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PUSH Articles - March 2016

Review - AcuRite Pro 5-in-1 Weather Station by Jerry Grommes, Sandwich Computer Users Group (Approx. 653 words). The weather display with AcuRite Connect plugs into your computer to store, track and share your weather information. You can view your sensors from virtually anywhere on a smartphone, tablet or computer with the AcuRite app and website, or you can easily publish your weather reports on Weather Underground.

Do I need a smartphone? by Phil Sorrentino, The Computer Club (Approx. 1040 words). A great article for those members still using a flip hone.

Favorite Smartphone and Tablet Features by Julie Mahaffey, ICON Computer UG, MO (Approx. 460 words). Some of the features in Julie's article are: Navigation, Calendar, Alarm, Weather Channel App Microphone for Speaking Text, Lists, etc.

Freebies! by Dave Bilcik, Southern Tier Personal Computer Club (Approx. 792 words). The past year is done and gone and a brand new year is here. Dave's article includes info about being able to see your feet in 2016, Win 10's user privacy controversy, protecting your PC properly, and asks if your e-mails are important to you.

Getting Devices to Work Together by Jim Cerny, Sarasota Technology UG (Approx. 701 words). Every year Jim hears that the wonders of technology are going to make our lives easier and easier. Do they mean less confusing? He doesn't think so…..

How to Protect Yourself in a World Full of Scammers, Phishers, and Identity Thieves by Adam Levin - reviewed by John Pearce, Pikes Peak Computer Application Society (Approx. 388 words). Sounds like an excellent book that will enhance our knowledge about all of the above.

Interactive Tracking Websites by Doug Palmer, Tampa PCUG (Approx. 602 words). Doug has an extensive list of weird, odd and interesting websites that he's run across over the years. This article includes information about two that might quality as tracking maps as they track something. RAIDS Online is a free public crime map developed by BAIR Analytics; the other is the Worldwide Marine Traffic interactive map for those who love to explore and tinker and learn.

Interesting Internet Finds - January by Steve Costello, Boca Raton Computer Society (Approx. 343 words). As usual, a list of Steve's interesting websites.

Internet Privacy, by Dick Maybeck, Brookdale Computer Users' Group, NJ (Approx. 1681 words)

Look in the sky! It's a bird, it's a plane…it's a drone! by Mike Hancock, Golden Gate Computer Society (Approx. 782 words). At their November meeting, George Krieger, drone photographer, drone video producer and drone technologist showed two drone-created videos as well as gave an overview of how the legal system is working on rules for all drones, etc.

Looking Back to See Forward by Greg Skalka, Under the Computer Hood User Group (Approx. 1570 words). With 2015 in the rear view mirror, one starts to wonder what kind of year 2016 will be for computers and technology. We had better figure out quickly as almost ¼ of the year is gone already, and before we know it Christmas decorations will be appearing in the aisles at Home Depot once again.

Mac Tips by Ernie Cox, Computer Club of Green Valley (Approx. 103 words). 12 tips for Mac users.

MailWasher Free - Version 7.7 by John Langill, Southern Tier Personal Computer Club (Approx. 1016 words). MailWasher is e-mail filtering software for Windows that can detect and delete spam from a user's e-mail while it remains on the e-mail provider's server; that is, BEFORE it is downloaded to the user's computer.

Wi-Fi Security by William Callahan, Danbury Area Computer Society(Approx. 1005 words). Computer Security awareness is imperative to any end user; Wi-Fi security is no exception. John Adams presented an excellent set of information which is invaluable to understanding wireless devices and securing them from malicious attacks.

Musing of an Apple Tyro - January by Lorrin R. Garson, Potomac Area Technology and Computer Society (Approx. 772 words). Erasing Data on SSDs, Malwarebytes for Macs, and more is included in Lorrin's article.

Nibblers- December by Jeannine Sloan, Approx. 1273 words).

Nibblers -November by Jeannine Sloan, (Approx. 1318 words)

Open Source Software of the Month - January by Geof Goodrum, Potomac Area Technology and Computer Society (Approx. 725 words). Double Commander, Kernel Source - V4.3, Origami Editor 3D and more are included in Geof's article.

Polaroid Cube by George Harding, Tucson Computer Society (Approx. 443 words). Yes, the Polaroid camera is alive and well! Note: The TCS newsletter is no longer being published by George is still reviewing 'stuff'. These articles will be on their website and one of their members will be sending them to me to be included in PUSH.

Powercell 10000+ by George Harding, Tucson Computer Society (Approx. 301 words). This is an external battery charger that can charge up to three devices at once. It's about 3" by 5-12"…..

Achieving Your Potential as a Photographer by Mark Mattson, Computer Users of Erie (Approx. 1531 words). Photography has been around for over 175 years. Like most art forms, it had its fits and starts over the years, with many different techniques coming and going in those years. In Harold Davis' latest book, he takes his readers on a journey of exploration on how to define their own unique vision and style of photography.

Continuous Ink Supply System (CISS or CIS) by David Kazmer, SCV Computer Club (Approx. 511 words). There is an old marketing strategy of "Give them printer and sell them the ink" that is starting to be challenged by alternate methods of using ink. This article reviews the CIS for Dave's Brother printer - he's been using it for nearly two years after Don Baker from Klassic Specialties gave a presentation at a meeting.

Meet an Old Friend: Snipping Tool by Nancy DeMarte, Sarasota Technology User Group, FL (Approx. 752 words). Nancy DeMarte says she uses the Snipping Tool almost daily as do I. It's a nifty screen capture tool for large or small sections of documents, spreadsheet, photos, etc.

Stepping up your Internet privacy and security by Mike Hancock, Golden Gate Computer Society, (Approx. 688 words). Noel Swartz, a technologist with the nonprofit Electronic Frontier Foundation ( explained that EFF is involved in Impact Litigation and projects like HTTPS Everywhere, Let's Encrypt, Panopticlick, and Privacy Badger. Readers will find out these programs in this article.

Taking Photos with Your iPad (and iPhone) by Jim Cerny, Sarasota TUG (Approx. 868 words). Your iPad tablet device (and your iPhone) are excellent devices for taking photos and videos. Jim discusses taking and working with photos in this article (taking videos is similar). All iPads and iPhones have a "Camera" app to TAKE photos and a "Photos" app to VIEW your photos.

The Year in Perspective by Andrew Cummins, ICON Computer Users Group (Approx. 435 words). We've put another glorious tech year behind us. It is incredible how cheap computers have become, are getting small, with more functions….

Two Ways to Keep Track of your Word Files by Nancy DeMarte, Sarasota TUG (Approx. 951 words). Nancy often hears people say they have so many documents saved in their computer in so many different folders that it's hard to locate a specific document. They can't remember where they saved it. If you have found yourself in this situation, Nancy's tips might help.

What's New at CES 2016 by George Harding, Tucson Computer Society (Approx. 2247 words)? Interesting finds at CES - OK to split into two articles.

These articles have been provided to APCUG by the author solely for publication by APCUG member groups. All other uses require the permission of the author (see e-mail address above).

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