Author Topic: Notes from the SLO Bytes Photo Group Meeting of 09/16/18  (Read 348 times)

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Notes from the SLO Bytes Photo Group Meeting of 09/16/18
« on: September 16, 2018, 05:24:05 PM »
Hello All,

The topic was Animals.  The session opened with a series of images of animals from a National Geographics slide show. 
View the show at  Stanford Brown provided the link.
Next came the announcement of the APCUG Photo Contest.  Entry deadline is September 30, 2018.  Details at apcug/apcug-photo-2018.pdf
Ralph Sutter then shared his own tutorial explaining how he used Adobe Photoshop Elements to remove a dark background from the screen shot of a terminal window. 
View the tutorial at
Finally Sutter pointed out three excellent articles on the workings of the digital camera
   Anatomy of a Camera; of a Camera p6-9.pdf
   Digital Camera Control and Image Capture; Camera Control and Image Capture.pdf
   Digital Camera Processing; Camera Processing - Maybach.doc

After these introductory activities, members of the group offered images that fondly recalled pets, zoos and critters of all stripes. 
We saw a menagerie of feathered and finned creatures, both in the wild and domesticated, interspersed with animal sculptures, wall hangings and paintings
The meeting ended with the distribution of photographic wisdom and oatmeal cookies.

Our next meeting will take place on Sunday, October 14th beginning at 2:00 pm.
This time, we will meet at a different location, 
   The home of Monica Tarzier
   1657 Southwood Dr.   
   San Luis Obispo, CA

The topic will be Scenes of the Fall
Please bring images tied to Autumn for sharing with others.

Ralph Sutter
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