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General Discussion / Charter and Seniors and disabled
« Last post by johnw on August 28, 2014, 12:43:12 AM »
Turn on soapbox.

One problem that I have with Charter, (and other providers) is that they totally ignore the fact that there are many people out there who cannot handle their complex systems due to age or disabilities. My mom is a  good example.  Try to find a remote that these people can use.  All they want to do  is turn on the TV, change channels change the volume. Period.  Anything else is beyond their comprehension.  Charter does not make a  simple remote for these people.  I have been testing several for my mom, trying to find the best. Unfortunately, there is not one that will do everything that is desired.  Only Charter's HD boxes allow you to skip channels so that when you surf, you only see the channels  with programming that you want.  The SD box does not have this ability.  My mom's bedroom tv is a CRT, so only the SD box is usable. In our case, if it is a problem for her, then I will get a digital tv so I can get her an HD box, but she will not understand why I would do it.  Since Charter does not talk about this, those without a tech savvy family member or care giver will not know this, assuming they could afford the upgrade.

I know Charter is not the only company that does this, but it sucks because these are the people that are most likely to use tv as they may no longer be able to get out and about.  Where is AARP when you need them???  I look forward to the day that some Charter execs become senile, maybe they will then pay attention......

Turn off soap box                   
General Discussion / Re: Big Charter News! Note the additional information in Replies
« Last post by johnw on August 28, 2014, 12:27:01 AM »
I wonder what THEY mean about over 200 hd channels.  When we switched to all digital Charter, they claimed that we gained around 200 channels. BUT, about 70 - 80 percent of these channels are simple HD versions of the SD channels.  In other words  we have, say 80 SD channels plus 80 SD channels.  Of the "new" channels we now get, most of them are the channels they took away from us over the past 10 years, Hallmark, HLN, ION, Game Show, etc.  There are a few brand new, to  us, channels. Of course, we have not subscribed to the Premium packages, AKA Silver, & Gold.  About half, or less, of the premiums I would like to get, but the rest are not worth it, to us.

Ironically, most of our tv viewing these days are from Netflix and dvds. My does not share my interests in programming, and it is hard for her to hear many shows she used to like.  She used to enjoy many of the British shows that came over here, especially the mysteries. But, between the accents, the fact that most British shows are recorded at the lower end of the freq spectrum, she can no longer understand what used to be her favorite shows.  I know,  she needs to see a hearing doctor, but she refuses, even as she says she cannot understand me ;)
General Discussion / Re: Charter SPECTRUM Update
« Last post by johnw on August 28, 2014, 12:10:32 AM »
We will just have to wait and see :)
General Discussion / Diehard WINXP devotee carries on.
« Last post by DougD on August 27, 2014, 08:02:47 PM »
Diehard WINXP devotee carries on.  Care for a homespun service pack 4, for XP?

PC World
General Discussion / Important MS Security Update Change --NOW ADDITIONAL PATCH DAY
« Last post by dickJ on August 27, 2014, 01:05:35 PM »
Microsoft has apparently issued a change in August 12th's Patches.  They are recommending that you first Uninstall KB2982791, and then install a replacement, KB 2993651.
They also have withdrawn KB2970228, KB 2975719 and KB 2975331, but they do NOT say to Uninstall them if you have them.
Here is ZDNet's story:
If anyone spots a change or retraction of this, please post it!
General Discussion / Re: Computer Hardware Chart
« Last post by DougD on August 26, 2014, 07:58:37 PM »
Hi Ralph,

     The source webpage turns out to be a Russian website. The site is available in two locations: and .  The ".ru" stands for Russia and the webpage is in the Russian language (as it was interpreted to be by Google Translate). The chart was located by a DuckDuckGoog search for "computer connection charts", located under "images for computer connection charts". Click this and you will be at the same point I reached when searching. Interestingly, the chart referenced in my posting no longer appears under these images.

If you search for: "computer hardware charts 2014", the first option to appear is for, and that webpage is in English. The posted chart appears on this page:

Also, if you search for "computer hardware charts 2013", the chart showing the USB3 connection shows up as the first image, under "images, etc.".

General Discussion / Re: Computer Hardware Chart
« Last post by rsutter on August 26, 2014, 06:53:04 PM »
Hi Doug,

Good find.  The author of the original chart indicates that he is working on version 2 in an old post.  Whatever the source of the chart that you found, it's more current than the original.

General Discussion / Re: Computer Hardware Chart
« Last post by DougD on August 25, 2014, 08:33:07 PM »
Hi Ralph,

     Here is the same approximate chart with at least the USB 3 port added:

General Discussion / Computer Hardware Chart
« Last post by rsutter on August 25, 2014, 08:16:13 PM »
Hello All,

This is a repost of a chart containing images of many different connections found on computers.  You will notice that it hasn't been updated in a while and doesn't include more recent connections. 
Take a look at

Ralph Sutter
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