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PUSH Articles - April 2017

Acronis True Image Backup by George Harding (Approx. 185 words) - Info about the True Image New Generation features.

All that Glitters is not Chrome by Greg Skalka (Approx. 1675 words) - Greg loves his Chromebook - it's a very handy thing to have when you want some information off the Internet quickly. It has exceeded his initial expectations and he often uses it nearly as much as his Win 7 laptop.

Apple COREner by Gary Roerig (Approx. 615 words) - If you are on an iOS device please remember to NOT install anything from your web browser (normally Safari), especially anything that indicates Senior Discounts are available…

Rational Backup Strategy by Dick Maybach (Approx. 2213 words) - It's important to take a systematic approach rather than responding to the latest sensational article or alarming ad about defending against the loss of data and software from malicious acts.

Copying Photos from Your iPhone to Your PC by Jim Cerny (Approx. 736 words) - Using your iPhone to take photos is easy, convenient, and fun. Jim always has his iPhone with him everywhere he goes and it has become his only camera for taking pics. After taking a few hundred photos, what should he do with them?

Drones by George Harding (Approx. 551 words) - George is amazed at the rapid development of the drone industry and the uses to which drones are being put. Read the article for some of the ways drones are being used.

Energy Charger Station by George Harding (Approx. 313 words) - This is a handy charger; it can charge five devices at once!

Ernie's Mac Tips by Ernie Cox (Approx. 227 words) - Links to tips.

Good Computer House Cleaning by Len Nasman (Approx. 724 words) - Review of CCleaner.

Google Search Tips by Melanie Birnbaum (Approx. 547 words) - You use Google search every day, but still all you know is how to search. However, the search engine has planet of tricks up its sleeve and Melanie explains some of those tricks.

Windows 10 Tips and Tricks: Improve Battery Life by Leti Labell (Approx. 149 words) - Info about the battery saver feature.

Inkjet Printers by Dick Maybach (Approx. 1245 words) - The inkjet is the most common type of printer used at home. Dicks tells us all about the printers.

Interesting Internet Finds by January Steve Costello - 319 words

Interesting Internet Finds by February - 340 words

Interesting Internet Finds by March - 348 words

Jack Ryan takes on computer hacking by John Weigle (Approx. 464 words) - Review of "True Faith and Allegiance," the latest Jack Ryan novel.

Multiple Virtual Desktops - Task View by Phil Sorrentino (Approx. 963 words) - One desktop is all most of us need, most of the time, but Windows 10 has included a new feature that allows us to create multiple "virtual" desktops.

Musing of an Apple Tyro - February by Lorrin R. Garson (Approx. 1111 words) - Condition of Your MacBook Battery and more in this article.

Musings of an Apple Tyro - March by Lorrin R. Garson (Approx. 903 words) - Creating and Using Encrypted Storage on Macs, Definitions, Vault, Unencrypted Stuff and more….

Note Keeping Software, meeting review by Lisa Leifels (Approx. 925 words) - Evernote, OneNote, and Google Keep.

Online Safety, meeting review by John Weigle (Approx. 777 words) - Lots of good safety tips.

Open Source Software of the Month - February by Geof Goodrum (Approx. 570 words) - FlightGear, BnuCOBOL, MultibootUSB and Tails.

Open Source Software of the Month - March by Geof Goodrum (Approx. 538 words) - Brace, Doomsday Engine, Hydrogen and more…

Picture Management - Something we all need by Phil Sorrentino (Approx. 1144 words) - With the advent of the smartpho9ne, a camera is always only an arm's length away, because your smartphone is probably in your pocket or your handbag. With the many pictures we take, we naturally look for help to organize them. Phil's article features info about this type of software.

Recover, restore, backup, close, image? by Carol Picard (Approx. 1879 words) - At a recent Midland Computer Club meeting they discussed how to recover in case of hard drive failure, virus, or if Windows won't start. Carol's article discusses several ways to back up.

Rooting and Custom ROM Installation of Kindle Fire HD 2nd Edition by Bob Woods (Approx. 2067 words). Bob takes us through the steps for replacing the Amazon tweaked version of Android with a standard version.

Two great iPhone/iPad Native application features by Bill Crowe (Approx. 731 words). Notes application and Clock app info.

Wayne's Computer Class Tips by Wayne Johnson (Approx. 456 words). Test your Internet speed, Can you answer certain questions?, Why metadata matters and more…

Where to Get Tech Today by Greg Skalka (Approx. 675 words). A lot of stores that used to be the t4raditional sources for computers and technology have gone away, while a lot more shopping for the devices we need is done online.

Whoosh! by George Harding (Approx. 209 words) - Review of one of the useful products he came across at CES.

Wi-Fi File Transfer - Easily moves pictures from phone to computer by Phil Sorrentino (Approx. 1053 words). There are many ways of moving your pictures from your ph9one to your computer - "Wi-Fi File Transfer" is a free App that allows you to easily accomplish this task.

What Happened to word's Overtype Mode? by Nancy DeMarte (Approx. 480 words) - If you used versions of Word before 2007, you probably encountered an editing feature called Overtype mode. If you used this feature, you might have wondered why it doesn't work anymore. Nancy tells us why and how we can make is accessible again.

Is Amazon Prime Worth it? byJim Cerny, Forum Leader, Sarasota Technology User's Group, FL 482 words

These articles have been provided to APCUG by the author solely for publication by APCUG member groups. All other uses require the permission of the author (see e-mail address above).

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