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SLO Bytes Newsletter - March 2010 - PUSH Article Descriptions

BeWARES! by Berry F. Phillips, a Member of the Computer Club of Oklahoma City. The wares have often perplexed computer users with numerous decisions regarding software. The multitude of wares have been even more confusing: Comware, freeware, trialware and shareware…..

Broadsides by Ron Broadhurst, a member of the Space Coast PCUG, Florida. Defragmentation Explained, Can't Use the XP Theme and more are included in this article.

Neat Things you can do with a Flash Drive by Vinny La Bash, Member and Regular Columnist, Sarasota PCUG, Florida. By now you're probably tired of reading about how much better Windows 7 is than Vista, me to, so let's spend some time examining some of the things you can do with a flash drive other than mere data storage.

Things, Thinglets & Thingassoes by Jack Lewtschuk, Columnist, Monterey Bay UG, PG, California. Just as knowing the "computer language" is good to assist communication when seeking help or offering help to others, so is knowing the definition of words to describe cybercrime.

Backing Up and Restoring Files by Ron Hirsch.and Contributing Editor, Boca Raton Computer Society, Florida; What does backup really mean?

OAG Joins the Facebook Generation(s)! Part 2 by Mike Morris, Editor, Front Range PCUG, CO. In Part 2 of his Facebook series, Mike describes (to the extent that he understands them) the two primary pages of a Facebook account: Home Page (aka News Feed) and Wall (also known as Profile).

Disk Failure Scare by Phil Sorrentino, President, Sarasota PCUG, Florida. Oops, he started the computer and staring him in the face was the dreaded "system disk failure" message. A chill went down his spine……

Experiments with Desktop Publishing, Part 1 by Mike Morris, Editor, Front Range PCUG, CO. The word processor is the epitome of ubiquitous-it really does seem to be everywhere. Today's "full-featured" word processor applications do, indeed, offer many features, in addition to allowing you to create text. But they do have limitations and sometimes you need to use a different category of software called DTP.

Controlling System Restore by Vinny La Bash, Member and Contributing Editor, Sarasota PCUG, Florida. System Restore, for all its utility and convenience, has its drawbacks. It is possible that System Restore may be responsible for your disk drive running out of room?

Circuit Writer Version 7.3 by Jim Scheef, Director, Danbury Area Computer Society, CT. Not too long along, Jim subscribed to Wired Magazine. He's read it on and off over the years and thought it would be fun to get it again, so he did a deal for Wired in exchange for a few airline miles. No magazine yet but he's receiving Internet marketing! Plus information about Droid.

This and That or Things that May Interest You by Lynn Page, Editor, Crystal River Users Group, Florida. A compilation of several columns…. Windows 7, Windows Mail, Removing your Phone Number from Searches, Office 2007.

Nybbles and Bits by John Pearce, Chair, WebBoard, Pikes Peak Computer Application Society, CO. The touchpad on his notebook computer has a vertical scroll area at the right side of the pad. He had no problem using the vertical scroll until he upgraded to Win 7 at which point, it stopped working.

From Rubber Boots to 38% of the Worldwide Cell Phone Market! by Lou Torraca, President, TUG (Computer User Group of the Hawaii MOAA). Lou's review of his trip to CES.

Editorial Bits by Patrick Libert, Editor, Danbury Area Computer Society, CT. Computers and Healthcare; Social Networking; Browser Speed and more are in this compilation of his columns.

WUBI? What the Heck is a WUBI? by Jim McKnight, Director, Los Angeles Computer Society, CA. The Windows-based Ubuntu Installer (WUBI) is a program that allows you to install and remove Ubuntu-Linux from within Microsoft Windows.

These articles have been provided to APCUG by the author solely for publication by APCUG member groups. All other uses require the permission of the author (see e-mail address above).

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