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Acronis True Image Home 2012, reviewed by Mark Mattson, Editor, Computer Users of Erie, PA (approx. 2,180 words). One never knows when disaster will strike--how many of you have had your HDs die? It could happen at any time and Matt found this out as he was preparing to start working on last month’s newsletter and, when he started up his second computer (the one that does all of his digital photo and newsletter work), he was faced with the dreaded ‘click of Death’ from the boot hard drive inside the box. Naturally, it had been over a month since the last backup on this system. He finally got the drive to boot and transferred all vital files and prepared for disaster recovery. Enter Acronis True Image and a successful outcome.

Adding Disk Space to Windows 7 by Dick Maybach (Approx. 962 words). When buying a new PC, it’s usually wise to equip it with the largest possible hard disk. Over time, your HD might become uncomfortably full, leaving you with four options; three that your readers are probably familiar with and one they might not know about – dynamic disk management.

Change of Allegiance – Does the Antivirus Software You Use Really Matter? by Greg Skalka, President, Under the Computer Hood UG, CA (approx. 1,195 words). After being a loyal user of an antivirus program for over five years, Greg just switched to a new program. Over his computing life he has only used four A/V programs and asks: Is he using the best one? Is there a best one? Would he be wasting his time trying to determine the best one? And is what is best relative to his needs anyway?

Computer Password Tips and Strategies by Jim Cerny, Director, Sarasota PCUG, FL (approx. 672 words). Most of us have several computer or internet accounts and each account you set up requires some sort of ID and a password. Jim gives us some helpful tips to keep track of and manage passwords.

Creating a Survey Form in MS Word 2007 by Nancy DeMarte, Regular Columnist (Office Talk), Sarasota PCUG, FL (approx. 992 words). This article explains how the average Word user can create an online survey using features introduced in Word 2007.

Do Not Track Plus, reviewed by Larry Mobbs, President, Computer Operators of Marysville and Port Huron, MI (approx. 315 words). Just in time for Google’s new privacy changes, a new program offered free from Abine software allows you to block websites you visit from tracking where you browse.

Documentary Storytelling: Creative Nonfiction on Screen – 3rd Edition reviewed by Bill Treadwell, member, Big Bear Computer Club, CA (approx. 396 words). This 3rd edition is a very thorough, methodically organized, comprehensive writing documenting the “how to” in the documentary filmmaking industry. There is plenty of room to be creative within the guidelines provided ranging from story basics, timing, acts, and voice narration to planning, research, shooting and editing.

Driving Your Computer by Diane Fahlbusch, President, ICON PCUG, NY (approx. 1,940 words). We all know that one of the most essential components of our computers is the storage drive. It’s the home to your OS, firmware, apps and those precious files you have collected over time. The more you know about them, the better you will be able to decide what options are right for you.

Tips and Tricks for Enhancing the PC Visual Display, Part 1 (approx. 390 words) / Part 2 (approx. 294 words) by Bonnie L. Snyder, member, Pikes Peak Computer Application Society, CO (approx. 390 words). If you are in need of assistance in seeing your PC’s screen, there are several options available to help you do this. Bonnie covers several of the options in Parts 1 and 2.

Euphoric DigiDaub, Revision 7, by David Pletts, Member at Large in the UK, SWIPCC (Southwest International PC Club), TX (approx. 1,394 words). David is really into textures….they are all around us. He also likes some abstract art and randomness. Combine these interests with an interest in computer programming results in DigiDaub using the Euphoria programming language. So, how does DigiDaub work? This article explains it.

Digitz® Wireless EZmouse, reviewed by David Kazmer, member, SCV Computer Club, CA (approx. 524 words). Many years ago David got his first notebook PC and found out about all the gadgets it would take to be prepared to use it at any location. He is always looking for less bulky items and when I showed my members the EZmouse during my CES Show ‘n Tell presentation, he volunteered to review it and found it certainly meets his needs to have less bulk in his notebook case. User Group presidents working together: Jerry Clarke, pres of the Long Beach Computer Club, gave the presentation to his group in February (I was there) and gave me a copy as well as all of the gadgets he and his wife, Judy, collected at CES. I revised the PPT and added my gadgets and gave it at my group in March.

Facebook’s Privacy Policy by Constance Brown, president, Canton Alliance Massillon UG, Ohio (approx. 534 words). Did you know that Facebook’s privacy policy is more than 1300 words longer than the US Constitution without the amendments? That people spend more than 500 billion minutes there each month? How private are your communications on Facebook?

