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PUSH National Cyber Security Awareness Month Articles - October 2015

October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month by Ira Wilsker (Approx. 1231 words). As you might know, Ira is a proponent of NCSAM but reminds us cyber security awareness should be practiced year round.

Is Windows 10 Spying on Us? by Sandy Berger, CompuKISS (Approx. 898 words). There has been considerable publicity about Windows 10 being used as a spying tool for Microsoft. Blogs and even some fairly reputable websites have jumped on this bandwagon. Sandy's article makes for interesting reading on this subject.

Keep Your PC Clean by Merle Nicholson, Tampa PCUG (Approx. 1229 words). Another one of the things we need to keep reminding our members about is how to keep their computers fully functionally - going further than just buying antivirus and doing backups. Really good reminders for our members. Meeting idea: Use the ideas in the article to show members how to clean their hard drives via Windows and then demo CCleaner.

Mac OS X Tip by Lee Maxwell, Brookdale Computer User Group (Approx. 719 words). Adware is becoming one of the most significant threats to users of computers, both Windows PCs and Macintoshes. Mac users will learn about Lee's recommendation for a program they should have on their computer. Windows users should use the same program but for their OS.

Malvertising by Dave Palmer, Tampa PCUG (Approx. 1484 words). Just as 'malware' is short for malicious software, 'malvertising' is short for malicious advertising. Like many services on the Internet, online advertising has become highly automated. And like nearly everywhere else on the Internet, cyber criminals have found ways to corrupt that automation to turn a profit.

Password Generation Hint by Jerry Goldstein, The PCUG of Connecticut (Approx. 534 words). Thanks to the lack of safety of those holding our passwords, we are often notified of user information and password theft occurring by those we provide our information to. Banks, stores, and other major corporations announce data thefts and loss regularly. As a result we need to be constantly on vigil and update our passwords regularly. Perhaps your members will want to embrace Jerry's password suggestions.

More security vulnerabilities disclosed for phones, carriers by Ira Wilsker (Approx. 1405 words). If you are like Ira, you carry your cell p hone everywhere, carrying on voice conversations, sending and receiving text messages, utilizing countless apps, and surfing the Web. Until recently, he gave very little heed to the security of these external communications as our smart devices are supposed to be somewhat secure. Maybe notů

Selected Nibblers by Jeannine Sloan, Twin Cities PC Group (taken from several of the TCPC newsletters) Approx. 597 words.

How to Set Windows 10 Privacy and Security Options by Sandy Berger, CompuKISS (Approx. 222 words). We've all heard how MS is getting all our info via Win 10. Sandy lets readers know how to customize their security and privacy settings.

What are Websites Doing with Your Personal Information? by Ira Wilsker (Approx. 1602 words). Banner ads and other forms of ads seem to appear coincidently for some of the items you have been searing for online. Have you noticed many of these ads are from the same retail sites you have been looking at? This article will let you in on some of the common methods of compiling and distributing this personal info and shopping preferences via "tracking cookies."

What is an Exploit Kit? by Dave Palmer, Tampa PCUG (Approx. 1233 words). You may have heard the term 'exploit kit.' Maybe not. The term has become more prominent over the last decade as Internet crime has become more sophisticated. You will learn about Exploit kit basics - Advantages of Exploit Kits and more in this article.

What is Medical Identity Theft? by Bob Rankin, Ask Bob Rankin (Approx. 701 words). Medical ID theft is on the rise! Your credit and bank account balance are not the only vulnerabilities that identity thieves are after - they are also want to be you re medical ID theft.

10 Ways to Protect Yourself from Identity Theft by Bob Rankin, Ask Bob Rankin. (Approx. 1282 words). A new study shows that identity fraud is increasing, affecting over 13 million U.S. consumers in the past two years. Big spikes were noted in "new account fraud" and 'account takeover fraud' - two of the most damaging types of ID theft. ID theft is one of the most traumatic non-violent crimes to which one can fall victim. We need to keep educating our members on how to protect themselves and this articles has 10 suggestions on how to do that.

Security bug could threaten 950 million Android devices Ira Wilsker (Approx. 1385 words). In recent weeks, at least two potentially frightening new vulnerabilities have been discovered that could threaten an estimated 95% of the one billion devices running the Android operation system. As usual, Ira keeps us up-to-date with security issues.

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