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General Discussion / Free APCUG Virtual Technology Conference 02/10/18
« Last post by rsutter on January 21, 2018, 03:28:57 PM »
Hello All,
This is a re-post of information that I received from APCUG's Judy Taylour.
Saturday, February 10
10:00 – 1:00 PT
Attend the FREE conference from the convenience of your own home! All you need is your computer, tablet, etc. and Internet access. The sessions are 50 minutes in length and offer attendees the opportunity to ask questions via Q&A; the questions are answered by the presenter at the end of the presentation or via e-mail if there isn’t enough time after the presentation.

APCUG uses ZOOM for the VTC webinar presentations ( If you have not participated in a VTC, go to to download the app for the device you will be using to ‘attend’ the conference. You should also make sure you have the latest version of Zoom on your device.

Videos from earlier conferences can be found on APCUG’s YouTube channel

To register for this VTC, please click on the below link:
Spread the word by forwarding this e-mail to your members. VTCs are a great way for them to expand their technology experience and be introduced to new skills. Below are the sessions that are currently scheduled.

10:00 AM PT
 Social Networking: How to Navigate Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram
Abby Stokes, Author, “Is This Thing On?”
 Abby will explain what everyone is talking about when they bring up Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking sites. She’ll also share how you can enjoy the benefits without risking the loss of your privacy and can avoid scams.
11:00 AM PT
Protect Your Important Tech ‘Stuff’
Toby Scott, Tech Guru, Channel Islands PCUG
From wildfires in California to hurricanes in Texas and Florida, Toby’s presentation will cover how to protect your important tech ‘stuff’ in the event of a natural disaster.
12:00 PM PT
2 Factor Authentication (2FA)
Ron Brown, Program Chair, Silvercom Computer and Technology Club
This presentation will show you a simple technique that can prevent unauthorized access to any of your accounts.
10:00 AM PT
Digital Terrorism and Hate on the Internet
Rick Eaton, Senior Researcher, Simon Wiesenthal Center
Forums offer a wealth of information for would-be terrorists.  ". . . different explosives, manuals, and lessons in remote detonation, cell phone detonators, rockets . . . ." Eaton says there also are lessons in kidnapping and guerrilla management.
"And many times, these are spiced with the political philosophy -- not only how to do it, but [also] where you should do it and what targets you should attack."
11:00 AM PT
Google apps at home and on the go
Phil Sorrentino, The Computer Club secretary and newsletter contributor
Most of us know Google as a website we visit to get answers to all kinds of questions, but there is a lot more behind the company and the term Google. Google is a company, a website, a number, and a verb. Phil’s presentation will cover many Google’s apps.
12:00 PM PT
Becoming Your Own Computer Expert
Philip “Phil” Bock, President, Lake County Area Computer Enthusiasts
Current club members (and potential new members) may have widely different levels of computer expertise. Moreover, the field keeps changing – new hardware, new applications, new software and, sadly, new security challenges!
Family members, co-workers, fellow club members and knowledgeable friends may be able to provide help when needed, but they are not always available or may not have the answer(s).
The solution? Become your own computer expert! It is not as hard as it sounds. In this presentation, Phil offers a two-step process to help with every day “how-to” questions and the more urgent “why” and “why doesn’t” questions when things don’t go as you expect: (1) already knowing the information you need, and (2) knowing where to find needed information that you don’t know.
Phil’s presentation is designed to elaborate on these two themes – Step #1 is to build a base of personal computer knowledge; Step #2 is to develop sources and strategies to get answers about things you do not know when you need to.
(As the saying goes, two heads are better than one. While Phil happily shares his version of this presentation, he anticipates that clubs who choose to do their own similar presentation will find ways to improve on / add to what he has put together. Phil’s hope is that we can share these efforts to the benefit of all.)
Virtual Technology Committee
Judy Taylour, Chair

Francis Chao
John Kennedy
Jere Minich
David Williams

Reposted by Ralph Sutter




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General Discussion / Re: Apple Slows Performance on Phones with Aging Batteries
« Last post by rsutter on January 20, 2018, 01:03:07 PM »
Hi Dick,
A Double A fellow like yourself may be looking wistfully for an extra boost but I for one still get a charge out of you.
General Discussion / Re: Apple Slows Performance on Phones with Aging Batteries
« Last post by dickJ on January 19, 2018, 04:42:46 PM »
I definitely have ageing batteries. My performance has really slowed down.  Do you suppose they could help me?
General Discussion / Update: Apple Slows Performance on Phones with Aging Batteries
« Last post by rsutter on January 19, 2018, 09:16:06 AM »
Hello All,
According to a report at
Apple will offer users of older iPhones the option to disable intentional slowdown of older phones.
Ralph Sutter
General Discussion / Acronis True Image 2018 - 5 Device
« Last post by Alan J. Raul on January 17, 2018, 06:18:55 PM »

Use code EMCPEEW23 to bring the price down to $39.99

General Discussion / Wireless Internet Service to Replace DSL
« Last post by rsutter on January 16, 2018, 09:12:10 AM »
Hello All,
I live in an area not currently served by cable access to the Internet.
I initially used DSL provided by AT&T.  That service suffered from frequent slowdowns and signal loss due to an unreliable phone line.  Though the advertised speed was 6Mbps download, I rarely approached that speed.

