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Microsoft resumes rollout of Windows 10 version 1809, promises quality changes:

Ed Bott - ZDNet:
Hello All,
I received the following post from SLO Bytes' parent organization, APCUG, offering a 20% discount on the file search program, FileLocator Pro.  The discounted price is $39.00.
The page for this discount is
Learn more about FileLocator Pro at

MythicSoft also offers a free file search utility, Agent Ransack, available at

I have not purchased FileLocator Pro.  I did download and install Agent Ransack, finding it quite useful.  Unlike Windows built-in file search program, Agent Ransack includes a more sophisticated search and the ability to print out the results.

Ralph Sutter
General Discussion / Notes from the Photo Group Meeting of 11/11/18
« Last post by rsutter on November 12, 2018, 01:55:46 PM »
Hello All,
Here are my notes from the SLO Bytes Photo Group meeting of 11/11/18
TOPIC: Images of the Night
The meeting opened with Ralph Sutter demonstrating how he enlarged an image, printing it over 36 pages using the Windows program, Paint.  Sutter’s goal was to create a life size profile of an Alpaca for tracing on a sheet of Masonite.  View his tutorial at
Ralph then shared night time shots of Cusco and other Peruvian locations.
Connie Sutter followed with images of the evening in Hangzhou, China and her own back yard.
Bob Styerwalt displayed night shots of his neighborhood pointing out subtle changes in focus and subject matter.
Bob Grover brought twilight images from the mountains of Tibet and the wilds of his own back yard.
Alan Raul presented numerous sunsets, both as observed and after manipulation with Aurora HD;
Monica Tarzier contributed night shots as viewed near her home in San Luis Obispo
John Waller demonstrated how he used long exposure times to illuminate night scenes, employing this technique both locally and at Disneyland.
The next meeting will take place on Sunday, December 9th, 2018 @ 2:00.  The topic will be Scenes Suggesting the Approach of Christmas.
Home of Connie and Ralph Sutter
498 Hansen Hill Road
Arroyo Grande, CA
Map at   
Ralph Sutter
General Discussion / Sutter Second Session Notes - Irfanview and More
« Last post by rsutter on November 04, 2018, 07:29:01 AM »
Hello All,
Here are the Second Session Notes for my SLO Bytes presentation of 11/04/18
November 4th, 2018 Second Session Notes by Ralph Sutter
Irfanview – Freeware Graphics Viewer for Windows;  download from
Download mirror;
Irfanview tutorials;
Sutter Irfanview tutorials;  Batch File Resizing using Irfanview
   Using Irfanview to Create a Simple HTML-based Photo Album
   Also on YouTube at
   Creating a Video Slide Show with Irfanview
   Also on YouTube at
Irfanview can open many graphics extensions.
With Plugins installed, it can also open video files and sound files
Cropping can be adjusted after initial selection by dragging the marquee frame edges
Can launch other editing programs; enabled through Options/Properties-Settings/Miscellaneous
Fast image viewer; Hit Enter for full screen
Slide show creation and export
Batch conversion
VLC – Cross-platform freeware Video Viewer and Converter, download from
Internet Radio;
General Discussion / Alan Raul – November 4, 2018 Meeting Notes
« Last post by Alan J. Raul on October 28, 2018, 12:34:52 PM »
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Full List of 2018 Black Friday Ad Leaks – NerdWallet

Black Friday 2018 Black Friday 2018

Windows 10 “Included” Image, Music and Video Software

Image Software included with Windows 10:
•   Paint
•   Paint 3D
•   Photos – lets you explore your memories, provides magical tools for editing and helps you create new videos and albums to share.
•   Snip & Sketch (Replaces Snipping Tool)

How to Use Windows 10’s Built-In Photos App
Music Software included with Windows 10:
•   Groove
•   Windows Media Player
Video Software included with Windows 10:
•   Movies & TV
•   Windows Media Player
Worst Windows 10 version ever? Microsoft's terrible, horrible, no good, very bad October:

Ed Bott:
General Discussion / Windows 10: Microsoft serves up 40 new bug fixes.
« Last post by Doug on October 25, 2018, 08:34:04 AM »
General Discussion / Notes from the Photography Group Session of 10/14/18
« Last post by rsutter on October 24, 2018, 05:29:48 AM »
Hello All,
Here are the notes from the SLO Bytes Photo Group Session of 10/14/18
TOPIC: Scenes of the Fall
Thanks to Kaye Raul for the following notes.

Bob Grover started off with his photos taken at the Avila Valley Barn depicting colorful pumpkins and scarecrows.

Bob and Linda Styerwalt followed with fall decorations and scarecrows from their neighborhood.

John Waller showed fall scenes that he photographed in the Arroyo Grande Village.

Kaye Raul shared pictures of fall foliage taken along the Bob Jones Trail. Connie Sutter showed images of dramatic fall skies along with several of the recent rocket launches.

Alan Raul ended the presentation with photos that he shot with his new iPhone XS Max and shared how he processed them using Aurora HDR (

We ended with Monica Tarzier's great coffee and treats!
Windows 10 October 2018 Update: Microsoft releases fix for data deletion bug:
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