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SLO Bytes Newsletter - October 2008 - PUSH Article Descriptions

Anti-Virus Virus by Sandy Berger, CompuKISS (Approx. 569 words). Sandy hates writing about computer viruses since it always reminds her of how many unscrupulous, money-hungry people there are in the world. She lets us know about a very bad group of viruses that are out and about right now.

Broadsides by Ron Broadhurst, a member of the Space Coast PC Users Group, Florida (Approx. 635 words). Ron provides us with ideas compiled from years of accumulations from various magazines, books, on-line sites, and his own personal experience. He claims neither originality nor ownership to any of the contents. I found three new ones to me that I can share with my user group at our Member2Member session.

FastStone Capture, a review by Ron Hirsch, Boca Raton Computer Society Member & Contributing Editor, Florida (Approx. 870 words). If you don't use a screen capture program, this might be the program for you. I know that I couldn't get along without the one that I use (Solid Capture). I also use it every day and especially with the curriculum I put together for my classes.

Google's New "Chrome Browser" (Beta) Not Yet Ready for Prime Time by Ira Wilsker, APCUG Director; Columnist, The Examiner, Beaumont, TX; Radio & TV Show Host (Approx, 1,074 words). It's Google's 10th anniversary and in that time it has become the predominate player in the search industry, with a market share of about 2/3s. By design, Chrome may be a superior browser to IE, but in the few days that Ira used it prior to writing the article, he has to conclude that the current beta version is "…not yet ready for prime time."

Hacking 101 by Marjie Tucker, Editor, Macon Computer User Group, North Carolina (Approx. 1,356 words). We are being bombarded with warnings about securing our data and the entry to our computers. Do you ever wonder how a hacker can possibly get into your data? And, what he is looking for? Marjie helps answer those questions.

Hewie's Views and Reviews by Hewie Poplock, Windows SIG Chair, VP, Past Pres of The Central Florida Computer Society (Approx. 1,169 words). Hewie's article contains information about his iPhone choice, when a special isn't and really is -- or his Homer Simpson Moment, and new additions to his favorite websites.

Media Show 4 by Cyberlink, a review by Terry Oden, President, Macon Computer User Group, Georgia (Approx. 746 words). There may be hundreds of ways to gather, store, view, edit and show off your pictures and videos and Media Show 4 is one of the easiest. One of the things he likes best about Media Show is the ease of operations - there are only five buttons to control the whole program. He also presented the program at a recent meeting. The article is quite timely for me since a local user group whose newsletter I edit is having a Media Show 4 presentation on Thursday and I included the review in their newsletter.

Outlook & Xobni, a Good Match by Vinny La Bash, a member of the Sarasota PCUG, Florida (Approx. 576 words). Zobni is Inbox spelled backwards, but there is nothing backward about this free plug-in module from The more e-mail you receive, the more you will like and appreciate Xobni.

Shrinking Computing - Intel Plays in all the fields but…Size Matters! by Andy Marken, President, Marken Communications (Approx. 1,686 words). This year at the Intel Developers Forum, Craig Barrett, Intel's chairman, wanted everyone to know that the company was just flush with fresh ideas so he waved around and talked about an itty-bitty something you couldn't really see. Paul Otellini, Intel Prez, had to show off their huge silicon platters with a gazillion chips on it and to hear him talk you'd think that everything we use every day would be useless without his chips. Look around…he may be right.

The New, The Best and The Worst for September by Pim Borman, Webmaster, SW Indiana PC Users Group (Approx, 1,336 words). Could Cuil Cool Google?, Zinc Air batteries and Desktop Publishing with Scribus are Pim's topics this month.

TV Convertor Box Notes by Mike Morris, Editor, Front Range PC Users Group, Colorado (Approx. 962 words). Regarding video (and audio) hardware, Mike has to admit to being an Old Analog Guy (the acronym = OAG and is pronounced "ogre"). He has two old analog TVs and doesn't intend to buy a new HDTV until they both quit working. For the "Digital TV Transition" coming in February 2009, a TV converter box is the solution for him; especially now that he has discount coupons.

Ubuntu & Linux Software by Brian K. Lewis, PhD, a member of the Sarasota PCUG, Florida (Approx. 1,745 words). You don't need to upgrade your WIN98 or XP computers to run Vista, you can install Ubuntu instead, included the OpenOffice software and many other add-ons.

YouTube for Posterity by Mike Moore, Editor, Bowling Green Computer Users Group, Kentucky (Approx. 1,186 words). The video sharing websites, such as Google Video and YouTube, are either great resources or the world's biggest time-wasters, depending on your viewpoint. YouTube, for example, allows users to view and share video clips with ease, and anyone can upload a video clip on this site without cost, making it a kind of "America's Funniest Videos" on the Internet.

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