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Thanks Alan.  This video is also a fascinating look at where things, especially things electronic, might be headed.
If you want an entertaining look at the forthcoming world of fixing things that don't work anymore, or are just considered passé, go to the nearby video, The Master Microfixer Teaching the World to Fix iPhones, which isn't just about iPhones! Women, Note! Its by a clever Woman, and her staff is also mostly women!
A good story about iFixit, a local San Luis Obispo company, and how they are the first to teardown a new iPhone.

I like the statement of "...the precision engineering found in something like a Swiss watch but on the production level of millions is insane."

General Discussion / SLO Bytes Photography Group Notes-February 2018
« Last post by rsutter on February 11, 2018, 06:44:26 PM »
Hello All,
Here are my notes for the SLO Bytes Photography Group meeting of 02/11/2018
The session opened with Ralph Sutter calling attention to recent postings in the Links Page of the club web site.

Two of the links offer suggestions relating to using Photoshop Elements.
Other links reference the photo editing programs Aurora; Bokeh;

Ralph then played a video collection featuring water; water making patterns as it dropped in a bowl and seascapes of the coast near Cambria, CA.

Alan Raul followed with water scenes shot locally and then enhanced with Aurora and Bokeh. Alan used this software to color-correct images and modify the depth of field in stills taken at the Mission of San Luis Obispo and other local areas.

Kaye Raul presented seascapes of the harbors of Avila Beach, Morro Bay and Piedras Blancas. She showed rowboats, sailboats, elephant seals, swarming seagulls and feeding whales.

John Waller delivered a photo essay on the stages of water; solid, liquid and gas, inserting photos of both the California Central Coast and the High Sierras.

Monica Tarzier began with water images from her backyard and then expanding to the Carrizo Plains.

Bob Grover took John's concept one step further. His opening image showed the earth as viewed from the moon. He then proceeded to share images of clouds, rivers and lakes, glaciers and ice taken from around the globe.

Don Jones showed scenes of some of the waterfowl hunting or perching that he often sees in his frequent walks along the boardwalk near the Monarch Butterfly Grove in Pismo Beach.

Ralph Sutter

General Discussion / SLO Linux Users Group Notes for February 2018
« Last post by Alan J. Raul on February 11, 2018, 11:35:17 AM »
What are Snaps?
Snaps are universal apps that run anywhere. App developers don’t have to create separate installer packages for separate Linux distros; they just create one Snap, and know it will run everywhere.

How to install Spotify application on Linux

It Just Got Easier to Install Skype on Ubuntu

How to Check Your Linux PC for Meltdown or Spectre Vulnerability

Diagramming You Network:

Ralph's current network

Ralphs network notes, etc.

Programs to diagram your network:


yEd Graph Editor

LibreOffice - Draw

Dia Diagram Editor

Install Ubuntu on your Chromebook

Ubuntu MATE 17.10 by Joshua Allen Holm

MATE Desktop Environment

XPS 13 Developer Edition — the 7th gen is here!
Don't get confused... This is the 7th gen Dell XPS 13 using the Intel 8th Gen CPU.

Dell Systems Developed by and for Developers

2018 Notes can be found:

Archived Notes can be found:
General Discussion / February 2018 Second Session Notes - Sutter
« Last post by rsutter on February 06, 2018, 11:54:16 AM »
Hello All,
The notes on my Second Session presentation at the February 4th 2018 SLO Bytes General Session are viewable at
They are cross listed, along with Alan Raul's First and Second Session notes at
Ralph Sutter
General Discussion / Alan Raul – February 4, 2018 Meeting Notes
« Last post by Alan J. Raul on January 31, 2018, 10:51:32 AM »
SCaLE (Sothern California Linux Expo) - The 16th annual Southern California Linux Expo – will take place on March. 8-11, 2018, at the Pasadena Convention Center. SCaLE 16X expects to host 150 exhibitors this year, along with nearly 130 sessions, tutorials and special events.
SCaLE is the largest community-run open-source and free software conference in North America. It is held annually in the greater Los Angeles area.
Diamond Sponsor - PIA (Private Internet Access)
Platinum Sponsor - Microsoft

Malwarebytes pushed out a protection update that gobbled up memory and CPU resources and turned off web protection.
InSpectre – Check Windows operating system and processor hardware safety.
InSpectre Download

About speculative execution vulnerabilities in ARM-based and Intel CPUs

How Will the Meltdown and Spectre Flaws Affect My PC?
Acronis Ransomware Protection Free – Not recommended if you currently have Acronis True Image 2017 or 2018.

