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General Discussion / spoof sites
« Last post by pete on February 18, 2019, 02:46:41 PM »
I typed the address to Oppenheimer Funds and got the e & i mixed up it took me to a weird site and Firefox said don't go any further. I almost typed continue. Its so easy to make a mistake.

General Discussion / Re: Routers
« Last post by pete on February 18, 2019, 02:38:25 PM »
I have a Netgear AC3000 Tri- Band model R7900P. Now 1 year old,  had two firmware updates in that time.  works great. Bought on a Costco sale. Pete
General Discussion / Re: 30 Common Windows 10 Annoyances and their Fixes.
« Last post by dickJ on February 17, 2019, 09:22:53 PM »
Thank you Doug for posting this.  It gave me a few I could not easily find or remember!
General Discussion / 30 Common Windows 10 Annoyances and their Fixes.
« Last post by Doug on February 17, 2019, 02:08:50 AM »
30 Common Windows 10 Annoyances and their Fixes:

All of these concerns can be tweaked manually without buying any programs to do it for you. The Microsoft Store offers several photo viewers free.
Microsoft February Patch Tuesday fixes 77 security flaws, including IE zero-day:
General Discussion / 16Gb Flash Drive Won't Accept 9Gb of Data -- Solved
« Last post by rsutter on February 12, 2019, 08:17:42 AM »
Hello All,
As the Secretary our computer group, SLO Bytes, I maintain an archive of files relating to that organization.  I copy them to a 16Gb flash drive and give a copy to each member of our Board of Directors.

Over time, the archives have grown.  At some point, they will be too large to fit on 16Gb flash drives.  I decided to compress the content into a 9Gb .zip file.   

When I tried to copy that file to a flash drive, I got an error message indicating that the file was too large to fit on the drive.  It puzzled me why a 9Gb file wouldn't fit on a 16Gb flash drive.  I tried various flash drives with the same results.  In order to make sure that the supposedly empty drives didn't have hidden files that put me over the 16Gb limit, I reformatted them.  That didn't help.

It finally occurred to me that the problem might be due to the inherent limitations of the FAT32 file format.  Using the formatter built in to Windows 10 and other Windows versions, I reformatted in EXFAT and tried again to copy the large .zip file.

That solved the problem.  The large .zip file copied successfully to the 16Gb flash drive when formatted in EXFAT.  The EXFAT format has the advantage of being read writeable across multiple operating systems, a feature not found in some other formats.

Lesson learned

Ralph Sutter
General Discussion / New HTPC (Home Theatre PC)
« Last post by Alan J. Raul on February 11, 2019, 11:23:52 AM »
I worked with Charlie and a Intel NUC after everyone had left the SLOLUG meeting. I partitioned the SSD and configured Elementary OS, a Linux distribution, on the Intel NUC. I liked it so much I decided that my next HTPC (Home Theatre PC) would be an Intel NUC. I was most impressed with the "Intel Visual BIOS" which uses your mouse and not the up/down arrow keys, etc.

I researched the parts and ordered them from B&H. This will replace my older 2013 Shuttle HTPC which has been running continuously since it was turned on.

The parts cost $600

I will install Windows 10 Professional and Ubuntu Mate 18.04.1 on the Intel NUC. You may ask "Why run Linux on your TV?" Because I can...

I opted not to go to an i7 or 32GB RAM since this is only a HTPC. One of the many reasons to upgrade the HTPC is that it will be 4K compatible with my TV, something my older Shuttle HTPC did not support. The Intel NUC will have 16GB of Crucial RAM and a Samsung 500GB 970 EVO Plus NVMe M.2 Internal SSD which is 4 to 5 times faster than a regular SSD.
3-Year Warranty
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Limited Lifetime Warranty

General Discussion / Notes from the SLO Bytes Photo Group Meeting of 02/10/2019
« Last post by rsutter on February 11, 2019, 09:07:14 AM »
Hello All,
Here are my notes from the latest meeting of the SLO Bytes Photo Group
TOPIC: Motion
Ralph Sutter began the meeting by pointing out the latest additions to the links page;

The first one pointed to Shotcut; a freeware open source, cross platform video editor. Sutter confessed that he was unlikely to use this very capable editor because he already has equally powerful tools. Though paid programs, Ralph has already purchased them and is hesitant to invest the time required to learn a new program with redundant features.

The second link was to the movie, High Flying Bird; This excellent film about professional basketball agents was shot completely on an iPhone 8.

Sutter then offered his slide show of running dogs, running water and bouncing balls.

Connie Sutter followed with her take on motion; She created a presentation with images of kinetic grandkids shot on her iPhone and edited in Adobe Rremiere Elements.

Alan Raul
, using both his iPhone and a Hero camera attached to his chest, explored the shoreline near Shell Beach, showing the same rocky cove over time with changing sea conditions.

Bob Styerwalt achieved interesting effects by photographing spinning objects at different shutter speeds thus freezing or adding blur to the images.

John Waller presented long-exposure night shots and curious seascapes created with multiple color channels in Photoshop.

The topic for our next meeting will be Shadows; images that aren't quite there.

See the Links page,,  for tutorials and other resources
Ralph Sutter
General Discussion / Re: Transfer Speeds across Different Media Types
« Last post by rsutter on February 05, 2019, 12:07:43 AM »
Hi Alan,
Yes, you got the card and the source right.  I paid a little less because I had earned credits when I purchased a portrait lens among other items.
General Discussion / Re: Transfer Speeds across Different Media Types
« Last post by Alan J. Raul on February 04, 2019, 07:32:58 PM »
That's a FAST card!!! Not cheap, but you get what you pay for.

Is this the card you have?

I use CrystalDiskMark Portable for benchmarking read/write speeds.

I used CrystalDiskMark for this older 2015 comparison.
OCZ Vertex 4 SSD and a Samsung 950 PRO 512GB PCIe NVMe - M.2. You can see that there is a substantial speed increase with the PCIe interface.
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