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PUSH Security Articles - October 2021-1

Create a 2022 Calendar, John Krout (Approx. 675 words). Shopping might be tight, create 2022 calendars as gifts.

Complete Robocall Defense - Part 1, John Krout (Approx. 1615 words). Learn how to configure your smartphone so that only your Contacts will ring your phone, a Whitelist strategy.

Part 2 (Approx. 1304 words) - Learn about robocall systems responding to the Special Information Tones (SIT) that begin certain phone network messages, such as the number that has been disconnected.

Part 3 (Approx. 1977 words) - Learn how to record a complete greeting as your custom voicemail greeting, using your computer to play the combined greeting as your custom voicemail setting.

Describing the Quantity of Computer Storage, Joel Ewing (Approx. 1452 words). Computers can store data or information in several ways internally and on various media and storage devices. How we describe the capacity of this storage has evolved considerably over the last seven years, which explains some of the inconsistencies found in usage.

First look at GNOME 40 Desktop, Cal Esneault (Approx. 368 words). The GNOME 3.x desktop has been a favorite for many Linux distributions. Recently, the GNOME Project updated its toolkit series from the GTK 3.x family to the new GTK 4.x series.

Internet Radio on the Road, John Krout (Approx. 2295 words). This article explains how you can use your smartphone to listen to interesting music in the styles of your choice on Internet radio stations.

Most Common Issues that Need Repair from a PC/Mac Repair Shop Perspective,
Dan Doulas (Approx. 371 words). Failing or failed HD, Web Scammer Messages, Poor Performance, and more.

Nemo (File Manager for Linux Mint),
Cal Esneault (Approx. 273 words). Mint is a Linux distribution based on Ubuntu. The Mint team typically customizes key utility applications to support its goal of stability and user-friendliness.

Nuances in iTunes for Windows, Part 1, John Krout (Approx. 1100 words). This article explains the iTunes technique for deauthorizing all computers using his iTunes account.

Part 2 (Approx. 708 words). Explains how to set up a new credit card in iTunes and the nuance involved when your sole existing credit card is expired and no longer in use.

Part 3 (Approx. 818 words). You will learn how to configure iTunes so that you can convert any song purchased and downloaded using iTunes from the Apple M4A format to the widely used MP3 format.

Offline Maps for Portable Devices, John Krout,
Part 1 (Approx. 1772 words). This article examines various map apps regarding how the apps obtain and use offline maps and explains how to get and use offline maps suitable for some Hybrid apps, which can use both online and offline maps.

Part 2,
(Approx. 1230 words). This article explains the configuration and use of offline maps with the Locus Map app for Android devices, an example of a Hybrid map app.

Part 3 (Approx. 1230 words). This article presents an example of an Online+ app, Google Maps, which allows limited use of offline maps saved by the app itself, and an example of an Offline-only app, These two map apps are available for both Android and portable iOS devices.

Personal Audio Support in Live Meetings / Your portable device and earbuds (or headphones) can help you hear, John Krout (Approx. 1239 words). During a group effort to upgrade the audio-visual tech in the once-and-future classroom meeting space for the Potomac Area Technology and Computer Society, the president casually mentioned that some audience members might need extra help hearing instructors and other speakers at meetings. So John decided to look into it.

Posters with Canva,
Caden, and Nathan King (Approx. 843 words). Nowadays, many flyers and posters are created and shared online. Canva is an online program that allows you to create posters, flyers, videos, cards, and even social media posts and share them with other people in your community.

Quiz on File Extensions, Jim Cerny (Approx. 316 words). All Windows computers can work with many different types of files. Have your members take the quiz to make sure they know what the files can do.

Right-Click Your Mouse - Best Shortcut Ever!, Jim Cerny (Approx. 560 words). If you are not familiar with the power of RIGHT-clicking your mouse, you are in for a great Windows tip to help you in almost every place on your computer.

SHA256 Checksum for Windows 10, Cal Esneault (Approx. 450 words). A "checksum" is computed from the contents of a file using an algorithm that only considers the actual bytes in a file. The result of the operation is a checksum, also known as a "hash" code.

Taking Technology Too Personally, Greg Skalka (Approx. 1464 words). When Greg was growing up, there seemed to be more universal and unifying experiences in our lives related to technology. Today, we have much less tech, but it served us well and was more common in its applications and experiences.

Teck Tales Three, Greg Skala (Approx. 1757 words). Greg has had a few issues with his technology recently. While temporarily subdued, some problems may still be lurking in his future, and at least one is very unlikely to go away. He hopes that perhaps problems only come in threes, and he may get at least a brief respite. Greg takes us through 'fixing' his three problems.

Thoughts from a Clicker-June, Tiny Ruisch (Approx. 365 words). Tiny would like to take a minute to give Facebook a big thank you for giving him a subject for this article.

Watch a Zoom Meetings on your HDTV, Part 1, John Krout (Approx. 1181 words). John's eyes have been much worse than 20/20 for decades, and he gets a bit concerned about eye fatigue when he finds himself glued to Zoom on a computer screen for an hour or more. In general, there are two methods for connecting a tablet or smartphone to an HDTV.

Part 2 (Approx. 1676 words). This article explains how you can connect your tablet or smartphone to an HDTV so that you can see the Zoom teleconference on a big screen.


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