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SLO Bytes Newsletter - September 2008 - PUSH Article Descriptions

Cloud Compuitng - the Future of Personal Computing?, Brian K. Lewis, PhD, Sarasota PCUG, Florida (approx, 1,499 words). You may not have heard of it, but "Cloud Computing" is the latest buzz-word in computing circles.

Concepts and Tools by Elizabeth B. Wright, Computer Club of OK City (approx. 1,059 words). One day in the near future, there will be no computer "beginners' at the adult level. The children born into the world as it is today are exposed to computers from conception. But while there are still older adults who want computer knowledge, someone has to be available to instruct them.

Face Time in the 21st Century by Lou Vitale, Macon County Users Group, North Carolina (approx. 877 words. Person to person communication was pretty simple last century. Many important and amazing things happened without a single bit of digitized information. Lou tells us about a few ways that you can keep up-to-the-minute with your "friends" today.

Going Green by Jerry Grommes, Sandwich Computer Users Group, Illinois (approx. 451 words). During their June meeting, there was quite a discussion about whether to leave your computer on versus shutting it off when not in use. Jerry keeps his computer on 24/7 and shows how he dropped his power usage by changing a few settings. (Note from JT / The When to Turn Off Personal Computers info from the DOE goes along with this article).

IOGEAR Digital Scribe Review by Rebecca Feinstein, a technical writer and member of WINNERS (WINdows usERS), California (approx. 796 words). Rebecca was thrilled when she found out there was a digital scribe product offered at a 35% discount after a recent WINNERS meeting. If you have wondered if this is a product for you, be sure to read her review.

iPhone for Boomers by Sandy Berger (approx. 848 words). According to the data from the International Communications Union, the world now has more than 2 billion cell phone or mobile phone subscribers. While the 20- and 30-somethings are flocking to the iPhone as the latest status symbol, the 40-, 50- and 60-somethings are acquiring iPhones because there are no tiny buttons and no complex menu systems.

Moving on to Vista - Part 9, Neil Stahfest, Tacoma Area PC User Group, WA (approx. 705 words). Another installment in Neil's Vista saga.

Prepare for Hard Drive Recovery, Bob Hudak, Greater South Bay User Group, CA (approx. 755 words). When you lose control of your computer due to a virus or some sort of malware, or your OS becomes corrupted for one reason or another be ready to fix the problem and Bob shows us some steps we can take to do this.

Protect Yourself Against Identity Theft by Marjie Tucker, Editor, Macon Computer User Group, Georgia (approx. 838 words). Their group has had several programs and articles that mentioned ID theft, but she thought it might help to have one document with a checklist of symptoms and solutions for this horrific problem. Make certain that you are not a victim.

The New, the Best AND the Worst (July - August 2008), Pim Borman, SW Indiana PCUG (approx. 1,150 words). Pim takes a look at Picasa's web album and cloud computing.

Using CrossLoop to Troubleshoot and Control Remote Machines by Vinny LaBash, Sarasota PCUG, Florida (approx. 661 words). Third party Windows apps are rarely examined in his column, but CrossLoop is too good a utility to help you troubleshoot a computer for Vinny not write about it.

Elizabeth B. Wright - Wright599new(at)
Lou Vitale - Mug(at)
Jerry Grommes - Ggrommes(at)
Rebecca Feinstein - rebfein327(at)
Sandy Berger - sandy(at)
Neil Stahfest - ncstahfest(at)
Bob Hudak - uags(at)
Marjie Tucker - mcug(at)
Dick Carricato - d_carricato(at)
Mike Moore - ml.moore(at)
Pim Borman - swipcug(at)

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