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Microsoft Security Bulletin Summary for March 2016.

There are five critical and eight important security updates.

ZDNet on the Severity Ratings (critical/important, etc.):

General Discussion / Re: Ralph Sutter APCUG Award
« on: February 20, 2016, 11:44:34 AM »
A well deserved honor, to be sure. Ralph has kept Slo Bytes alive and well with his persistent, dedicated efforts. The quality website and Bulletin Board are very much appreciated. Thank you, Ralph. 

General Discussion / Re: Dashcam Video - Arroyo Grande to Photo Group Site
« on: February 16, 2016, 08:55:06 PM »
Alan is lucky he didn't get a ticket for all those spontaneous bursts of speed......    lol    ::)

                              8)                           C:-)

Yesterday, I received an email that announced that Picasa, a photo program, was to have its support ended in April and Google pictures would be taking its place. I had Picasa on one of my desktops long ago, and as I recall, it became so bloated and space hogging that I deleted it. Having read of its impending doom, I considered taking one last look at it to see if I might like to just have it installed off to the side for whatever potential reason might reveal itself.   BIG boo-boo!

I guess that most of us are fed up with foistware. I certainly am. But, this lovely program must be avenging its ultimate demise, or something to that effect. I downloaded what I thought was the program, but it was the installation program. Along with my gullible act of innocence, the mere placing of this "installation program", brought with it a hijacking of my primary Firefox browser. First, it hijacked Chrome, which is an infrequently used back-up browser, and converted it to a "fast bestbrowser". But, it also closed Firefox and placed it in a new series of directories, under this same foistware browser.

When I caught on to what was happening, I uninstalled this new browser and the installation program. I might have tried reinstalling Firefox first, to see if that would retrieve it from its hijacked captivity. Iobit's Uninstaller revealed that it had also installed two other programs, which I then removed.

Last, but not least, was the group of folders that held Firefox captive. So, I removed that too, and there went Firefox along with it. Fortunately, I had just completed backing up my drive C:\ with Acronis True Image, so I restored Firefox, along with the rest of the system drive's programming, in almost the exact state things were in when I inadvertently uninstalled Firefox. My Thunderbird downloaded email was still on my server's website, so none of that was lost either.

This goes to show just how ruthless some of the free programs can get, especially in their death throes. A novice computer operator would have had a problem getting their browser back and removing all the malicious foistware.

I think it would be best for most PC users to let Picasa go by the wayside. I still don't know how much worse it might have gotten if I had installed Picasa after the installation program performed its scheming exploitation.


Microsoft Security Bulletin Summary for February 2016.

There are six critical and seven important security updates.

General Discussion / A comprehensive weather site.
« on: February 09, 2016, 10:56:34 AM »
A comprehensive weather site.

General Discussion / Change the Audio-Video program to MPC-HC.
« on: January 30, 2016, 04:32:17 PM »
Ralph, First, to mention that the new MS Comfort Mouse 4500 is working great and presumably the double loads and error message problem is a thing of the past.  Doug

Now, another item that I replaced was my audio video player. The foistware "offerings" from the GOT player finally "got" to me alright, so I searched for a replacement. After uninstalling GOT from my computer, I installed the MPC-HC player and got away from the irritation of foistware put over by them, with their every upgrade. When I installed MPC-HC, I found that there is no foistware, as advertised, and the video playback is much improved. Video imagery with jerking and interruptions can really detract from the experience. So, if you wish to consider an alternative to the foistware peddlers, with what I found to be improved performance, you might try MPC-HC:

Download Webpage:

Hello again Ralph,

I think that the cause of the error message is associated with my mouse malfunctioning. It has been producing either multiple clicks or no click from time to time, suggesting that I need to replace it. The error message was the probable result of the mouse sending a double signal in very rapid fashion. The BB program would have been unable to act upon the second signal as it was still reacting to the first one, resulting in a malfunction.

I think this solves the mystery. Thanks for your input.


Hi Ralph,

Thanks for your offer. Lets wait for a bit and see if I can be sure that it isn't something that I am doing. If it continues, we might set up a second account just to see if it happens with that one also. More than likely, I am the culprit, if no one else is having this problem. I will keep you posted.

Thanks for your help.


PS: I just logged out OK, without mishap. It might be that I was mouse clicking too fast when the error message occurred. 

Ralph, It happened again. The error message offers a "back" click option, which I took and then logged out again and got the same error message. So, I clicked the "Home" button and logged out just fine. It appears that this is not causing me any problems, other than wondering about it. I had just finished adding the post on installing programs in WIN10 on other drives (or partitions) and moving installed drives (nice). Usually, this message comes up as I log out after putting up a posting.

So, there you have it. Doesn't seem to be anything to worry about as I can exit by clicking on "Home", from within the error message screen.

Ralph, as long as this isn't a problem, I guess there is no need to be concerned about it. If there are any further aspects to this, I will let you know.  Doug

A snipping of the error message is attached.

How to Install Modern Apps on an External Drive in Windows 10 (This includes moving an installed application to another partition or drive, and back again, if you change your mind). Very convenient!

Hi Ralph,

I just logged out twice with no problems. If it happens again, I will let you know what was going on.



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