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General Discussion / FCC votes to repeal Obama-era net neutrality rules.
« Last post by Doug on December 14, 2017, 10:49:41 PM »
FCC votes to repeal Obama-era net neutrality rules:

The three Republican members of the commission voted to repeal the net neutrality rules.

By Zack Whittaker for Between the Lines | December 14, 2017
General Discussion / PUSH Articles Posted
« Last post by rsutter on December 10, 2017, 05:02:41 PM »
Hello All,
I just posted the latest crop of PUSH articles from our parent organization, APCUG.
You will find them listed at several locations
Directly, see
The Condensed Index resides at
All of the PUSH articles, complete with brief introductions are at
Ralph Sutter
General Discussion / Photo Group Notes for December 10, 2017
« Last post by rsutter on December 10, 2017, 04:47:36 PM »
Hello All,

Here are my notes for the SLO Bytes Photo Group Session of December 10, 2017
TOPIC: Enclosed Spaces
The topic for the December 10th meeting was Enclosed Spaces

Ralph Sutter began the image show and tell with a slide show consisting of gopher traps, 10 in 1 screwdriveres and vignetted subjects.

Alan Raul followed displaying largely unretouched photos of the inside of local retailers and public areas.

John Waller also showed interiors of public buildings, amusement parks and private residences

Connie Sutter captured sundry nooks and crannies of her van

Those present commented on the various techniques that we used to view our images, culling the lackluster items and deciding whether to edit the selections that we wanted to share.

The topic for the January 14th 2018 session will be Image Manipulation; Before and After. Share images that have been modified either to enhance or to transform the original.

See Notes from earlier sessions at

Learn more about the Photography Group at

Ralph Sutter
General Discussion / SLO Linux Users Group Notes for December 2017
« Last post by Alan J. Raul on December 08, 2017, 09:41:48 PM »
Here are the December 7th, 2017 SLO Linux Users Group Notes.

SSL Server Test - This free online service performs a deep analysis of the configuration of any SSL web server on the public Internet.

IP Leak privacy test: IP-address, DNS, WebRTC and others

MX LOOKUP - This test will list MX records for a domain in priority order. The MX lookup is done directly against the domain's authoritative name server, so changes to MX Records should show up instantly. You can click Diagnostics , which will connect to the mail server, verify reverse DNS records, perform a simple Open Relay check and measure response time performance. You may also check each MX record (IP Address) against 105 DNS based blacklists . (Commonly called RBLs, DNSBLs)

Basic BASH Script Automatically Installs Programs in Ubuntu
Ralph Sutter created a script that, when run from a terminal, automatically installs certain programs in Ubuntu or Ubuntu-like systems.

Which Ubuntu Version Should I Use?

How to Get Started With the Ubuntu Linux Distro

The 10 Easiest Ways to Keep Ubuntu System Clean

Synergy – Share Your Mouse and Keyboard Between Multiple Computers

2017 Notes can be found:

Archived Notes can be found:

General Discussion / APCUG Recognizes Alan Raul
« Last post by rsutter on December 07, 2017, 12:44:05 PM »
Hello All,

Those of you who attended the SLO Bytes December 2017 General Session saw President Earl Kaplan award Trainer Alan Raul with a Certificate of Appreciation from our parent organization, APCUG.
You can view that commendation at
Congratulations Alan,

Ralph Sutter
General Discussion / Show Unread Topics on This Bulletin Board
« Last post by rsutter on December 07, 2017, 08:46:49 AM »
Hello All,
If you want a list of the topics on the SLO Bytes Bulletin Board that you have not read, go to;c=1
Ralph Sutter
General Discussion / Re: APCUG VTC Annual Meeting Talks
« Last post by rsutter on December 05, 2017, 07:54:43 AM »
Hello All,
For a 45 minute presentation on security and Virtual Private Networks, I highly recommend
The Importance of Having a VPN, Joe Melfi -
Melfi makes a compelling case for VPN, doing so in simple terms that make the concept more accessible to the average end user.
Ralph Sutter
General Discussion / APCUG VTC Annual Meeting Talks
« Last post by rsutter on December 04, 2017, 11:19:49 PM »

Hello All,
Here are the links to the APCUG VTC Annual Meeting Talks
Annual Meeting -
Staying Safe Online, Bob Gostischa -
The Importance of Having a VPN, Joe Melfi -
iOS 11 Tips & Tricks, Jere Minich -
LibreOffice, John Kennedy -
Google Photos, Ron Brown -
Voice Operated Assistants, Greg Skalka -
Reposted by Ralph Sutter
General Discussion / Area Code 820
« Last post by Alan J. Raul on December 02, 2017, 10:49:01 AM »
We have all heard of 805 beer.

Have you heard about 820 beer? It could be coming.

What is coming in June of 2018 is a new phone area code called 820.

I'm sure some people would have liked the new phone area code to be called 420. <grin>

Anyone with an 805 area code now will keep it.

Anyone getting a new phone number in June of 2018 and beyond with get it with the area code 820.

The 805 area code was born in 1957 after splitting from the 213 area code and covering the coastal and inland area north of Los Angeles. The 805 area code was reduced to its current configuration along the coast when the 661 area code was split off it in 1999.

The new area code will be part of what's known as an area code overlay, which adds a second area code to a geographic region allowing for multiple area codes to co-exist within the same geographic region.

Customers must dial the three-digit area code for all calls to and from telephone numbers with the 805 and new 820 area codes.

Here are some tips to help prepare for the area code overlay:
• Contact security or alarm vendors to update dial-up numbers to avoid a break in security routines and contacts.
• Reprogram equipment or features i.e., automatic dial, speed-dial, call forwarding, modems for computer or Internet dial-up access etc., programmed to dial seven digits to dial "1+ area code + telephone number.
• Update items like stationery, checks, etc., to include your area code + telephone number.
• Start thinking of dialing 1 + the area code + telephone number for all calls.
• Advise families, friends etc., to dial 1 + the area code + telephone number for all calls.
• Provide your area code + telephone number, not just the telephone number, as needed.
• When asking for someone else’s number, remember to ask for the area code too.
• Remember that the previous area code and the new area code will co-exist within the same geographic region.

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