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PUSH Articles - June 2018

Apple iOS Has Great Secret Features by Bill Crowe (Approx. 1416 words). This month, Bill looks at some of iOS 11's hidden beneath the surface features: keyboard, extra symbols, Siri, control center, camera, live photos long exposure mode, screen control, QR code scanner, handwritten e-mails, new screen effects for Messages, and more.

Are you afraid of AI? by Jim Cerny (Approx. 724 words). AI means a computer or machine that can learn and be creative in applying that knowledge. This article is not really a lesson to be taught but a caution about our near future.

Basic iPad Skills by Jim Cerny (Approx. 652 words). The iPad is really a full computer that is easily portable and so helpful for many every-day tasks, communication, entertainment, etc. Having taught many iPad classes, Jim lists some of the basic skills every iPad user should know.

How I Became a Published Author by Nancy DeMarte (Approx. 941 words). An old adage says that we all have at least one book inside us. It might be our memoirs, a travelogue, a mystery novel, a biography, or one of dozens of genres. Nancy takes us through her journey of finding local storefront publishers (that didn't work) so she tried the Internet. She's paved the way for you to publish your book.

How to add new Faces and Names to Photos and How to Search for Things in iOS11 by Bill Crowe (Approx. 541 words). How do you add new faces to your library? It's still easy, although a little less obvious. Bill covers better faces, adding new faces , using the search feature and more.

Music in all rooms - from one source by Phil Sorrentino (Approx. 1140 words). There are audio systems that distribute music throughout the home. If you have a Wi-Fi network at home, with a few additions, you may already have the components to do what the very expensive Sonos system can do.

Navigation Tips for Windows 10 by Rosita Herrick (Approx. 432 words). Rosita's article covers several tips to navigate Win 10.

Remote Access to all your Data by - Phil Sorrentino (Approx. 1321 words). By now, most of us know about the 'Cloud Storage' services like Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, SugarSync, Evernote, Box, etc. All these services will give you a limited amount of free cloud storage. What is you could get remote access to all the data on your computer using only a free popular App; would you try it? Find out if this is for you…

Spring Creators Update for Windows by Rosita Herrick (Approx. 463 words). During her years of working with large mainframe computers, we used to have a saying: "Just as you get used to today, along comes tomorrow and everything changes. Well, a big change just came to Windows 10. This article features Timeline.

Taking Photos on your iPad and iPhone - the 'Camera' and 'Photos' Apps by Jim Cerny (Approx. 738 words). Your iPhone and iPad are great for taking photos and there are many fun options to play with.

Texting Anyone? by Phil Sorrentino (Approx. 1063 words). Texting is probably more popular than e-mail; they are similar but very different means of communicating. The notification of a text seems to be a lot stronger than just "you've got mail."

Thinking about a new Computer by Phil Sorrentino (Approx. 1079 words). If you have a computer with a hardware problem, or a computer that is so old that it just doesn't seem worth any more maintenance dollars, a new computer may be just what the doctor ordered. Phil writes about the things we should consider before spending our money.

To Update Your Apps by Jim Cerny (Approx. 697 words). Our computers, smart phones and tablets all run software called "apps" - or "applications." Every app, sooner or later, will need to be updated and are provided free.

Using the Virtual Desktop (Task View by Rosita Herrick (Approx. 558 words). Rosita believes the Task View option is an ignored productivity feature. Staying productive is often as much about staying organized as anything else…

Using Wi-Fi on your iPhone or iPad by Jim Cerny (Approx. 526 words). In this article, Jim explains the difference between a cellular phone network and Wi-Fi.

What is Office 365? Is it for you? by Nancy DeMarte (Approx. 953 words). I get a lot of questions about Office 365 because it's a unique concept in software acquisition; some users don't understand what it is or how it works.

Windows 10 Apps by Rosita Herrick (Approx. 471 words). Apps are usually distributed with the MS or can be downloaded from the MS store. Rosita tells us how to find apps as well as info about the Calculator app.

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