Author Topic: Latest Phone Scams - probably NOT the LATEST ones  (Read 364 times)

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Latest Phone Scams - probably NOT the LATEST ones
« on: July 20, 2017, 05:00:35 PM »
Your phone rings and it is "Molly .. calling you from Apple Support" to advise you that your Apple Cloud is compromised and you must call 844-822-2855 and they can repair your computer! ( Of course, it will cost you, and in any case, if you let them in they will mess up your machine!  The Robo calls start at 6 AM or so and can be repeated all day.  If you can block phone calls, block 909-803-5220, and also 716-442-2268..  The calls come from operations in India and Pakistan. (the real Apple phone number is 800-692-7753). Otherwise, just hang up quickly.  They are clever and trying to deal with them at best just results in them hanging up.
Also, apparently the same group has calls advising you that "Windows Microsoft - your Windows license key has been expired" and all services are suspended on your computer.  To renew them, you are asked to call (the 844 number above) for the same people and "services".
If you want to read more about this Google the 844 number or "Molly calling from Apple Support."
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