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PUSH Articles - March 2018

A Tale of Two Printers, Greg Skalka, Under the Computer Hood UG (Approx. 1618 words). It was the best of times, It was the worst of times…It was time to buy a new printer. It seems that all the traditional computer input/output devices are falling out of favor. The rise in popularity of the tablet computer and now especially the smartphone has played a major part in this. The previously iconic combination of desktop computer, monitor, keyboard, mouse and printer has not been the norm in the pc / tech world for some time. The laptop or notebook PC, which generally eliminates the need for a separate display, keyboard and monitor has been outselling the desktop for some time. Printer sales are also declining….

Ask the Pres, Greg Skalka (Approx. 937 words). This may or may not be the first of many question-based columns under this title. If there are to be any more is up to you (though I reserve the right to have a say in it as well). I received an email question from a reader of one of my Drive Light 'President's Corner' columns in Space Coast PCUG's newsletter. Our own Drive Light has been a major contributor to the PUSH articles since many of my columns and several articles by other members have been republished in other APCUG-member newsletters around the country (and I think around the world-yes, JT). This is a benefit provided by APCUG that is very valuable to our group, providing useful content to our readers and helpful assistance to our hardworking editor.
Any questions you submit to president (at) may be reprinted and answered in future columns, if they are of general interest to our readers. Other questions may be answered by email or read to our membership for, hopefully, a solution, at our next UCHUG meeting Random Access session. This article has an answer to a question sent to Greg from a member of the SCPCUG in Florida.

Back to the Basics - Basic iPhone Texting, Jim Cerny, Sarasota TUG (Approx. 888 words). Whoever thought that "texting" would become such a common communication method? I mean, who would need to TEXT someone and spend all that time using their fingers (or thumbs) when you can just CALL the person and talk to them directly (or at least leave a VM)???

Be Your Own Mechanic with FIXD - Review by Bob Schultz, Lake-Sumter Computer Society (Approx. 351 words). I'm sure there are times you would like to answer your own question about your cars performance before you take it to have work done. Well, now you can do that.

Creating a HomeGroup, Art Irish, ICON Technology Group (Approx. 458 words). Q1. How do I create a HomeGroup so two computers on the same network can interact? Answers follow….

Device Power Options, Jim Cerny, Sarasota TUG (Approx. 811 words). On - Off - Shutdown - Sleep - What are all these power options? Today our computer devices usually have several choices for "power,"….

Exploring Android, Dick Maybach, Brookdale Computer Users' Group (Approx. 1428 words). The most popular cell-phone OS, Android, is more like a tool kit than OS. Cell phone vendors readily change not only its included applications, but also its structure, to differentiate their products….

I Wuz Hacked, Stu Gershon, Sun City Summerlin Computer Club (Approx. 1182 words). One Sunday morning I checked my email like I do every morning. Nothing came through. I tried again, and it was the same. I called my Internet provider to see if any of their servers were having trouble or down. The line was busy…. read the rest of the article to find out what happened.

Are your iPhone and Android photos really backing up to the cloud? by Pam Holland ( (Approx. 400 words) Some things to check…

Home Automation and Security, Don VanSyckel, Sterling Heights Computer Club (Approx. 422 words). Don has been looking at home alarm systems and thermostats. I guess it's a sign of the times. Many of these have connectivity via your home Wi-Fi and some have built-in cellular connectivity….

How to Set Your iPhone to Remember Where You Parked, Bill Crowe, Sarasota TUG (Approx. 886 words). It's no fun to end your trip wandering around looking for your car. Now, thanks to an iOS feature, you don't have to-this article looks at how to take advantage of the" Parked Car" reminder in iOS 10.

Looking Back to See Ahead, Greg Skalka, Under the Computer Hood UG (Approx. 2806 words). Another year goes into the record books, and we get a new, clean slate ahead. We've said goodbye to 2017 and are writing 2018 on our checks (hey, wait a minute; who writes checks these days?), we've been confronted by this arbitrary boundary in time once again.

No Personal Privacy, Matt Batt, The Computer Club (Approx. 590 words). Matt wants to share (1) something to think about as we enter this time of "no personal privacy;" (2) a very useful program for keeping our PC applications up-to-date; and (3) a fun website for displaying street views of houses.

Tablet SIG Overflows, Terry Harvey, Wisconsin-All Users Computer Club (Approx. 1047 words). At the combined Android and iPad/iPhone SIG, we discussed 'Popsockets" and "Cell Phone Ring holders." We also discussed printing to your device, and more.

Talking to Your Computer, Lee Reynolds, Boca Raton Computer Society (Approx. 501 words). Do you talk to your computer? I don't mean swearing at it because it doesn't do the thing you want it to do. How do you get your computer to find files, remind you of a doctor's appointment, play your favorite music…..

To Win 10 or Not to Win 10: That was the question, Art Gresham, Under the Computer Hood UG (Approx. 884 words). This is a true story about how a recent upgrade to Windows 10 went on one computer….

Two Interesting Office Tools, Nancy DeMarte, Sarasota TUG (Approx. 670 words). With two Windows 10 updates a year, it's easy to miss the fact that Microsoft has also been rolling out new and improved features for Office. They arrive as automatic updates to Office 365. Nancy's article is about the Draw tab with pens that let you create drawings as well as draw on slides while you are giving a presentation. PowerPoint Designer is very useful for creating professional-looking slides. Introduced in the fall of 2015, it has been improved and expanded through recent updates. Its purpose is to offer some optional design layouts for PowerPoint slides, like the Title or Title and Content slides.

Use Speech to Control Your PC and Compose Text, Nancy DeMarte (Approx. 809 words). Speak provides both text to speech and helps you proofread what you have typed by listening to the computer read it aloud. Windows Speech Recognition lets a user dictate into a microphone without the use of a keyboard or mouse and have his/her speech translated into text.

Wi-Fi dead spots? Try a Wi-Fi extender, or maybe a mesh network, Phil Sorrentino, Sarasota TUG (Approx. 960 words). If your home is very large or if there are many walls between your router and the location where you want Wi-Fi access, you may have Wi-Fi dead spots….

Working with Windows 10 Apps, Rosita Herrick, Sarasota TUG (Approx. 735 words). When teaching or preparing one of the Windows Corner articles, Rosita uses a few apps that are distributed with the OS and are available to any user….

WYSIWYG Web Watch - January by Paul Baecker, Sterling Heights Computer Club MI(Approx. 258 words)

These articles have been provided to APCUG by the author solely for publication by APCUG member groups. All other uses require the permission of the author (see e-mail address above).

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