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Hello All,
I'm developing a presentation for the February 3, 2019 Second Session Presentation at SLO Bytes General Meeting.
My tentative presentation notes can be found at
I will demonstrate how to create video slide shows with still and moving images.
So far, I've included the following programs

   Irfanview - freeware -
       Fullbean tutorial at

   Microsoft Windows 10 Photos - included in Windows 10
       Fullbean tutorial at

   Microsoft Windows PowerPoint - included in Microsoft Office Suites -
        Fullbean tutorial at
    Adobe Premiere Elements 19 - about $99

   Photodex ProShow Producer - about $249

I plan to add a section on web-based slide show creation tools.

I look forward to learning what programs SLO Bytes members use when they make slide shows.

Ralph Sutter

General Discussion / Creating a Slide Show with Windows 10 Photos Application
« Last post by rsutter on January 18, 2019, 02:44:39 PM »
Hello All,
I have created a tutorial showing how I made a video slide show with Photos, a program included in Windows 10.
You will find it at
Ralph Sutter
General Discussion / Winter APCUG Virtual Technology Conference
« Last post by rsutter on January 17, 2019, 12:02:43 PM »
Hello All,
SLO Bytes' parent organization, APCUG, is holding the Winter Virtual Technology Conference on
Saturday, February 9, 2019 10:00 am - 1:00 pm
You can
Ralph Sutter
General Discussion / Re: Missing IE Favorites
« Last post by dickJ on January 08, 2019, 04:14:30 PM »
I found a few of the missing Favorites down at the bottom of the list, but only a few.  Hoped that the install of V. 1809 would fix this, but so far no. Still having the problem.
Hello All,
My Dell 8930 desktop is still running 1803.
I followed the same steps that I used earlier to successfully update my Lenovo laptop.  However, when I downloaded and attempted to install 1809 manually, I got a message that the update wasn't the right one for my machine.  This happened twice.  The Dell 8930 is running Windows 10 Professional 64 bit.  On both occasions, I downloaded  2018-11 Cumulative Update for Windows 10 Version 1809 for x64-based Systems (KB4469342)

If this isn't the appropriate file for this computer, which one is?
I can only conclude that the 1809 update is still flawed.

Ralph Sutter

To follow up on this thread, last night I searched for the current update and was offered 1809, which has subsequently been successfully installed without any as of yet apparent difficulties. I have attached a snip of the update history for my HP Omen Desktop WIN10 machine. I will now follow suit with the Dell WIN10 Desktop.


>> No luck with the Dell yet. It's still at 1803.
General Discussion / SLO Bytes First Session - Sutter Notes – 01/06/2019
« Last post by rsutter on January 04, 2019, 04:05:31 PM »
Hello All,
These are the topics that I intend to present at the SLO Bytes General Session of January 6th, 2019
They are also posted on the SLO Bytes web site at these locations

Icon replacement – on Bulletin Board at
YouTube -

Parted Magic version 2019_01_03  -

How to find where an e-mail message is located in Microsoft Outlook -

How to speak with a Microsoft representative via phone
Go to
This will bring up Microsoft’s Virtual Assistant
Type a description of the problem.
Every time that the Virtual Assistant proposes a solution, try it before indicating that the suggestion didn’t solve the issue.  After you have done that repeatedly, the Virtual Assistant will ask if you want to speak to a representative over the phone.  Respond YES and supply the information requested at
Upon conclusion, the Virtual Assistant will inform you that someone will contact you at the phone number that you provided and give you an estimated wait time.  Do not rely on the accuracy of this estimate.  A representative will eventually call.

Alpaca Project – Use Microsoft Paint to expand an image so that it prints across multiple pages

Microsoft Mail Merge in Word -
Windows 10 Update to version 1809 -

Second Session - My Most Often Used Applications

Ralph Sutter
General Discussion / Windows 10 - new Version 1809 - NOW
« Last post by dickJ on January 03, 2019, 03:24:49 PM »
I just got Windows 10 new Version 1809 "October Update" even though I had it scheduled for a few weeks from now.  I did get an option to delay it, which I did, so I could do a new Acronis Backup. So far.... everything  I've tried is working..... lots of new stuff to play with. Everything I've tried so far seems to work fine.  So far I haven't found anything missing, except the Defender icon I put in the taskbar is gone so I replaced it.
I haven't tried another machine until I work with this one a bit.

So, they are definitely sending it out now!
General Discussion / Parted Magic 2019_01_03 Released
« Last post by rsutter on January 03, 2019, 12:05:51 PM »
Hello All,
Parted Magic just released a new version of its Linux based software.  Read more at
I find this product very useful in troubleshooting non-Linux operating systems.
At $11, it is a tool well worth having.
Ralph Sutter
General Discussion / Re: Missing IE Favorites
« Last post by dickJ on December 28, 2018, 10:29:42 AM »
Thanks for the idea.  I'll try it. I put the C/Users/Richard/Favorites file on the desktop. Unfortunately its only the current version, though.  There is an older version somewhere.  Maybe I can find it Acronis Backup?
This morning I tried adding some favs (also yesterday), then running CCleaner....Favs still there, then running C/properties/cleanup, and /tools/error checking.  Neither got rid of them.
 I will also check again after installing the next Windows patches in two weeks.  If anyone has any other ideas to try, please post. If I can just find out what is doing this, a solution should be possible. Happy Holidays!
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