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John Waller - November 5,2017 Programs
« on: November 25, 2017, 10:19:22 PM »
These were the programs demonstrated by me at the SLOBytes meeting November 5th.  The URLs preceded by  a D+ are donationware, the ones preceded with a P+ are paid programs.

    This was a program from PC Magazine for displaying your folders in a  pie chart for evaluating space on your drive.  Unfortunately, it is no longer available

   This program allows you to archive your dvds to your hard drive in an uncompressed mode, MKV.  Most players can play this format.

Freemake Video Converter
        This program converts any video to any other format. I use it to convert MKVs to MP4s, so save space.  You can also convert to tablet or smartphone formats.

      This program allows you to merge multiple MP3 files into one file.  My  most common
use is to combine the multiple tracks of a symphony into one MP3 that plays the complete symphony.

This program allows you to edit the metadata of MP3 files, Track title, Album, Artist, Bitrate, etc. It is very useful as many MP3s either have incomplete metadata, or inaccurate.  For example, a lot of companies like to classify Irish music as New Age rather than Irish or Celtic.  I can change  them with this program.

   This program was very useful before Win10, but I still find it useful, even though the prime function is redundant.  Before Win10 (or maybe 7) this program would keep track of programs trying to install themselves on the computer. It would pause the installation so you could determine whether the new program belongs there. Until MS implemented the same function, it was  the best way of preventing malware from installing itself on your system.  On feature that is still useful, it maintains a  database of all libraries, drivers, etc. that have tried to install them selves on a system. If you wonder about a piece of software, you can query the database to see if it is safe.

   This program is for those interested in simulations, specifically Rail Road simulations. You can run locomotives from a mouse control on the screen, or you can use the mouse to control the actual controls in the cabin.  Not only is it an accurate simulation of Rail Roads, they are also constantly upgrading the scenery engine to make the scenes as realistic as current technology permits.  There many RR situations represented, one I got is the route from Barstow to Bakersfield over Tehachapi, including the famous horseshoe curve.  Each route has several sessions, this one includes going from Bakersfield to Barstow, and the reverse direction, while encountering various levels of traffic. If you are a railfan, you will love it, if not try it out, you may or may not like it😊

   This is an excellent program for renaming your files, you can add text to the end, beginning, for your file names. Files can have sequential numbers added, etc.  It is particularly useful for batches of files, like MP3s or pictures

John Waller


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Re: John Waller - November 5,2017 Programs
« Reply #1 on: November 26, 2017, 03:29:21 AM »
With DiskPie gone, you might consider Spacesniffer, a freeware which is mildly entertaining to watch while loading and provides a worthy, detailed display of the contents of a partition.

Uderzo Software Spacesniffer

This one can also be very useful and loads up a lot quicker: Wiz Tree
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