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SLO Bytes Newsletter - June 2008 - PUSH Article Descriptions

Booksmarks Page by Hank Pearson, Treasurer and Webmaster, ASCIi (Arizona Association for Computer Information, inc.) (approx. 1,032 words). Wouldn't it be nice if you could view a searchable webpage of bookmarks for your favorite websites? You can, but why? One reason to view your bookmarks as a webpage (as an alternate to looking in a menu) is to be able to find sites when you can't remember the first word in the name. It's easy enough to DIY (Do It Yourself). It's interesting, fun and educational.

Buying a Mouse - More Important Than You Might Think by Vinny La Bash, Member and Contributing Columnist, Sarasota PCUG, Florida (Approx. 717 words). The average computer user recognizes how important the mouse is to getting things done and selecting a mouse is much simpler than choosing an automobile, but there are things you should know before laying out money for a device that may cause you injury.

Computune-up by Berry F. Phillips, Member of the Computer Club of Oklahoma City (Approx. 862 words). Do you want your computer to run faster and increase your productivity? Of course - that's what we all want. Berry has several steps we can take to do just that.

Get Ready for XP and Vista Services Packs 925 by George Whitesell, a member of the Sarasota PCUG, Florida (Approx. 978 words) SP1 for Windows Vista and SP3 for XP have just been released. George recommends not being one of the first on your block to install either of the new service packs. Let others discover any problems with the installation of the final versions of the Service Packs!

Google Offers Free Medical Records Service by Ira Wilsker, APCUG Director; Columnist, The Examiner, Beaumont, TX; Radio and TV Show Host (Approx. 1,325 words). Google recently opened for free public access the beta version of its "Google Health" service at This service offers users access to a comprehensive user-created database where the user can selectively store medical records.

Home Financial Records by Richard Kennon, Editor, Amador CUG, CA (Approx. 1,678 words). Richard takes us through the steps of using an Excel spreadsheet to do the job of tracking our home financial records.

iPod Replacement by Sandy Berger, CompuKISS (Approx. 735 words). Too many technology stories are sad tales of aggravation and obsolescence. So Sandy tells us a story about her iPod with a happy ending.

Make Your Wireless Network Safe by Marjie Tucker, Editor, Mountain Computer User Group, (Approx. 665 words). Wireless networks are becoming more and more poplar, but they do add some additional security risks. You need to spend a little extra time to ensure that your data and your identity are secure.

Moving on to Vista - Part 7, by Neil Stahfest, Librarian, Tacoma Area PC User Group, Washington, (Approx. 679 words). Does your computer go to sleep? By default, Windows Vista was designed to go to sleep after an hour of inactivity. The feature is primarily designed to conserve laptop battery power. Find out how to control this energy/battery saving feature.

Hewie's Views and Reviews for May by Hewie Poplock, Vice President, Operations, Central Florida Computer Society (Approx. 1,129 words). Hewie tells us about his upgrade to Microsoft Vista SP1 and new additions to his Favorites.

Roxio Easy Media Creator Suite (v.10) Product Review by John Roy, President, The PC Users Group of Connecticut (Approx. 1,284 words). John has used this produce since it was originally distributed by Adaptec several years ago. Reviewing this product allowed him to explore and appreciate the many applications within this suite.

A "Stress-Free" PC by Jim McKnight, Director, Los Angeles Computer Society, CA (Approx. 1,716 words). As you know, there is no such thing as a totally "Stress-Free" PC, but there are many things you can do to reduce the stress and worry of owning one.

The Art of Keeping Cool, Part 2: Non-fan Computer Cooling by Jerry Goldstein, Vice President and Newsletter Editor, The PC Users Group of Connecticut (Approx. 756 words). Part 2 looks at alternative and leading edge ways to cool your computer. He also discusses how to keep your laptop from frying.

Why I like the Ubuntu Operating System by Phil Vogel, Director at Large, The Olympia Microcomputer User Group, Washington www.olymugorg (Approx. 831 words). Phil's interest in alternative operating systems started 20 years ago when he worked for the State of Maryland during a year of computer chaos. When he joined OMUG, he was delighted to find that there was a Linux SIG and has decided to use Ubuntu because a lot of people around the world contributed to its innovation, maintenance and security.


These articles have been provided to APCUG by the author solely for publication by APCUG member groups. All other uses require the permission of the author (see e-mail address above).

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