds, Steve Costello -August (Approx. 399 words)

Interesting Internet Finds, Steve Costello -June (Approx. 421 words)

Interesting Internet Finds, Steve Costello - September (Approx. 444 words)

Keyboard - Refresher Quiz, Jim Cerny (Approx. 250 words). At one of your meetings, see how much your members know about what their keyboard does.

Locate files and folders instantly! Jasmine Blue D'Katz (Approx. 283 words). Everything is an app that works better than Windows search.

Lots of Pictures - File Explorer to the Rescue, Phil Sorrentino (Approx. 1091 words). Everyone these days has a phone, and every phone these days has two cameras, so everyone, these days, has lots of pictures. The phone is a great way to show your photos since it is always with you. Enter File Explorer to help you organize your photos.

Magic Sleeve, Jasmine Blue D'Katz (Approx. 313 words). A great laptop desk.

Notes, Dick Maybach (Approx. 1194 words). Almost every day Dick makes, edits, and refers to those notes: instructions for complex procedures - configuring operating systems and editing photos, lists - repair parts, frequent user IDs, groceries, and drafts for articles such as this one. Dick would like us to consider using Microsoft's OneNote.

Open-source Software, Dick Maybach (1416 words). The defining characteristic of open-source software is that its source code is public and it's free. This article has screenshots to illustrate the variety of open-source software.

Our new "Ring" Doorbell, Jim Cerny (Approx. 690 words). Technology is everywhere and finding places in our lives, even in the simplest activities. Join Jim on his doorbell journey.

Storing numbers in Number Bases other than Base-10, Joel Ewing (Approx. 2459 words. The number representation everyone is taught in grade school is the decimal notation, using the 10 digits 0 through 9, where the value represented by the digit is multiplied by a power of 10 based on its position relative to the decimal point. On most computers today, the most commonly used internal representation for numbers that are used in calculations is based on binary or base-2.

Tips for not getting scammed, Dan Douglas (Approx. 707 words). Phone calls - PC Messages -and Email.

Tricky Spam Emails, Jim Cerny (Approx. 574 words). You probably are all aware by now of those awful spam emails that come to you in your inbox. But recently, I had a very sneaky and tricky spam email that appeared to come from a friend and Jim wants you to know about it so you can be very careful.

Unfriendly Technology, Jim Cerny (Approx. 617 words). I suppose, overall, the advance in technology has given all the world many wonderful benefits. Instant email, global positioning systems, voice recognition, practically free storage of photos, and more. But I have many "Why did they do it THAT way??" rants.

Uninterruptible Power Supplies, Dick Maybach (Approx. 1835 words). A UPS is a box that plugs into a power outlet on a wall into which you plug in your computer and its key peripherals. Read this article and learn about UPS'.

What is a VPN, and Do I Need One? Joel Ewing (Approx. 1028 words). VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. When your computer or mobile device uses a connection to a VPN service, your device behaves as if it were connected to the Internet at the remote VPN service location….

Windows 11, Joel Ewing (Approx. 737 words). The launch date is October 5 and that means new PCs created after that date will probably come with Windows 11 installed. This is still confusing at this point but….

Windows Free Paint App - Overview, Jim Cerny (Approx. 592 words). If you don't have Paint on your computer, you can download it from the MS store. Use it to open almost any image and play with it.

Rosie, the Wyze Robot Vacuum, Jasmine Blue D'Katz (Approx. 581 words). It compares to the Roomba models but is less expensive and uses a new to-notch laser system to map an efficient cleaning route, unlike other models that use the bump and turn technique.

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