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Title: SLO Bytes Second Session Notes; 01/07/18
Post by: rsutter on January 04, 2018, 11:27:06 AM
Hello All,
Here are the tentative notes for my SLO Bytes General Meeting Second Session presentation on Sunday, 01/07/18

Browser Technique to keep focus on one site and still browse other sites:
     Open a new tab and paste focused site URL into that page
     Search from the original tab, using the back arrow for previous pages

Snagit: Screen Capture program
and its free counterpart; Jing:

LastPass: Password Manager

Audacity:   Sound Editing Program

VLC:  Video display program that I use for extracting sound from video

YouTube Video Downloader:  For saving local copies of YouTube

     Checked for piggybacked Potentially Unwanted Programs: 
     Windows Notifications/All Settings/Uninstall/Apps and Features/

To do so, sorted programs by install date, most recent first and looked for any surprises.
     Demonstrated WindowShade configurations settings

Ralph Sutter