Freeware for Diagramming Network - Via Ralph’s post on the BB
Here’s his end result -

Lenovo Yoga 920 - I needed a replacement device for a variety of aging portable laptop devices ranging from years 2012, 2013 and 2014. My go to everyday devices are still the iPhone 10 and the 2017 iPad Pro 12.9 tablet. I still have a variety of Windows 10 and Linux desktop and servers at home.

The Difference between Thunderbolt 3 and USB-C

LibreOffice - is a free and open source office suite, a project of The Document Foundation. It was forked from in 2010, which was an open-sourced version of the earlier StarOffice. The LibreOffice suite comprises programs for word processing, the creation and editing of spreadsheets, slideshows, diagrams and drawings, working with databases, and composing mathematical formulae.

GeeksOnTour - teach you about using your technology for fun stuff like photos, maps, and blogs.

LearnGooglePhotos - offers articles almost every week on tips and tricks for using Google Photos and Picasa.

General Discussion / Fix Adobe Elements 15 to Properly List Recently Edited Files
« Last post by rsutter on January 29, 2018, 08:49:17 PM »
Fix Adobe Elements 15 to Properly List Recently Edited Files

The Problem
When using Adobe Photoshop Elements 15, you click on File/Open Recently Edited Files.
The program stops keeping track of the most recently edited files after you have opened more than 20 files.  At that point, it only lists the first 20 recently opened files.
You can increase the number of files remembered up to a maximum of 100.  Go to Edit/Preferences/Saving Files and enter a number from 0-100.  It remembers the first 100 files that you opened, not the last 100.

The Solution
To reset what Photoshop Elements remembers, do the following (Applies to Windows only)
Hold down the Windows key and type R (or search RUN)
Type %appdata% and click OK
Go to Adobe/Photoshop Elements\15.0 (or whatever version of Photoshop Elements you are running)
Rename the folder Editor to Editor_old
Relaunch Photoshop Elements.
This information at is based on a thread that can be found at

Ralph Sutter
General Discussion / Great External Hard Drive Deals from Best Buy and WD
« Last post by Alan J. Raul on January 29, 2018, 09:27:15 AM »
Best Buy has some great deals on Western Digital external hard drives.

WD - easystore 4TB External USB 3.0 Portable Hard Drive $109.99

WD - easystore 8TB External USB 3.0 Hard Drive - Black $159.99

* You can remove the internal 8TB from the enclosure and put that drive in your server, NAS, etc.
* Be sure you get the drive manufactured in Thailand not China. The Thailand drives have a 256mb cache and the China ones are allegedly only 128mb.

General Discussion / Acronis 2018 Active Protection
« Last post by rsutter on January 26, 2018, 05:59:16 PM »
Hello All,
Today, I decided to perform a routine incremental backup of my main desktop computer with the latest version of Acronis True Image 2018, 22.5.1 0640.
Midway through the backup, a popup window advised me that my 4TB USB external drive was full.  I would need to delete something if I wanted to continue.  I tried to simply open the drive via (Windows) File Explorer but couldn't.  I needed administrative approval.  I attempted to over-ride but failed.  I rebooted the machine, tried anew and was again presented with a screen asking for administrative approval.  Again, attempts to over-ride failed.

Finally, I opened TI and navigated to the Active Protection icon.  It is the fifth icon down on the TI main screen.  It looks like a shield.  Once that I moved the slider from Active Protection Is On to Active Protection Is Off, I was able to delete some older backup files and complete the current ones.
I'm posting my experience lest anyone else find themselves in a similar situation.
Ralph Sutter
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