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PUSH Articles - January 2017

7 Everyday Technology Skills Every Boomer (and up) Should Have by Pam Holland, TechMoxie (approx. 1003 words). Topics cover: using your voice, conducting a search, sending text messages, getting to know your accessibility settings (we are going to have a presentation on this one in a couple of months), ordering an Uber, downloading an app, being curious.

A Bit of Time - A Byte of That by Greg Skalka, UCHUG (approx. 846 words). Updates seem to be a constant pain for Greg. With programs, browsers and operating systems, all needing occasional security updates, it is often sometimes not easy to know when new updates are available.

All About Streaming by Pam Holland, TechMoxie (approx. 736 words). Streaming is a great way to be in control of the what, where and when of what you view. What is streaming? What is it called streaming? How to get content and more is covered in this article.

Apple COREner by Gary Roerig, Front Range PCUG (approx. 540 words). Calls on your iPhone using Wi-Fi, In need of a quick level?, Need to make a quick note of things but do not have a pen or paper handy? and more in this article.

Are You a Smart Online Shopper? Bob Rankin by Ask Bob Rankin (approx. 1576 words). Great tips for shopping throughout the year.

Back to Basics - Being a Great Student at Any Age by Jim Cerny, Saratoga TUG (Approx. 744 words) Tips for the audience members to get the most out of a presentation

Browser Pop-up Scams by David Kretchmar, Sun City Summerlin Computer Club (approx. 619 words). Windows 10 has proven itself to be the most secure Windows OS ever, so hackers seem to be turning to another vulnerability. Browsers are becoming a prime target of scammers.

Co-Author Word 2016 Documents in Real Time by Nancy DeMarte, Sarasota TUG (approx. 640 words). Sometimes we need to get another person's input on a document while we're composing it. Now two or more users can edit the same document at the same time from different locations = real time co-authoring.

Crypto Simulation by Dick Maybach (approx. 2572 words). All about Enigma.

DeedMapper, Northern Neck CUG presentation by Mary Stewart; written by George Cadmus, Editor (approx. 396 words). DeedMapper is software that one can plat old land patents, grants, and deeds, and place them on a modern map. You can also discover genealogical relationships by showing that person X sold part of person Y's land and create a map of original landholders in a region.

Disabling a Touchpad in Windows 10 by Leti Labell, Potomac Area Technology and Computer Society (approx. 84 words). A tip for your readers….

Review - Monitor and Protect Your Precious Data With Hard Drive Sentinel by Gabe Goldberg, Potomac Area Technology and Computer Society (approx. 419 words). Storage devices are unappreciated workhorses: spinning hard drives and immobile memory chips reliably and rapidly save and fetch your data, year after year. Until - uh oh, something's wrong and where's my data?! (This article was previously sent to all editors along with the discount information.)

How to Create a Chart in a Word Document by Nancy DeMarte, Sarasota TUG (approx. 874 words). Most of us use this popular application strictly for typing letters or other simple documents. There are many things besides text that can be created in a Word doc. One of these is a chart or graph. As usual, with Nancy's articles, we learn how to insert a chart or graph.

I Feel the Need, the Need for Speed! by Greg Skalka, UCHUG (approx. 1,603 words). This quite from the 1986 hit movie "Top Gun" states what we all strive for in the end - faster and better. A lot of 1986 tech seems almost antiquated by today's standards. We have come a long way since then in many ways, but in other ways not so much, and progress has usually come at a cost.

It's Innovation Time by Lou Torraca (approx. 553 words). Lou's first CES article - Best of Innovation Honorees for CES 2017.

Steve Costello's Internet Finds for September - version 1

Steve Costello's Internet Finds for September - version 2

Steve Costello's Internet Finds for November

LibreOffice by Dick Maybach (approx. 1426 words). Reviews of some of the LibreOffice programs.

Musing of an Apple Tyro - September by Lorrin Garson, Potomac Area Technology and Computer Society (approx. 800 words). 2016 Computex, How Intel Makes a Chip, Mac Internet Recovery, Symptoms of Malware Infection, Audits of Open Source Software, UPS Maintenance and more are in this

Musings of an Apply Tyro - October by Lorrin Garson, Potomac Area Technology and Computer Society (approx. 863 words). Full system restore, Security Threats, Checking Wi-Fi Networks, and more.

Musings of an Apple Tyro - November by Lorrin Garson, Potomac Area Technology and Computer Society (approx. 815 words). Info on: More information about time machine, Seagate 10TB hard drive, Internet of Things and Security, People holding on to iPhone longer and more….

Netiquette: Forwards by Melanie Birnborn, Century Village Computer Club (approx. 440 words). It's important to use good manners when forwarding e-mails. Now and again, we all see an interesting message that we might want to share with friends, so we forward it along via mass-forwarding.

New Programs and Devices by Dick Maybach (approx. 1260 words). Dick is continually trying to master new programs and devices and have worked out some methods of doing this - Dick shares barriers that make the task difficult, ineffective techniques as well as some tips on how he gets ready to learn something new.

