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General Discussion / Parallels 12 Released
« Last post by rsutter on August 18, 2016, 03:06:19 PM »
Hello All,

Parallels 12 has just been released.  See
(Parallels is software that runs on the Mac OS and allows users to install virtual machines while simultaneously running the MAC os.)

I already had Parallels 11 installed on my MAC laptop running El Capitan.  The upgrade costs $49.99.  I downloaded version 12 and installed it without incident.  It remembered that I had created 3 virtual machines; Windows 10 Anniversary Edition, Linux Mint 17.2 and and Ubuntu 16.04.  The first two virtual machines opened properly.  Ubuntu 16.04 did not.  Before upgrading to Parallels 12, Ubuntu was running at a screen resolution of 1440x900.  After the upgrade, it reverted back to 800x600.  I tried changing the resolution via the Displays GUI but it offered no other resolutions. 
I had the same problem when I installed Ubuntu 15.04 under Parallels 10.  That time, I fixed the problem by editing the grub file from the Terminal.  Faithful viewers of this bulletin board may remember the thread. 

Following the same steps this time, I attempted to edit the grub file with vi but MACs don't have an insert key, necessary to enter vi's edit mode.  I tried plugging in a USB keyboard that had the insert key but that didn't work either.
Next, I decided to open grub with the GUI text editor, Gedit.  I made all the necessary changes but when I tried to save them, I saw that I just had read-only access.  I needed to open the file as a root user.  I managed to do that by opening the Terminal and typing the command sudo gedit.

That command opened Gedit.  I then navigated to the grub file (/etc/default/grub), uncommented the line GRUB_GFXMODE=800x600 by removing the # at the beginning of the line and replaced that line with the following two lines


After saving the file, I then returned to the Terminal and updated the grub file by typing sudo update-grub

Next, I restarted Ubuntu and was greeted by a display of 1440x900.  Life is good.  I don't have any comments yet on Parallels 12 other than this glitch in preserving screen resolution in Ubuntu.

Ralph Sutter
General Discussion / COSTCO has 256GB flashdrives for $30.00.
« Last post by DougD on August 10, 2016, 07:57:50 PM »
Today, I bought a 256GB SanDisk Cruzer Glide 3.0 (USB 3.0 and backward compatible with 2.0) Flash Drive at the Salem, Oregon, COSTCO for $29.99. It came pre-formated at FAT32 though, and read out as only 250GB. It is basically a storage drive as advertised, and has secure file encryption and password protection with included SanDisk Secure Access software. 

Alan previously mentioned some potentially more suitable flash drives for all purpose usage:

SLO Bytes' parent organization, APCUG, is holding a webinar the VIRTUAL TECHNOLOGY CONFERENCE (VTC) on Saturday, August 20 10:00 am – 1:00 pm

This information was pasted from  Visit that page for more complete information.
APCUG uses ZOOM for the VTC webinar presentations ([/). If you have not participated in a VTC, go to  to download the app for the device you will be using to ‘attend’ the conference.

Presentation 1 - Take control of Windows 10 so you really do have a better, safer, somewhat private computing experience.
Presentation 2 - How Technology Has Changed the Way We Listen to Music

Presentation 3 - Digital Scrapbooking
Presentation 1 - Facebook: Friend or Foe
Presentation 2 - Your Laptop’s Midlife Crisis – How to Help It Cope, PART 3, Adding USB 3.0
Presentation 3 - Favorite Utilities

To register for this VTC, please click on the below link:

Videos from earlier conferences can be found on APCUG’s YouTube channel   

Ralph Sutter
For anyone who was wondering what apparently caused the problem I brought up in the Win10 discussion at our last meeting:

For the 2nd time I had tried installing 1607 on this machine, but updating the previous version 1511 kept going to an abort with the message "Restoring previous operating system" near the end of the updating process -- and it went back to 1511.

I mentioned Sunday that I was using Spinrite and hoped that would repair any hard drive anomalies that might be causing the problem.  I was running it at level 4, which attempts to read every sector and rewrite it -- takes longer, but it really shakes out problems.  This process, on modern drives, if it encounters a "flaky" sector will automatically cause the drive electronics to force a relocation of the data to another place and not even inform you -- because the problem is fixed and it would interrupt normal processing.

The process had finished and I crossed all fingers and toes and restarted the upgrade to the Anniversary Edition.  In the "turquoise screen" later part of the updating it had often rebooted, but that was usually normal.  This time it finished completely and turned the computer over to me.  Nice...

Dave McLaughlin
General Discussion / Re: What’s New in the Windows 10 Anniversary Update.
« Last post by rsutter on August 08, 2016, 10:04:32 AM »
Hello All
I just successfully updated my HP Pavilion 6 laptop from Windows 10 Professional to the Windows 10 Anniversary Edition.
To do so, I went to and downloaded the Microsoft Windows 10 Media Creation Tool
After having backed up my system with EaseUs Todo Backup Home 9.2, I installed the media creation tool to a flash drive and inserted it in to my laptop while Windows 10 was running.  File Explorer opened the flash drive, showing the setup.exe file.  I clicked on that file and the upgrade began.
I opted for installing Windows 10 Anniversary Edition over the existing OS so that I wouldn't have to reinstall all of my applications and data.
I let the program run.  After a while, it told me that it was ready to complete the install and that I should remove the flash drive for an over-install (update) or leave it in for a clean install.  I removed the flash drive and waited for the setup process to complete.

When I returned 20 minutes later, I discovered that my laptop had shut down.  I restarted it only to learn that it had shut down automatically to prevent damage from overheating. 
At this point I went to my IT tool cabinet and removed a 5.5 lb bag of Kirkland Normandy-Style  Vegetable Blend frozen vegetables.  I placed the laptop atop this heat sink and re-initiated the Anniversary Update.

This time, the process completed successfully.  I now have Windows 10 Professional Version 1607 OS Build 14393.10 installed and running normally.

Ralph Sutter

General Discussion / Re: Help me with Adobe Photoshop Elements
« Last post by dickJ on August 05, 2016, 11:37:04 PM »
Thanks, Ralph.  I'll give it a try.
General Discussion / Re: Help me with Adobe Photoshop Elements
« Last post by rsutter on August 05, 2016, 09:05:36 PM »

Hi Dick
I found the following link that may be helpful
Ralph Sutter
General Discussion / Help me with Adobe Photoshop Elements
« Last post by dickJ on August 05, 2016, 02:23:31 PM »
I used to take a lot of photos and sometimes worked on them a bit with Elements.  I now have forgotten most of what I used to know about simple Elements procedures.  Can you remind me please?  I am using Adobe Photoshop Elements 8. When I wanted to remove something, like a telephone pole across a nice sky, all I had to do was use this tool and click a small soft edged circle on the part of the sky to get the color I needed, and then I could click that on each portion of the pole I wanted gone, save it and it was done!
Thanks you for helping!
General Discussion / Ralph Sutter's Second Session Notes on PortableApps - 08/07/16
« Last post by rsutter on August 05, 2016, 09:10:08 AM »
Hello All,

I have posted notes for my August 7, 2016 Second Session presentation on PortableApps to the SLO Bytes web site.
You will find them at

Ralph Sutter
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