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PUSH Articles - October 2021-2

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3D Printing Jeff Wilkinson (Approx. 513 words). Recent articles extolled the advantages of 3D printed houses, so I thought it might be time to take a look at what all the fuss is about. Join Jeff on his adventure with 3D printers.

Accuvoice V100 "Mini" TV Speaker George Harding (Approx. 368 words). This speaker is an addition to your TV, smart or otherwise. It is smaller than the soundbars he has seen in retail stores, and it fits nicely below my TV, beside my Dish controller.

Advantages of New Wi-Fi Standards Joe Callison (Approx. 780 words). Wi-Fi technology and the routers and adapters using it have advanced a lot in recent years. It is difficult to explain the nuances of Wi-Fi technology without getting geeky, so bear with Joe as he attempts to explain some of the terminologies as simply as he can.

Amazon Smart Devices Share Your Internet Connection with Your Neighbors Kurt Jefferson (Approx. 610 words). Kurt knows several people who refuse to buy a smart speaker because they fear it will "listen in" on their supper-table discussions, their side of a phone conversation, and even their interactions with their family pets.

Bitcoin - The New Gold? David Kretchmar (Approx. 995 words). In March 2021, the total market value of Bitcoin exceeded one trillion dollars for the first time. In addition, each individual bitcoin recently touched a value of over $60,00 before falling back. To put the gold/bitcoin comparison in perspective, the total market value of gold in the world is about 10 trillion dollars, ten times the total market value of Bitcoin.

"ComfoBuds Pro" True Wireless Headphones George Harding (Approx. 528 words). These are really nice earbuds, somewhat better than others George has tested. They are nicely designed and have an appealing appearance.

Creating and Using Macros in MS Word 365 Tom Burt (Approx. 1036 words). Macros are a little-used but powerful feature of all the MS Office programs. A macro is a piece of program code that can be executed whenever you want to operate on a section of a document to perform a defined sequence of changes such as formatting or editing.

Cutting the Paper Tom Burt's Personal Features Page (Approx. 1079 words). In Sun City Summerlin (Las Vegas), the local paper is the Las Vegas Review Journal. When he and his wife moved to LV about 21 years ago, the "RJ" was a substantial paper with lots of news, features, and editorial content. We had a 7-days a week subscription, and the morning read was a regular part of their day.

Do you Pay for a Product? If Not, YOU are the Product David Kretchmar (Approx. 669 words). Maybe not always, but hopefully, we know there is no such thing as a free lunch by this point in our lives. Advertising is something we have come to accept or at least ignore for most of our lives. However, the Internet takes advertising to a new, more personal level.

Does Amazon Have Too Much Power (Opinion) David Kretchmer (Approx. 791 words). David has been an Amazon Prime member for a couple of years and, like many people, has regularly made small and large purchases through Amazon. I enjoyed the fast, often two-day "free" shipping for a time with time, although more recently, this turned into two-week shopping on my sandals from Zappos (an Amazon subsidiary).

Helping Seniors Learn Computer Skills Mark Presky (Approx. 431 words). You undoubtedly know someone who is struggling without computer skills - most likely an elderly parent, an aunt or uncle, grandparent, or friend. What's a desktop? Go to the XXX website (what's a website)….

High-Speed Internet Service - What's New? Tom Burt (Approx. 1150 words). More and more households are abandoning their cable and satellite TV providers in favor of streaming TV services such as Netflix, Hulu, Apple TV, YouTube TV, and others.

How Do I Know When It's Time to Buy a New Wi-Fi Router? Kurt Jefferson (Approx. 53 words). Shortly before Halloween last year, I noticed my Internet connection was getting slower and slower. So, first, I would visit to check the latest newsletter. Then I would visit The Animal Rescue Site to give free food to shelter pets. But unfortunately, molasses pours faster out of the bottle than my Internet service.

Linux as an Alternative Operating System Joe Callison (Approx. 385 words). Computer hobbyists looking for a free or low-cost alternative to Microsoft Windows or Apple macOS operating systems have turned to Linux for decades.

Mac Computers: A Love-Hate Relationship Joe Callison (Approx. 651 words). Full disclosure, I do not own or regularly use a Mac computer. However, I have provided technical support and upgrade services for several clients with MacBook Pro, iMac, or iPad devices over the years and have virtual macOS systems running on my Windows computers to help increase my knowledge and skills to support them.

PD40R V2 Variable Intensity Flashlight by Fenix George Harding (Approx. 170 words). This is a very useful tool, especially for those who work outdoors, such as police, firefighters, utility workers.

Shopping for a new Television? Joe Callison (Approx. 826 words). Labor Day through New Year's Day is the best time to buy the current model year television before next year's models are introduced at the Consumer Electronics Show in early January and are available to consumers by spring or summer.

Short History of the Smartphone Kurt Jefferson (Approx. 843 words). Back when I was a young child, I kept a dime in my pocket just in case. Of course, I hoped I never had to use it, but I was prepared. That dime was meant for an occasion where I needed to phone someone for help…in an emergency.

Solid State Drives - What's New Tom Burt (Approx. 1090 words). SSDs have been around for quite a while. However, prices have come down while capacities and performance have gone up. As a result, adding an SSD to an existing system has gone from being a luxury to a practical way to significantly increase the performance of a desktop or laptop.

Taking Technology Too Personally Greg Skalka (Approx. 1402 words). When I was growing up, there seemed to be more universal and unifying experiences in our lives related to technology. Today, we had much less tech, but it served us well and was more common in its applications and experiences.

Tech in Unexpected Places Greg Skalka (Approx. 1552 words). We all know that technology is almost everywhere and plays a significant role in our lives. However, because most of us use the Internet, the media, and social networks, we expect specific tech in certain places.

The Technology of Resiliency (or, The Resiliency of Technology) Greg Skalka (Approx. 1481 words). Things are tough all over. Each of us is subjected to difficult conditions throughout our lives. How well we withstand or recover from these difficulties indicates our resiliency. Change seems to be the only constant, with far too many changes detrimental in nature.

Understanding Internet Speed Joe Callison (Approx. 902 words). How fast is my internet connection? Am I getting what I am paying for? These are typical concerns for consumers, especially if they think their internet connection is too slow.

What are the size limits for sending attachments through the largest email provides? Kurt Jefferson (Approx. 306 words). Most email users know there is a limit to how big an attachment you can send. Say you need to send a photo to a friend. The file size is important. You cannot send a huge photo the size of a billboard through email. It is just too large.


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