What's New Reviews by George Harding - August (Approx. 1072 words). Reviews of several products.

What's New Reviews by George Harding - September (Approx. 1072 words). Reviews of several products.

Rental Car Privacy by Geof Goodrum, Potomac Area Technology and Computer society (approx. 323 words). Must read article for anyone who rents cars.

Tablet Checklist by Melanie Birnbom, CVC Computer Club (approx. 489 words). Melanie frequently gets this question from users: What can a tablet actually do? Is it just for playing games? She answers about e-mail, surfing, flash player, etc.

Tablet SIG Recap, Notes and Reminders on Apple Devices by BJ McMillan, Northern Neck CUG (approx. 563 words). You can use notes to capture a quick thought, create checklists, sketch ideas and more and with Reminders, you can keep track of all your to-do's, etc.

Open Source Software of the Month - September by Geof Goodrum, Potomac Area Technology and Computer Society (approx. 519 words). Info about: Crosti/Stitch Designer, jGnash, PDFsam and SupertuxKart.

Open Source Software of the Month - October by Geof Goodrum, Potomac Area Technology and Computer Society (approx. 1,205 words). Info about: Audacity, Battle for Wesnoth, and Clonezilla, Wmail,

Open Source Software of the Month - November by Geof Goodrum, Potomac Area Technology and Computer Society (approx. 1,421 words). Info about: Blobwars: Metal Blob Solid, GraphicsMagick, Klavaro Touch Typing Tutor, NAS4Free, Sweet Home 3D.

Project Management by Dick Maybach (approx. 1423 words). Review and how-to for Project Libre.

Shareware and Freeware by Kent Mulliner, Bristol Village Computer Club (approx. 434 words). The two terms, shareware and freeware, are used interchangeably and refer to software that is available without a required payment. As an alert, we should be aware that these are usually developed/written by goodhearted individuals or groups.

Smartphone and Tablet Apps - Here are a few basic, useful ones by Phil Sorrentino, The Computer Club (approx. 1,108 words). Over 10 Billion Served. Remember this kind of advertising? It used to be said of hamburgers, but now it can be said of Android and Apple Apps.

Tech Hack by Greg Skalka, UCHUG (approx. 1,618 words). Somewhere between tech heaven and tech hell is tech heck, where most of us that are tech uses reside. No one's technology experience is always flawless and perfect, so tech heaven is not achievable in this existence (I mean, really - who has not received a spam email or had a cell call dropped).

What are "tracking and third-party cookies? by Melanie Birnbon, Century Village Computer Club, FL Should I delete them? How can I prevent them from getting there in the first place?

Using Windows (File) Explorer Is a Must - (July) by Jim Cerny, Saratoga TUG (approx. 1154 words). This is the start of a series of articles on the basic use of Windows Explorer (known as File Explorer in Win 10). It is very important for ALL VERSIONS of Windows users. This program (or app) allows you to do everything you can think of with FILES and FOLDERS

Using Windows (File Explorer) August by Jim Cerny, Using Different "Views" To See Files and Folders (approx. 1154 words). This article explores the different views or ways of displaying files and folders using this app.

Using Windows (File Explorer) September by Jim Cerny, - Working with Single Files (approx. 1475 words). Every file / folder has a name. You cannot have two files with the same name in the same folder. Files take up computer space and contain data and information. Folders are locations in your computer or memory device.

Using Windows (File Explorer) October by Jim Cerny, - Deleing Multiple Files at One Time (approx. 1015 words). In this article your readers will learn how to work with multiple files at one time.

What is PayPal and how does it work? by TechBoomers (approx. 685 words). Not everyone is comfortable using PayPal, this article will help them using it. TechBoomers send articles out that can be used on a website, etc. This, of course, is one of those articles.

Where Have All the Black Friday Shoppers Gone? by Greg Skalka, UCHUG (approx. 1594 words). Greg loves a good bargain and has always looked forward to Black Friday. Over the years, Black Friday sales have changed and evolved. Once a single day which drove shoppers to camp out in front of stores to get the best results, it has mutated into a week or more of less dramatic price cuts, with less shopping done in the wee hours of the morning in stores and more done online and with store apps.

Windows 10 - Tuning Up Your Start Menu by Tom Burt, Sun City Summerlin Computer Club (approx. 759 words). Tom has gradually come to like the new hybrid "list and tiles" Start menu to declutter his desktop and actually make it easier to find things.

Your eyes can so easily be deceived! by Babette Bloch, Golden Gate Computer Society (approx. 519 words). We've all heard over and over not to click attachments and links in e-mail messages that are suspect. There is less talk about another way to get sucked into trouble either by incurring a big fee or worse, an invasion of your computer.

These articles have been provided to APCUG by the author solely for publication by APCUG member groups. All other uses require the permission of the author (see e-mail address above).

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