SLO Bytes Newsletter History

SLO Bytes has maintained a newsletter since the first meeting in January, 1984. It started as a one page memo giving directions to the next meeting. In those days, there were no outside speakers.

In 1986 the newsletter took on a new look. Desktop Publishing software and Windows were something still in the future for SLO Bytes (We were still running with XTs!) We started by printing our newsletter with an old DOS program called PC-Write. It was printed in condensed mode on an Epson FX-100, 9 pin dot matrix printer. The columns were cut out and pasted to another sheet of paper with the help of a light table to keep the columns as straight as possible. Cutting and pasting to make the newsletter pleasing to the eye was a formidable task every month

About this time we chose an official name for our newsletter; SLO Byte's Hard Copy, a name that has stuck to this day. Shortly afterward, we purchased our first copy of Ventura Publisher, a high-end publishing package that has taken us through 3 editors until switching to Pagemaker about 6 years ago.

Until 1998 it was the combined efforts of Bob Ward and Teri Sorgatz who published the newsletter in Pagemaker. Bob would send the files to Redding, CA. via attached file where Teri would turn what was sent to her, into a pleasant, informative newsletter, with a different banner just about EVERY month. It was then sent back by the same method, printed, copied and mailed to our members and other user groups.

The beginning of 1998 saw a year hiatus for Teri, as her other paying desktop publishing business took priority over her volunteer work. Now the newsletter articles, newsbytes, treasurer's report, and other pertinent materials were collected and turned into our newsletter by Nancy Watts and Bill Avery.

Time marches on... It is now the end of 1998. With a year off from his task of publishing our newsletter every month, Bob is back in the driver's seat with Teri always as close as email should Bob need some technical help with PageMaker. Our many thanks to Nancy and Bill for a job well done.

A special thanks to our Treasurer, Marvin Baxendale, who (for many years) printed the mailing labels, printed the newsletter and took it in for duplication. Also to Nate Wallenstein who, every month, labeled, stamped and got the newsletters to the mail box, usually on short notice. Thanks to both of these individuals who help make the newsletter a reality.

Starting with the December 2002 issue, HardCopy newsletter took on a new look and format. Ray Miklas has assumed the duties of the Editor, publishing HardCopy to all members via email. Nate Wallenstein had relieved Ray as the Editor for a year (April, 2003 through March, 2004) and since then, Ray has re-assumed the duties of the Editor. We will continue to deliver all the pertinent information of our club's activities to our members via email and our Website thus saving the expenses on printing and mailing costs. We will also continue to print and snail mail the Hard Copy to members who lack an email address.

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