I considered Internet via Satellite but, in reading reviews of the various providers offering that service, I decided that it wasn't for me.

I then investigated Wireless Internet.  This technology provides Internet via a signal sent line-of-sight from a land-based radio tower. 
Below, I have listed three service providers for San Luis Obispo County, CA.  The information is current as of 01/16/2018 and was copied from the respective wireless service provider web sites.

Peak WiFi 
BASIC  |  $49.95

STANDARD  |  $69.95

PREMIUM  |  $119.95

ULTRA  |  $199.95

Advanced Wireless
Basic Install $395

Basic Plan $49.99 per month
4Mbps Download
1Mbps Upload

Basic +
$64.99 per month
8Mbps Download
2Mbsp Upload

$79.99 per month
10Mbps Download
4Mbps Upload

Preferred +
15Mbps Download
5Mbps Upload

149.99 per month
20Mbps download
5Mbps upload

Premier +
$199 per month
30Mbps download
5Mbps upload

Ranch WiFi

Up to 5 Mbps Downloads
Up to 5 Mbps Uploads
$65 PER MO.

Up to 10 Mbps Downloads
Up to 5 Mbps Uploads
$95 PER MO.

Up to 20 Mbps Downloads
Up to 10 Mbps Uploads
$135 PER MO.

Up to 30 Mbps Downloads
Up to 10 Mbps Uploads
$165 PER MO.

I initially signed up with Peak WiFi, later moving to Advanced Wireless.  Both provided excellent service.  I have no experience with Ranch WiFi

My recommendation, based on performance is to opt for cable based Internet service if it is available.  If it isn't consider wireless.

Ralph Sutter
General Discussion / Notes from the January 2018 Photo Group Meeting
« Last post by rsutter on January 14, 2018, 09:27:59 PM »
Hello All,
Here are my notes from the SLO Bytes Photo Group Meeting of January 14th, 2018

TOPIC: Before and After
Ralph Sutter opened the meeting by showing a series of images that illustrated the progression from an alpaca to a pair of alpaca socks, a chicken to scrambled eggs and water from the storage tank to the faucet.

Alan Raul followed with numerous shots of the Avila Beach Polar Bear Plunge. He also experimented with the slideshow program, Proshow Gold, exploring some motion effects that he had not tried before.

John Waller shared some of his image manipulation projects with the rest of us. He demonstrated color replacement, restoration of degraded photos and recreation of an image after the photo had been shredded by the family dog. He also added the illusion of flowing water to still images of waterfalls.

The next meeting of the Photo Group will take place on Sunday, February 11th. The theme is Water, whether in the form of rain falling from the sky, soap suds floating in a mop bucket or anything else that the word Water suggests to you.

The tentative meeting schedule for the remainder of 2018 is as follows
The tentative meeting schedule for 2018 is as follows
    February 11
    March 11
    April 8
    May 13
    June 10
    July 8
    August 12
    September 9
    October 14
    November 11
    December 9

Home of Connie and Ralph Sutter
498 Hansen Hill Road
Arroyo Grande, CA

Map at
Dashcam video at

Ralph Sutter

General Discussion / How to Repair Corrupted Files in Windows.
« Last post by Doug on January 12, 2018, 09:58:53 PM »
How to Repair Corrupted Files in Windows.
General Discussion / SLO Linux Users Group Notes for January 2018
« Last post by Alan J. Raul on January 12, 2018, 10:06:48 AM »
Here are the January 11th, 2018 SLO Linux Users Group Notes.

Ranch WIFI - Bringing true high speed internet to the rural fringe.

WyzeCam - The best value all-in-one 1080p HD smart home camera.

WyzeCam Review: the best security camera $20 can buy

WyzeCam Review and Rating by PCMAG

WyzeCam 1080p - Amazon

Blink Home Security

January 1, 2018 Avila Beach Polar Bear Plunge

Lenovo Yoga 920  - I needed a replacement device for a variety of aging portable laptop devices ranging from years 2012, 2013 and 2014. My go to everyday devices are still the iPhone 10 and the 2017 iPad Pro 12.9 tablet. I still have a variety of Windows 10 and Linux desktop and servers at home.

CES (Consumer Electronics Show) 2018

SCaLE (Southern California Linux Expo)
Contact Alan for a discount code.

New Dell XPS 13 Developer Edition

Intel NUC Goes Hades Canyon – Check Out The NUC8i7HVK and NUC8i7HNK

Intel's Hades Canyon NUCs with Radeon Graphics are Official: $799 - $999, Shipping in Spring 2018

Fix Windows and Linux Showing Different Times When Dual Booting 

Linux Mint Installation Guide

2018 Notes can be found:

Archived Notes can be found:
General Discussion / Re: Spectrum Internet Service
« Last post by Alan J. Raul on January 09, 2018, 11:12:48 PM »
My experience was similar to Earl's with the exception of I spoke directly with a tech and not billing. The whole process took less than 5 minutes. A few minutes later I was enjoying my new higher speed service.

Shown below:

1) My wired connection speed to my desktop computer
2) My wireless connection speed to my iPad Pro
3) My download speed of 4 TWIT video podcast files
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