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SLO Bytes Newsletter - May 2008 - PUSH Article Descriptions

Careful What You Ask For! (This article was divided between two monthly newsletters. You may edit it for one continuous article, if you wish) by Richard Kennon, Newsletter Editor, Amador Computer Users Group, California (approx. 1,318 words) Wow, Richard asked Santa for a 19" monitor and ended up with a 22" wide-screen. It was too bad that his old Dell didn't have a video card that supported the new monitor. If he was going to have to buy a new video card and motherboard, he might as well buy a new computer!

Internet Security: iFrame Attacks by Brian K. Lewis PhD, Member and Contributing Columnist, Sarasota PCUG, Florida (approx. 1,541 words). I'm sure that most of you reading the title of this article are asking "What is an iFrame?" Well, sit back, get comfortable and Brian will tell you about the latest method hackers are using to steal information from you.

Google Releases Updated Version of Google Earth by Ira Wilsker, APCUG Director; Columnist, The Examiner, Beaumont, Texas; Radio & TV Show Host (approx. 1,136 words). Since Ira first (and last) discussed Google Earth in his column, Google has been busy updating and improving the product, adding new features, and improving the graphics. Tell your Program Chair that this article can be used for a meeting (I think I said the same thing 2 years ago with his first article).

Moving on to Vista - Part 6 by Neil Stahfest, Librarian, Tacoma Area PC User Group, Washington (approx. 748 words). It's easy to lose track of time when you're playing computer games or cruising the Internet. As our computers have improved we tend to use higher screen resolutions to see more details, and unfortunately, that can cause eye strain. The solution is not to reduce screen resolution but to increase the size of the text. Windows Vista offers an easy way to do this.

Pinnacle PCTV HD Ultimate Stick Review by Bill James, APCUG Director; Editor & Webmaster, Computer Club of Oklahoma City (approx. 1,304 words). Some computer products just have a 'wow' factor on first sight; the Pinnacle PCTV HD Stick is one of those devices and after you read Bill James' review, you'll want to buy one. power supply of the computer.

Power Supply Tips by Dan Hanson, the Great Lakes Geek, Computers Assisting People, Ohio (approx. 662 words). We have all experienced the computer crashing seemingly for no reason. When it does, we blame Windows or a hardware problem or maybe a power surge or under voltage. All are possible culprits but one often overlooked possibility is the computer's power supply.

The World First Computer by Charlene Brown The mechanism has over 30 gears, the most amazing feature of which is the incorporation of a sophisticated system of differentials. Gearing of this complexity was not known to exist until 1575!"

Scotty, I Need More Power! By Alan Mildwurm, President, Diablo Valley PC Group, California (approx. 1,019 words). When my kids were young, I bought batteries by the bushel. All of their toys required some batteries. In those days, rechargeable batteries were garbage and most were nickel-cadmium and with a memory that made them useless after a few changes. I'm going through more batteries now with my toys than I ever did with the kids! Luckily, rechargeable battery technology has come a long way. The Art of Keeping Cool, Part 1: Computer Fans by Jerry Goldstein, Vice President & Newsletter Editor, The PC Users Group of Connecticut (approx. 1,001 words). With the cold weather you may not be thinking of the need to cool down but no matter how cold it gets outside your personal computer still needs to be cooled. Inadequately cooled computers suffer crashes and freeze-ups as the parts overheat.

The Big DTV Transition by Sister Dorothy Robinson, OSB, OMUG Newsletter Editor, The Olympia Microcomputer User Group, Washington (approx. 1,138 words). Computer users often speculate about how digital technology will affect us and our world. We are now entering the final stage of a rather large digital transition that of digital television signals. Didn't know this transition was going on? You're not alone.

Vista Service Pack 1 - What You Need to Know by Sandy Berger, CompuKISS (approx. 774 words). Microsoft recently released SP1 for Windows Vista. A Service Pack is a rollup of updates, fixes and enhancements and many techie advisors like to wait to install a new OS until the first SP is released because it means that the OS has matured and gotten all the original bugs out. Sandy has several recommendations re Vista's SP1.

Wireless Router Setup by Bob Elgines, Editor, Colorado River Computer Club, Arizona (approx. 866 words). This article is about changing the setup or configuration of your Wireless Router and PC for both XP and Vista.

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