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PUSH Articles - August 2018

Digital Camera Processing by Dick Maybach, Brookdale Computer UG (Approx. 1877 words). This is the 3rd article in Dick's series on digital cameras. This article covers the camera applying significant processing to correct defects in the image and enhance it.

Don't Buy Identity Theft Insurance by David Kretchmar, Sun City Summerlin Computer Club (845 words). First Equifax fails to secure many millions of individual data files and now that they have been proven to be untrustworthy, they want to charge a monthly fee to assure you your data has not been comprised. I would just say NO!

Graphical Disk Usage Analyzers by Cal Esneault, Cajun Clickers Computer Club (Approx. 331 words). If you use a Linux distribution based on GNOME, included software should have a program called Disk Usage Analyzer which gives a menu-driven, graphical representation of file usage on any disk drive.

How to remove GPS and other Data from Photos on Your iPhone or iPad by Bill Crowe, Sarasota Technology User Group (Approx. 519 words). The general term for data saved with your picture is Exchangeable Image Format, also known as EXIF. It's a set of data that's attached to every image you take.

Interesting Internet Finds - July by Steve Costello. (447 words)

Interesting Internet Finds - August by Steve Costello. (503 words)

LibreOffice - a Free Office Suite by Joel Ewing, Bella Vista Computer Club (Approx. 1660 words). Almost everyone today that is computer savvy has heard of, or is even a user of, one or more of the classic components of the MS Office Suite: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access. Although there are other computing products, the MS Office products are still the purchase choice for many businesses but, it's expensive. Enter LibreOffice, an alternate that is free.

Life without the Internet by Dan Douglas, Space Coast PCUG (Approx. 476 words). Have you wondered what life would be like without the Internet at our fingertips? Go with Dan as he takes us through that very situation.

Online Music Radio Stations by Len Nasman, Bristol Village Computer Club (Approx. 227 words). If you have a computer connected to the Internet there are thousands of radio stations to choose from. His article contains some examples.

Organize Your Pictures by Phil Sorrentino (Approx. 1029 words). How to organize your pictures has been a question since we have had pictures to organize. Before computers, the choices were: put them in an album, or leave them in the packet they came in, or maybe just put them into an old shoe box with all the other pictures. I'm sure many of you have looked through a shoe box of old photos; you might even have inherited a box or two. Many of the pictures in albums or shoe boxes were very precious because there were very few of them. You might want to try Phil's suggestions on how to organize your pics.

Photography: Make the most of your flash by David Stonier-Gibson, Melbourne PCUG (Approx. 401 words). Most cameras these days have a built-in flash. And we all know a flash is there just for those occasions when there's not enough light to take a good photo, right?

Problems with Cryptocurrencies by Joel Ewing, Bella Vista Computer Club (Approx. 1352 words). There has been much hype about cryptocurrencies in general and Bitcoin in particular. Enough so, that BVCC had a recent presentation on the topic, with one of the conclusions being that as an investment Bitcoin is highly speculative and should be limited to what one can afford to lose.

Security Tips for June by David Shulman, Westchester PCUG (Approx. 531 words). The June issue of Consumer Reports has a cover story entitled 'Protect Yourself from Scams' and a subhead containing the words "smishing, spoofing, and shimmers."

Software (Apps) Upgrades by Jim Cerny, Sarasota Technology UG (Approx. 496 words). Software - those programs and apps that you use every day - almost every one of them will require you to upgrade or download a newer version sooner or later.

Tech on Travel II - The Return of the Chromebook by Greg Skalka, Under the Computer Hood UG (Approx. 1611 words). We use a lot of technology in our everyday lives. When we travel away from home, we often want a lot of those tech devices to accompany us on our journeys - or do we.

Ubuntu 18.04 LTS by Cal Esneault, Cajun Clickers Computer Club (Approx. 466 words). Reviewed by Cal.

Using the iPhone or iPad Keyboard to Enter Text by Jim Cerny, Sarasota TUG (Approx. 802 words). There will be many times when you will want to enter text on your iPad or iPhone. You probably have already used your screen keyboard many times. Jim's article has some helpful things you may not know your keyboard can do.

What version of Windows do I have? by Rosita Herrick, Sarasota TUG (Approx. 263 words). To check the version of Windows 10 that runs on your computer, Rosita tells you how to find it.

Yes! I am a bit old school! by Joe Isaac, Central Kentucky Computer Society (Approx. 314 words). My daughter wanted to delete some old programs and get them off her computer, but she couldn't remember how. Windows 10 is a great program, but there have been many changes to where things are located.

Your Cloudy Computer by Frank Petrie, YMP Now (Approx. 730 words). Running out of hard drive space on your laptop or Mac? Frank's review covers a way to increase your capacity seamlessly.

Add Bookmarks to Your Document by Nancy DeMarte, Sarasota Technology User Group (Approx. 455 words). If you have composed a multi-page Word document, especially if it has a table of contents, you can make it easy to go to specific locations within the document by adding bookmarks. A bookmark is used to jump to a place in a document. It is a cousin to a hyperlink, which is most often used to go to a specific place on the Internet.

Block calls on your phones and other options by Bart Koslow, Channel Islands PCUG (Approx. 590 words). Whether cell phone or landline phone, we all receive many nuisance calls daily. It is a simple matter to block unwanted calls on most phones once you know how.

Care and feeding of a digital library - How did this occur? by Andy Toth, Channel Islands PCUG (Approx. 714 words). The Phonautograph was the first recoding device, invented in 1857. Twenty years later an idea for playback was presented. In 1877 the era of analog sound beganů..

Customizing Your Android Home Screen by Tom Burt, Sun City Summerlin Computer Club (Approx. 827 words). Tom was recently working on the handouts for his 'Android for Beginners' seminar and making quite a few screen shows on his Android phone. As he got to the material about Display Settings, he got to thinking about what options were available to customize his Home Screen. He uses an LG phone and the article details steps to customizing the Home Screen.

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