Geek Busters! Part Deux by Bryan Lambert – (approx. 703 words). Bryan looks at some common “techy” misconceptions that he’d like to dispel with “Geek Busters!” – sending myths into hiatus!

Going Pro, reviewed by Tanya Mattson, Librarian, Computer Users of Erie, PA (approx. 923 words). Going Pro is well written by Scott Bourne and Skip Cohen. Both are influential professional photographers that have expanded their blog and webcast, Going Pro2010, into a book. The knowledge and insight in this book is tremendous. It starts out with finding oneself as a photographer and goes on from there, giving the reader a wealth of information.

What the heck are hiberfil and pagefile by Linda Gonse, Editor / Webmaster, ORCOPUG (Orange County PCUG), CA (approx. 445 words). One day while purging unnecessary and unused files on her Windows XP computer, Linda spotted two massive files on the C:\ drive that perplexed her. One was hiberfil.sys at nearly 3.5GB and the other was pagefile.sys at 2GB. She checked them out on Google and shares the information with us.

Is Google Compromising Our Privacy? by Sandy Berger, CompuKISS (approx. 663 words). The recent consolidation of Google’s 60 different privacy policies have given consumers a throbbing headache as they ponder how this will affect them and if they should be concerned enough to stop using Google’s services.

Pass It On by Elizabeth B. Wright, member, Computer Club of Oklahoma City (approx. 692 words). In her beginning days of computing, Elizabeth had a mentor and whenever she needed immediate help she was always willing. Everyone should have such a friend! Mentorship is the “new” catch phrase and since mentors can help people of all ages, they are becoming highly esteemed. Think about what you have to offer a young person, or even an older friend who really needs encouragement…

Streaming Media by John Somers, member, ICON Users Group, MO (approx. 1,411 words). “Streaming” is listening to music, watching a TV program or movie as it is being delivered to you over the Internet. John writes about the sources for music, TV programs and movies.

Tablet or Laptop, a Popular Question … and more App Reviews by Gregory West, APCUG Advisor, Region 6 & International, VP Sarnia CUG, Canada (approx. 667 words). Unless you are a “hard core” computer gamer, you can now officially say goodbye to the laptop. The day of computing frustration is coming to an end. The answer to pulling your hair out as you are trying to figure out why the laptop is so hard to use is called: “touch pads.”

Thank You Mr. Kilby and Mr. Noyce! by Bill James, editor / webmaster, Computer Club of Oklahoma City (approx. 766 words). The world is changing and nothing is changing more than information technology: the way it’s accessed, the way it’s applied, and the way it’s architected. The opportunities for innovation have never been greater. Your members will need to finish the article to find how important both Kibly and Noyce were to the computing world.

The DAM Book, 2nd Edition, reviewed by Mike Morris and Bert Broekstra, Front Page PCUG, CO (approx. 1,038 words). This book is an extraordinary source of information on how to manage many digital photographs—or any “digital assets,” including audio and video files. This is not a book about digital editing; one of the major topics of workflow.

The Trouble with Terabytes by Diane Fahlbusch, President, ICON PCUG, NY (approx. 482 words). Technological advances, different materials and cost efficient manufacturing have made it possible for computers to leap from standard 20GB hard drives of a decade ago and the 200+ GB drives of yesterday to breaking through the gigabyte ceiling affordably in a relatively short period of time.

Undeliverable Email Messages by Gini Pedersen, Instructor, FREE Internet and Computer Classes, San Diego, CA (approx. 548 words). We all receive bounced e-mails and sometimes wonder what happened. Gini gives us several problems and solutions. One of my members asked about why some of her e-mails were bouncing. I suggested she read this article in our February newsletter and if the answer wasn’t there, get in touch. Didn’t hear from her so the article answered her question.

Using Windows Task Manager to Get Out of Potentially Harmful Situations by Terry MacLennan, member at large, Sauk Computer Users Group, IL (approx. 685 words). Oops, you have too many programs running at one time and the computer locks up. Enter Task Manager to the rescue. Or, you are on a webpage and up pops one of those realistic looking but totally phony “security alerts” – Task Manager to the rescue.

Windows 8 – Exciting and Challenging by John Pearce, member, Pikes Peak Computer Application Society, CO (approx. 456 words). The MS Development Team for Windows 8 has been writing a blog about its development. The first post was in August 2011; the frequency varies from a few days to a few weeks. John often wondered why certain design decisions are made in the Windows OS; the blog attempts to discuss some of those issues as related to Windows 8.

These articles have been provided to APCUG by the author solely for publication by APCUG member groups.

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