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PUSH Articles - May 2018

E-mail Basic Review by Jim Cerny, Sarasota TUG (Approx. 679 words). I am going to assume you already have an email address and are enjoying sending and receiving emails. But perhaps you are not aware of the fun and helpful options available in all email applications. Hopefully something in this article will push your curiosity button and encourage you to "ask google" for more information.

E-mail Strategy by Dick Maybach, Brookdale Computer Users Group (Approx. 1890 words). Too often, when we find ourselves in unfamiliar technological territory, we adopt the first solution that works and ignore any alternatives. This is a good approach for tasks that we seldom perform, but less optimal for those4 we do every day, such as accessing our e-mail. In this article, we'll step back from which keys we press and which icons we click to look at the e-mail forest.

How to Succeed in Technology by Greg Skalka, Under the Computer Hood UG (Approx. 2344 words). You may be able to succeed in some things without really trying but dealing with technology is not typically one of them. While our modern lives are awash in new tech, we must often struggle to cope with it. New innovations bring the potential for much good for our world and our individual lives, but they can also have unanticipated negative consequences for our planet, our society and ourselves.

Alexa… What can you do? by Phil Sorrentino, The Computer Club (Approx. 1123 words). If you have access to an Amazon Echo or Amazon Echo Dot, ask Alexa "What can you do?" Alexa will tell you "A lot. You can tell me to turn up the volume, play music, create a To Do list, or look up a topic on Wikipedia."

iPad Skills by Jim Cerny, Sarasota TUG (Approx. 652 words). The iPad by Apple is becoming more and more popular. It is a full computer that is easily portable and so helpful for many every-day tasks, communication, entertainment, etc.

Be Prepared by Ken Goodman, Central Kentucky Computer Society (Approx. 469 words). It's happened to many of us. We've made a mistake, hardware crashes or an update causes our PC to go south. You never know when it will happen, but it does.

Tools for Computer Users with Impaired Vision by Dick Maybach, Brookdale Computer Users' Group (Approx. 1205 words). All of us must deal with our physical limitations, especially as we age; 10% of all Americans report they suffer from decreased visual acuity.

Interesting Internet Finds - January by Steve Costello, Boca Raton Computer Society (Approx. 262 words).

Interesting Internet Finds - February by Steve Costello, Boca Raton Computer Society (Approx. 262 words); February (Approx. 329 words).

Interesting Internet Finds - March by Steve Costello, Boca Raton Computer Society (Approx. 262 words); March (Approx. 303 words).

Is it time to start a death data document? by Jerry Heaton, Central Kentucky Computer Society (Approx. 525 words). Do you have a death data document for your children or digital executor for when it's needed? Jerry's article has a lot of good information.

Mastering Line and Paragraph Spacing in Word by Nancy DeMarte, Sarasota TUG (Approx. 764 words). If you are a long time Word user, you probably have had at least one bad experience with setting the space between lines of text or paragraphs. Nancy's article shows us how the tools for managing spacing have increased and improved.

MuseScore: Music Composition Freeware by John Krout, Potomac Area Computer and Technology Computer Society (Approx. 1123 words). MuseScore is a freeware project hosted on SourceForge. It uses standard music notation; when I downloaded and installed it I had one use in mind - my new smartphone.

Nothing Bad Ever Happens by Greg Skalka, Under the Computer Hood UG (Approx. 1773 words). As far as technology goes, I've been lucky. I've had very few things fail in the nearly 40 years I've been playing with computers and other tech devices.

Mobile Highway - One Dongle to Rule Them and in the Darkness, Bind Them by Chris Woods, Under the Computer Hood UG (Approx. 440 words). When you get a wireless mouse, keyboard or any other of a myriad of wireless devices, what is common is that they all come with their own dongle. Lost the dongle and you might as well as kiss it goodbye.

OneDrive Files on Demand by Nancy DeMarte, Sarasota Technology UG (Approx. 649 words). The 1709 Creators update to Win10 included several changes. One of my favorites is "Files on Demand," a new process to make files stored on OneDrive, the Microsoft Cloud, available on your PC and other devices.

Power Strip Versus Surge Protector - Which Do You Need? by Tim Elder, Canton Alliance Massillon User Group (Approx. 781 words). These two devices are quite similar in appearance, but they are definitely not the same.

Quicken 2018 Review by Henry Winokur, Potomac Area Technology and Computer Society (Approx. 639 words). Having gone through a lot of issues with Quicken over the course of the last year, I thought I'd bring you my "report." The first thing you need to know is that Quicken is no longer owned by Intuit.

Satellite Antenna Disk Pointing by Gregg Bruch, Idaho Technology Users Group (Approx. 538 words). Dish antennae are used for signal reception from geo-stationery satellites located at fixed in the sky. The dishes typically are of one of two varieties, large and small. Dish pointing can be a daunting task since the satellites are not visible to the naked eye; steps need to be followed for pointing.

Securing Android by Dick Maybach, Brookdale Computer Users' Group (Approx. 1484 words). Your PC remains at home behind locked doors, accesses the Internet through a firewall, and has software updated regularly, but none of this is true of your Android device.

Should you leave your computer on 24 HOURS A DAY? by Joe Isaac, Central Kentucky Computer Society (Approx. 323 words). NO! Read Joe's article to find out why.

Simple Game of Solitaire? by David Kretchmar, Sun City Summerlin Computer Club (Approx. 830 words). I admit it: I play Microsoft Solitaire. Of course, it's the most widely-played computer game of all time. Sometimes I play for an hour or more at a time, usually while watching TV. Remember one thing when playing Solitaire on a computer, if you an do it, it's not cheating.

Syncing Android by Dick Maybach, Brookdale Computer Users' Group (Approx. 1910 words). Your Android-Powered smart phone is a very capable device, but it becomes even more useful and convenient when linked to your PC.

Take a Tour of the Office Galleries by Nancy DeMarte, Sarasota TUG (Approx. 617 words). Did you know that Microsoft Office 2016 contains dozens of galleries? The "Bit 3" Office applications - Word, Excel, or PowerPoint - have the most an are adding new ones all the time.

Taking Photos on your iPad and iPhone by Jim Cerny, Sarasota TUG (Approx. 769 words). Your iPhone and iPad are just great for taking photos. Both devices come with the camera app already installed and it is very easy to use.

TeamViewer by Joel Ewing, Bella Vista Computer Club (Approx. 1614 words). One way to get help with a computer problem or with a problem using a particular application on your computer is to physically take the computer to an expert or get an expert to make a house call. Enter TeamViewer to help you with your computer problems at home.

TouchLock (a review by George Harding, Tucson Computer Society (Approx. 306 words). Security is important for us all, but even more important when you must physically secure something.

WaveLink Wireless Doorbell (a review) by George Harding, Tucson Computer Society (Approx. 351 words). The motion detector senses motion and triggers the doorbell.

Working with Apps on Windows 10 by Rosita Herrick, Sarasota TUG (Approx. 722 words). Rosita is often asked how to start apps she talks about in her classes, this article covers the Magnifier, Sticky Notes, and the Snipping Tools + some keyboard shortcuts.Working with

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