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Freeware for Diagramming Network
« on: January 25, 2018, 02:26:21 PM »
Hello All,
I decided to map my local area network in order to better visualize it.
With a Google Search, I found the following page:
I tried several of those products listed before settling on Gliffy Diagram;
This is an on-line only editor offering a 15 day free trial before you subscribe at $7.99/mo billed annually.

Since I only planned to map one network one time, I reasoned that I could avoid the steep subscription fee.
I found Gliffy Diagram to be intuitive, easy to use and responsive.  The trial version offers the user to share a link to his or her diagrams but has no provision for editing or storing off-line.
I simply made a screen capture of my work, modified it slightly in Photoshop Elements and then uploaded it to Costco Photo, ordering a 12"x20" print. 
I'm looking forward to picking the print up and seeing how well my geeky project turned out.

Here is a link to my effort:
I suspect that the content will be removed after my 15 day trial expires so I have posted a permanent image at

Ralph Sutter
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