Author Topic: Win 10 Version1803 is here!  (Read 196 times)

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Win 10 Version1803 is here!
« on: May 01, 2018, 01:29:12 AM »
Monday night 4/30/2018 at around 11:30 P.M. I checked for routine updates and was surprised to see a Feature Update getting ready to go to work!  Windows 10 Version 1803, also now known as the April 2018 Update.The download was long, then the install, took about 50 minutes on my custom Puget Serenity machine. It all went smoothly except for signing in.  I had been using a letter and digit password.  It now wanted a Pin which I had to figure out.
Once it started I had to fight my way through a variety of Microsoft stuff which tried hard to get me to switch to their Edge browser and to go to the Microsoft Store for other things.  I finally found my way around most of that and ended up with my familiar Desktop.  It all works fine!
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